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Asge assignment july2012

  1. 1. BM002-3-3 Individual Assignment Page 1 of 5LEARNING OUTCOMES:This assignment requires you to draw on several areas of study within the Module.You are expected to demonstrate and will be evaluated on your ability to: 1. Identify and critically assess the various factors leading to growth and decline in a variety of Asian Economies. 2. Critically examine how contemporary neo-liberal policies impact upon the Asian EconomicsA. THE REQUIREMENTSA written essay of approximately 2,500 words that evaluates economic and strategicissues selected from the topics in the next page.The assignment must adhere to standard academic documentation standards: • Please use appropriate citation and reference according to the Harvard Name Referencing System in order to avoid plagiarism. • Font type should be Times New Roman. • Font size should be 12 pts. • Vertical / line spacing should be 1.5-line spacing. • You must use enough of your own words to convince that you understand what you are writing and are not just “cutting and pasting”. Normally your own words should be no less than 80% of the total word count. • You should on no account make reference to or its related sites as a source for your work. • You may include diagrams, figures, tables etc without word penalty.UCTI Level 3 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation July 2012
  2. 2. BM002-3-3 Individual Assignment Page 2 of 5B. Topics: You need to choose only 1 (ONE) of the topics given below:1. Managers need to be aware of the effects of globalisation and free trade on both their country and the international economy. Some argued that these two events have significantly help develop a country’s economy but there are oppositions that claimed that globalisation and free trade do not necessarily lead to economic prosperity. Critically discuss whether globalisation and free trade have been positive forces towards economic development in East Asia.2. "When reaching export stage, the growth of domestic demand will decline. Exports of the product have begun to increase and imports decline. The strong exports enable the country to import capital goods for continued expansion of production. Inward FDI becomes significant as the same industry in the advanced countries has lost its comparative advantage and has to relocate to developing countries. As the industry gets into its mature stage, production slows down due to increasing costs and intensified competition from late-starting countries. (The Flying Geese Economic Development Model; Akamatsu K.(1962): Ahistorical pattern of economic growth in developing countries. Journal of Developing Economies, 1(1):3-25, March-August) Illustrate the flying geese phenomena, using the South East Asian countries as a model. Explain the weakness of the model based on recent events in Asia.3 . “Policymakers throughout the region have commented that the rise of China has contributed to the “hollowing out” phenomenon, with foreign and domestic investors leaving their countries and investing in China instead. This in turn has led to a continued loss of manufacturing industries and jobs, further weakening the vitality of these economies”. (Chantasasawat et al. 2004). To what extent would you agree with this statement?UCTI Level 3 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation July 2012
  3. 3. BM002-3-3 Individual Assignment Page 3 of 5C. ASSIGNMENT STRUCTUREYour document should incorporate the following items: i. A cover page ii. Table of contents iii. Introduction iv. Your answer v. References vi. Appendix (optional)D. DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTSCover PageThe assignment cover page should contain information as stated below in order: • UCTI Logo • Module Name and Code • Assignment Title • Assignment Description (Individual Assignment) • Intake Number • Hand out and Hand in dates • Lecturer’s NameTable of contents.The table of contents should follow the title page. The table of contents may be oneor more pages long. The table of contents page(s) will not be numbered.Body of the written entry.The body of the written entry begins with Introduction and continues in the sequenceoutlined above. The first page of the body is numbered 1 and all following pages arenumbered in sequence. The numbered pages continue through references.ReferencesAll the references used in the assignment should be given in this page and must be inHarvard Name Referencing formats.AppendixAn appendix is optional. Include in the appendix any exhibit appropriate to the writtenentry but not important enough to include in the body; these might include samplequestionnaires used, newspaper articles, general background data, etc.UCTI Level 3 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation July 2012
  4. 4. BM002-3-3 Individual Assignment Page 4 of 5E. Mark Distribution for assignmentThe mark allocation for the assignment will be as follows: 40 % of the mark will be allocated for Acquisition of knowledge/application of concepts/ research material and evidence of original thinking. 45% of the marks will be allocated for Quality of argument/reasoning; the depth of analysis; expansion of ideas/argument and recognition of wider context/complexity of topic 15 % of the marks will be allocated for overall quality.You will be assessed at 100% for this Assignment and the marks will be weighted at 50% for theoverall marks for this module.F. ASSIGNMENT ASSESSMENT CRITERIAThe criteria below detail the areas, which will be taken into account when theassignment is marked. Each piece of assessed work will be awarded a percentagebetween 0 and 100%. The grades awarded will be marked according to thefollowing criteria:75% + This would be equivalent to a Distinction and would represent outstanding performance. The work should show a thorough understanding of the issue together with a high degree of analysis and critical evaluation.65 – 74% This will be equivalent to a Credit. This would represent extremely good work demonstrating an in depth understanding of material and sound analysis and conclusions.50 – 64% This would be equivalent to a Pass. Work in this category should demonstrate good application of the main Principles to the question set and provide a well-balanced view.49 – 0% This would represent a failure to pass demonstrating a poor command of the knowledge of subject area combined with an inability to interpret the question.UCTI Level 3 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation July 2012
  5. 5. BM002-3-3 Individual Assignment Page 5 of 5Please pay particular attention to the following:• Ensure that the contents page precisely reflects the whole content of the report including the appendices.• Page numbering: Ensure that the contents page accurately reflects the position of the contents. Page numbers prior to the ‘introduction’ should be roman numerals. From the introduction onwards page numbering should be Arabic.• References should be listed according to the Harvard convention with the authors listed in alphabetical order.• Authors should be accurately referenced within the report according to the Harvard convention.UCTI Level 3 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation July 2012