Layers of the atmosphere

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  • 1. ThermosphereMesosphereStratosphereTroposphere
  • 2.  The Layers of Earth’s Atmosphere
  • 3. The Troposphere
  • 4. The lowest layer of Earth’s Atmosphere…. The TROPOSPHERE-The Troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere, andmakes up about 75-80% of Earth’s atmosphere.- The Troposphere is where all of Earth’s weather occurs.- The higher you go up the Troposphere, the colder it gets.The air also gets thinner as you travel upward of the-Most cloudsTroposphere. are atthe Tropospherebecause nearly all ofthe water vapor anddust particles in theatmosphere are inthe Troposphere.- At the top of theTroposphere, thereis a place called theTropopause, where
  • 5. The Stratosphere
  • 6. The layer containing the ozone layer…. The STRATOSPHERE -The Stratosphere is the layer in Earth’s atmosphere, which contains the Ozone Layer. - The Stratosphere’s Ozone Layer absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun. - The Stratosphere is-As you move up the Stratosphere, temperature located beneath theincreases, which is the exact opposite of what happensin the Troposphere. Mesosphere, but on- The Stratosphere is the second lowestof the out of all top layerof Earth’s atmospheric layers. Troposphere.- Without the Stratosphere’s Ozone Layer, harmfulradiation from the sun would reach Earth.
  • 7. The Mesosphere
  • 8. The layer where meteorites burn up…. The MESOSPHERE- The Mesosphereis the third lowestlayer in Earth’satmosphere, andthis is wheremeteorites burnup, before theyreach Earth.-As the top higher Mesosphere, temperatures may go-At you go of theup low as -100° theMesosphere, the is located on top of the Stratosphere,-The Mesospheretemperature Thermosphere.but below thedecreases. of satellites are above the Mesosphere,- The orbitsbut weather balloons and jet planes cannot reach highenough to enter the Mesosphere.- There are air waves in the Mesosphere, and most of
  • 9. The Thermosphere
  • 10. The layer above the Mesosphere… The THERMOSPHERE-The Thermosphere is one of the upper layer s of theatmosphere. It also includes the exosphere, andionosphere. The exosphere is above it, and the ionosphereis below.- Aurora Borealis occurs in the Thermosphere, chargedparticles emit photons of light which forms the aurora.- Temperatures climb sharply in the lower portion of theThermosphere. Temperatures in the upper Thermosphere -The Thermosphere hascan range from about 932 °F- 3,652 °F or even higher! no definite outer limit,Even so, you would not feel the heat. it gradually blends but into space. Since, it is the outermost layer in all of Earth’s atmosphere. - Some satellites orbit from within the Thermosphere.
  • 11. Bibliography
  • 12. EndCredit of PowerPoint Presentation to Jessica Tran, information credit to websites, sciencebooks, and informational resources.Reason to Make this: Science Project.Teacher: Mrs. DavisSchool: Jefferson Middle SchoolComments: Sorry, it’s really short!