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  1. 1. The female customerbuying behavior ofcosmeticsResearch methods LIU TIANJIAOZI TP018279
  2. 2. Introduction Subjects Objects The history of cosmetics has more than 6,000 years, and a great deal of evidence about the use of makeup  Consumer behaviour can may be found in the be explained as the pyramids of ancient Egypt. analysis of how, when, Euro monitor International in what and why people June 2007, covering 52 buy? countries of global 95% GDP, and the global market size is expected to reach US$ 0.23 billion in 2009, while Asia would become the largest cosmetics market in the whole world from 2011 to 2013.
  3. 3. IntroductionLinkage Understanding behaviour of consumers is a key to the success of business organizations. Marketing personnel are continuously analyzing the buying behaviour to predict the future trends. (Azevedo, Susana, 2008) It is not only for determining which benefit perception among benefit variables of a certain product could better satisfy the value demand of consumer, but also for assisting manufacturer to reach the sales goals and realize which type of cosmetics can best satisfy consumer demands.
  4. 4. Problem Statements Perception: The actor faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding. Brand perception: loyalty and how close a strong brand image is to a desire of ownershipHow does the brand perception affect cosmetic buyingbehavior? Design is visual appearance, which includes line, shape and details affecting consumer perception towards a brand.What kind of design could attract consumer to purchasecosmetics?
  5. 5. Problem Statements Quality: the features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Material is important in product quality affects the hand feel texture and other performance . The impact of seller-consumer relationships will generally result in long tern orientation for consumers towards the store or brand.Which kind of quality of cosmetics could satisfy customer’sneed? Price: it is probably the most important consideration for the average consumer. Price communicates to the market the company’s intended value positioning of its product or brand. Price is defined as finding the best value, buying at sale prices or price choice.How price influence consumer to purchase the cosmetics?
  6. 6. Research Research objectives hypothesis To determine the consumer brand perception towards cosmetics.  There is no significant To identify the level of correlation between packaging design effect customer. income rate and cosmetic price. To determine degree of the product & service  There is no significant quality influence purchaser. correlation between age To identify the price level and design. with income rate of cosmetic customer.
  7. 7. Significant of study Limitation of study Clearly showing the degree of main factors influence consumer cosmetics buying behavior.  Limit time , cost and information Rising consumer awareness in their choice.  Small number of the Helping manufactories to result finding problem of  Limit area in Bukit cosmetics mass Jalil, Malaysia marketing in Malaysia. Understand buying behavior of different race of cosmetic customer.
  8. 8. Terminology DefinitionTerm/s Conceptual OperationalBuying Consumer behavior is the study ofbehavior when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product. It blends elements from psychology, social anthropology and economics. (Shipman, 2000)Brand Brand perception is consumers’perception ability to identify the brand under different conditions, as reflected by their brand recognition or recall performance (Kotler & Lane, 2006)
  9. 9. Terminology DefinitionTerm/s Conceptual OperationalProduct Total Quality Management (TQM) is anQuality enhancement to the traditional way of doing business. It is a proven technique to guarantee survival in world-class competition. Only by changing the actions of management will the culture and actions of an entire organization be transformed. TQM is for the most part common sense.(Nvr. Naidu & G. Rajendra,2008)Service CRM is the enterprise integration of people,Quality process and technology to maximize relationship with all customers. CRM is a comprehensive approach that provides seamless coordination between all customer- facing functions. Increasingly, CRM leverages the internet and, hence, its relevance to the virtual community of customers. (Malik, 2005)
  10. 10. Research Framework PerceptionRespondents Profile: Design Cosmetic Age Human Consumer Race buying Income behavior Quality rate Education level Price Input Throughput Output
  11. 11. Organisation of study Chapter 1Description of the various contents in which the problemstatement and objective. Chapter2Literature review Independent Variables and DependentVariables. Chapter3Research design and data analysis Chapter 4Result of the study. Chapter5Conclusion, implications, limitations and recommendations.
  12. 12. Thank you Arigato!!!