Behaviour Change for Sustainability National Congress, Social Media Harvest Presentation.


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Throughout the two days of the National Behaviour Change Congress my team of six social media scribes captures key speaker notes and insights as well as worked with participants to familiarise themselves with Twitter.

There were six Congress topics and tweets were arranged accordingly, further discussion took place with other behaviour change practitioners internationally and many participants signed up to Twitter for the first time.

The Harvest presentation was the final presentation given at the Congress and fed back to the group what had happened on social media including key barriers and opportunities for next time.

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Behaviour Change for Sustainability National Congress, Social Media Harvest Presentation.

  1. 3 Pillars Network Behaviour Change for Sustainability National Congress Social Media HarvestNot for distribution to third parties. Social Media Scribing and event integration copyright of Goody Two Shoes 2011
  2. Hello!My name is (still) Jess
  3. What were we trying to do again?
  4. A greater depth of engagement with topicsIncrease the reach of conversationsbeyond the eventProvide the opportunity for you to learn &experiment with social media tools.Social Media at theNational Behaviour ChangeCongress
  5. So, how did it all go? IRL In Real Life
  6. Firstly, what is Engagement? How do we know we’ve achieved it?
  7. Increase social mediaReach beyond the physical confines of the event.
  8. We’ve got some legs.
  9. Did you Learnanything new orhave a go?
  10. From the Social MediaScribes (AKA Tweet Bots)
  11. “Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube,Flickr, blogs... they all have such anincredible potential that can beharnessed to achieve any desiredoutcome.The sooner people realise this, thesooner we can enable positive behaviourchange across the world.Sustainability can and should befacilitated by the many social mediaplatforms available and the manymillions of people who use them. So, here is my message to everyone -jump on the awesome social mediabandwagon and get posting!”Lucy Iona-Harris, Social Media Scribe
  12. “I don’t think Twitter has been fully embraced so farduring the conference. I’m not sure if that’s justbecause not many people have Internet access here(possibly because of how expensive it is?), or becauseof the wariness and mistrust that some people havewith Social Media. Having said that I think we’vemade inroads into converting people.There’s been a fair bit come up during the talks,it would have been great to receive the agenda abit earlier to refine the research closer to whatthe speakers were talking about. I’m surprised at how much ‘new age’ thinkinghas been implemented during the conference, itreminds me a bit like a church almost,particularly the session with the playback theatreand the story-telling exercises, people sitting in agroup exorcising their experiences.Anthony Byrne, Social Media Scribe
  13. “Loved being able to locate and tie onlineresources and content to what was happeninglive at the conference as well as capturediscussion and thoughts from participants. Im quite excited to see how the take awayresources go. I think participants will really get alot out of them, being able to access usefulresources on different topics after the event. I wouldve liked a bit more engagement fromparticipants with the conversation on Twitteralthough I recognise that most do not use Twitteror social media.Perhaps people wouldve engaged more if theywere shown/given more instruction at the start ofthe conference?All in all had a really great time and would love todo it again.”Andrew Campbell, Social Media Scribe
  14. Throughout the conference,technology was used inengaging ways.Ideally, more people wouldhave been on twitter so thatmore conversation andcontent could be generated.Despite this, I think we didwell and that feedback waspositive when we helped signpeople up to twitter.Jo Lo, Social Media Scribe
  15. “Thered probably be more engagement ifthere were enough for each table toencourage people to have a go. Or even amatter of having our Twitter handles as ourname tags to breakdown the immediatebarriers of the physical and virtual world.That way people can immediately engageand be comfortable with using social media.The conference itself was overall asurprisingly amazing experience.I think simple and more creative outlets suchas drawing or model-making can get peopletalking more too. Food and beer is also agood conversation starter since socialgatherings circle around food thatencourages communication.”Anh Nyugen, Social Media Scribe
  16. Twitter What do wedo now with ourweapon of choice?
  17. Tips1.Decide what you want to use Twitter for, forexample venting, broadcasting, recording,conversing, researching etc.2. Write down what topic you’re interested in like forexample: politics #auspol, question time #qt,Masterchef #masterchef or behaviour change forsustainability #sustainchange and createsearches for these3. Build lists of people to follow (or steal others) forexample journalists, news, journals, MPs, theMelbourne Demons, sustainability Keep talking to each other!
  18. What happens to theTweets, ideas, videos,articles etc?
  19. It’s not tool late to be a part of the story... 1. Early next week we’ll have the Storufy resources ready for you to find, if you want a sneak peak they’re here http:// 2. Be includeed tweet stories and suggestions to @3pillarsnetwork or at me @Jem1ller 3. Email your articles, links, book recommendations to for distribution to third parties. Social Media Scribing and event integration Copyright of Goody Two Shoes 2011