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  • Criteria for social media: Example: the content of a Tweet. Talk about how and why they research social media.
  • Say what products they make. Used Morae for eye-tracking. Opening up the BETA version of Snaggit for Mac introduced a lot of user input into design development processes. Testers posted 120,000 topics.
  • How a hospital system uses social media to reach people.DMC has used the medium to reach patients, connect medical staff, and help boost employee morale here in Michigan.Live tweeting surgery; promotional YouTube video; Emery King has a series called the “Healthcare Video Library;” Flickr photo album; video series.They were very successful.Social media is about transparency, and not wanting to be a faceless entity.In Flickr photo album, they have pictures of the Radio Disney Crew having fun with children.
  • Giving away tickets to Red Wings game.
  • Raphael js; Aria mock-up for accessibility. Uses Flash application as a fallback when HTML5 is not supported.RAMP – pioneer of accessibility tools for testers and individual developers that produce only static web content that requires compliance testing.Fire Eyes has everything RAMP has, but is used for sites with dynamic content, as well as static content on websites.Raphael js is a small JavaScript library that simplifies work with vector graphics on the web.
  • Social media stats: number of tweets, follows, etc.Talk about what engagement is.Socialmention.comHashtags.orgTwapperkeeper.comFacebook share: $14; Tweet $5; Facebook Like: $5; Twitter follower: 2$Value of social media leads is contextual.
  • Target’s fill-in the blank statement got 5000 responses. This builds community and enhances participation.1% engagement is a good benchmarkDelta wanted to charge soldiers coming home from Iraq extra for bringing more than 2 bags. But there was an outcry, and they quickly changed this policy. People with a voice in social media have the ability to make changes/have power.

World usability day 2011 presentation v2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. WORLD USABILITY Making Social Media Work For You DAY 2011
  • 2. WHAT IS WORLD USABILIT Y DAY? It’s about making our world work better. It’s about making life easy and user friendly. It’s about developing technologies in a way that serves people first. WUD was founded in 2005 as a UPA initiative to ensure that services and products important to human life are easier to access and simpler to use. Over 200 events are organized in over 43 countries.
  • 3. THE PRESENTERS ForeSee Results – Kamaria Campbell TechSmith – Daniel Foster General Motors – Terence McKinney Detroit Medical Center – Julian Bond Deque Systems – Dylan Barrell MSU – Constantinos Coursaris
  • 4. FORESEE Kamaria Campbell – UX Best Practices for Social Media How and why Foresee researches social media How: Heuristic Evaluations, trial and error, experiments, books. They came up with a list of best practices, which a Nielsen Norman report later confirmed. Ex: structure of a Tweet
  • 5. TECHSMITH Blowing up the Suggestion Box – by Daniel Foster Engaging with customers through social media can create long-term customer relationships. Empowering users, who can look at a product and say, “I influenced that.” Requires commitment from employees to contribute Open BETA – Snagit for Mac
  • 6. GM IN OVERDRIVE Terrence McKinney – UX Manager Team usually called upon to make usability evaluations of existing websites. After success of Answer Me Now blog used during financial crisis, higher-ups at GM wanted something more permanent.
  • 7. GM IN OVERDRIVE - CHALLENGES More demand than resources Lack of analytics SharePoint 2010 Security and Legal Issues
  • 8. GM IN OVERDRIVE Every user/department has a profile, and subscribes to other streams. Daily news, leadership messages, engineering, HR concerns, technical issues, polls Harnesses wisdom of the crowds Requires reading and accepting terms of service agreement
  • 9. DETROIT MEDICAL CENTER Julian Bond – Hospitals and social media Used social media to boost employee morale To advertise Talk about medical breakthroughs Share patient stories.  One patient was on the Today Show after Matt Lauer saw her accomplishments.
  • 10. DETROIT MEDICAL CENTER @dmc_julian Participation  What October show are you most interested in?  Fillmore live music venue Sporting events ticket give-aways. Sign-up for marathon event. Raising Awareness  Live chat about Medicare  Fire safety education
  • 11. DEQUE SYSTEMS Dylan Barrell, VP of Product Development at Deque. Leader in accessibility - ARIA Converted a Flash application to HTML. They were able to do it using JQuery and Raphaeljs. Challenges: IE6, IE7, IE8, and integration with the back - end. Tools: RAMP, FireEyes
  • 12. CONSTANTINOS COURSARIS, MSU Making sense of social media metrics and analytics. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Hard to put a monetary value on social media stats. Show the human element, offer unique value, post daily, keeping information current. Passive affiliation is worth less than active engagement.
  • 13. CONSTANTINOS COURSARIS, MSU Engagement is more important because it often precedes sales. 1% engagement is a good benchmark. Social media increases engagement:  Target – “The best thing about fall is…”  You fill in the blank on Facebook. Social Media empowers people to make changes.  Delta Airlines
  • 14. CONCLUSION Social media can be very beneficial for a business, but it requires a lot of dedicated effort on the part of the company. Social Media is very powerful, and it’s not going away. Social media is at the forefront of progress made in technology and culture, and you have to remain involved to keep up.