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Group assign question.doc

  1. 1. International Human Resource Management Group Assignment Page 1 of 51. Learning OutcomesStudents should be able to: Analyse and critically evaluate the key theories and concepts that have influenced the strategies of international human resource management; Demonstrate high level research, problem solving and communication skills and be able to demonstrate analysis and decision making processes;2. Instructions for the AssignmentThis group assignment is weighted at 20% of the total in-course assessment. Theassignment comprises the submission of a short report (15% of the assessment) and agroup presentation (5% of the assessment) which should discuss the issues and area ofresearch undertaken.The group should consist of 4 members. Each member of the group must participate inthe presentation.The time allotted for the group presentation is 20 minutes, followed by a 5-10 minutequestion and answer session. The Presentation will need to show team work and the timelimit will be strictly adhered to.3. The Written ReportThis is a 500 words report. Critically evaluate and analyse the factors that are importantin ensuring the success of expatriating staff to another country: ‘family situation,flexibility and adaptability, job knowledge and motivation, relational skills, andextracultural openness.” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright, 2000)______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
  2. 2. International Human Resource Management Group Assignment Page 2 of 53.1 Guidelines for the Report 1. You should state the number of words used at the end of the report. You may include diagrams, figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. The standard University sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed. The penalties will be as follows: Up to 10% excess no penalty 11-20% excess 5% penalty 21-30% excess 10% penalty 31+ excess cannot achieve higher than 40% 2. You will be expected to show evidence of wider reading and independent study in some or all of the following ways: By reference to the appropriate and relevant literature/journals By the appropriate use of theoretical models commonly used By demonstrating awareness of human resource management practices in relation to the employment of expatriates 3. At least 5 different references must be used. Failure to do so will result in automatic failure of the assignment. Purely web sources will not be considered to show adequate depth and breadth of research and reading. 4. Please ensure that you reference correctly, using the Harvard system, i.e. author/date within the text, but full references, alphabetically arranged by author(s)/date/title of article of book/journal details if article/page number/publisher/publisher location in the bibliography.______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
  3. 3. International Human Resource Management Group Assignment Page 3 of 53.2 Marking Criteria – Group ReportMarks are awarded based on the following guidelines:Grade Description of performance level70% – 100% A systematic approach to analysis and evaluation is required. The quality of the arguments used to develop and support the prescriptions is essential. There were matured and interesting points shown in the research. Each point is supported with valid explanation. The candidate shows understanding of subject matter. There were no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Referencing is adequate and correctly done50% – 69% There were sufficient points raised with valid explanations provided. There is adequate understanding of subject matter. Minor grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Referencing is sufficient with no or minor errors.40% – 49% No clear understanding of the subject. Insufficient points given and explanations are unclear or not helpful in clarifying points. Major grammatical and spelling mistakes. Referencing is sufficient with some errors.Below 40% You did not show understanding of the subject matter. Points are off- topic and do not relate to the statement. No understanding of theories and concepts taught. Not enough references given. Numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes. Inadequate referencing with errors.______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
  4. 4. International Human Resource Management Group Assignment Page 4 of 54. The Group Presentation The Group will present their report concisely and show how they have benefited from the chosen topic. The Group Presentation will be assessed by the criteria mentioned in the form below; Group Observation / Presentation Form (5%)Criteria Marks Marks awardedAttire 10  ProfessionalismEffective communication 15  Professionalism  Eye contact  Body language  Facial expressionContent 45  Well researched - range and depth of sources used  Well structured – good introduction, development and conclusion  Clear explanation  Timing – good use of available time and good pacing of deliveryParticipation in team work 10  Team work  Team cohesivenessClarity / projection of voice and ideas 10  Pronunciation & Grammar  Ideas in sequence and logicalQuestions 10  Questions handled confidently by group member, understanding of issues by all team members 100Total______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
  5. 5. International Human Resource Management Group Assignment Page 5 of 5______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology