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  • A very good day to Mr.Aw, for his precious time sharing to view on our presentation slides. My group members have been working as a team for our E-Commerce assignment in Enhancing the KFC Malaysia website. First of all, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been years in Malaysia past for at least a century. It is famous for it’s own fried chicken recipes and other site products in Malaysia. As in for this assignment, we would like to help KFC to actually face their changing environment especially on the technological factors where everyone is on-the-line now.We have suggested to enhance the KFC Malaysia’s Website in 3 main webpage which are the homepage, the ordering page and the payment.KFC does have their official online website. Bu the thing here is there don’t have stuff where we are proposing such as online booking, making payment, shopping list and so on.
  • ECOM function – The current KFC website does not provide ECOM function, this means that user are not able to buy/ order their meals online, by integrate such function, it not only increase the profit of KFC but also increase convenience of usersProduct Overview – With the new KFC interface, users are now able to view all the products so that users can have a thorough understanding what is kfc doing and what they offered.Latest Information – World Wide Web (WWW) is always the fastest place to get the latest information, users can know what are recent activities that will be held by KFC. For an example, road show.
  • This is the new designed home page of KFC, the big photo on the center is a flash slideshow where pictures will be changed at an interval of time depending on the setting. However, users can always choose to go back to previous or next picture whenever they want by clicking the left and right arrow on the picture.Also, the customers can share the link on social network or to the other website such as Facebook. They can share the latest promotion to the facebook or to express what they had did with the KFC (Malaysia) webpage.
  • Price Checking – With the presence of price checking function, the users can now know what are the pricing of certain products. For example, a user wish to know the price of a snack plate meal by KFC, he or she will be able to do so with this functionOutlet– This is one of the most useful function to be included in a website, this is due to customer might interested to go to a KFC restaurant but they do not know where is the nearest KFC outlet, so by providing a list of outlet within Malaysia, customer can now choose an outlet that they prefer in a short time.Promotion – There’s often promotion news on almost every website to attract customer attention and interest, by including promotion news on the website, it can successfully attract customer.
  • Features of shopping list-This is the product overview page where users can check the products offered by KFC as well as price stated below of each items, pictures are also included to improve the attractiveness of the website. Once they click on the price or the images, it will automatically added into the shopping cart.
  • This is the registration form for KFC website as the new website provide E-commerce website which make it’s mandatory for the users to register if they want to shop and buy online. Simple but nice interface will not cause frustration to customers but also does not make customer confused.Once customer registered for the online page, this would ease the KFC management to send all the latest KFC news or promotions available to the customer’s email account. Thus, it helps to expand KFC fast food chain market share in Malaysia at the same time increases their profit and revenue.
  • The picture above is the order confirmation page designed. After a user has chosen what they want to buy, they will add in to cart and will checkout once they’re done with the shopping, this page will de displayed before they pay the money so that to ensure no mistake occurred during the shopping process. Price of each products are displayed as well as the total price including Tax.
  • Enables Global Market- with the help of E-commerce, KFC can globalize the market share in the whole world, take a look in Malaysia, if KFC takes our suggestions into consider, they can localize their product well here, at the same time ease themselves into expanding the coming generation market share which are the Millenniums. Save time, save money & 24 x 7 Availability/Accessibility - KFC can take E-commerce to work in 24 hours times 7 days instead where a human can’t operate in this way because we have limit while the Internet server don’t have. Furthermore, rather than spending to much on physical advertising cost such as brochures and so on, making everything online can reduce all the errors and can make rapid changes. Catalogue flexibility- It is also ease the online customer easy to view on the KFC product, and the product display can be change according to sizes where a a brochure can’t. Also, the management can change the designs at anytime.
  • Where we look into the security sites for having the KFC official website online,Property rights- where the KFC will mostly face on the world wide web where such copyright issues, although the trademark has been registered but people can actually change it to become themselves, and also making the similar websites looks exactly like KFC’s.Cyber crime (Hackers) where there are two types, one is internal, then the external. Internal are those who are administered to work for the KFC official page but misuse the authorization where external are those outsider hackers to actually hack KFC’s database into two categories-which are data tampering (stealing database, change or delete data), and programming fraud (sending viruses).Privacy-the issues of misuse of customer database whether from the hackers or the authorized person to sell or pass the customer information for informal use. Also the accessibility of the customer’s account.Host & Network risk- when there’s a temporary server breakdown, it may be costly for the KFC to hire technician to fix the problems.
  • This is the payment method page which provide plenty of payment options to customer who shopped online, almost all the payment method available today are included in the payment method page such as by credit card, charge card, internet banking and paypal as well. Providing plenty of payment options might maximize the conveniency of consumer/ customer.
  • Ecom presentation(1)

    1. 1. Presented By:Chan Chee Mang (TP021569)Dindy Farah Ayundieta (TP014766)Lee Ming Jit (TP021968)
    2. 2. Function of WebsiteOn the HomePage• E-Commerce function• Product overview• Latest information
    3. 3. Website Design (Cont’)
    4. 4. Function of WebsiteOn the Shopping List• Price checking• Outlet• Promotion
    5. 5. Website Design
    6. 6. Website Design (Cont’)
    7. 7. Website Design (Cont’)
    8. 8. Advantages of E-Commerce• Enables global market• Save time, Save money• 24 x 7 Availability/Accessibility• Catalogue flexibility
    9. 9. Internet Security• Property rights• Cyber Crime (Hackers)• Privacy• Host & Network Risk
    10. 10. Recommendation• Payment Method - Payment Card - Electronic Cash
    11. 11. Website Design (Cont’)
    12. 12. Payment Card Options for Payment Card online are:I. Credit CardII. Debit CardIII. Charge Card
    13. 13. Payment Card (cont’) Payment Card Processing
    14. 14. Electronic Cash• KFC may also use the electronic cash as one of the options in the online payments for customers. We recommended KFC using PayPal
    15. 15. Electronic Cash (cont’) Paypal Processing
    16. 16. Conclusion
    17. 17. Thank You For Listening Q&A