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Ales204 Lecture 9 ::  Public Speaking & Pecha Kucha
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Ales204 Lecture 9 :: Public Speaking & Pecha Kucha


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Public SpeakingDeath by PowerPoint & Hurrah for Pecha Kucha Lecture 9 Dr. Jessica Laccetti
  • 2. Outline• Reminder about Participation• Intro to Public Speaking• Intro to Pecha Kucha• Lab Assignment• Homework
  • 3. Participation • In class, in labs and online: – Please remain cordial – Show how you engage with the lecture content/readings – Demonstrate critical literacy!Image from:
  • 4. Critical Literacy• When we are critically literate, we examine our ongoing development, to reveal the subjective positions from which we make sense of the world and act in it• Evaluate material (tweets, blogs, journal articles, conference presentations) – Compare the discovered ideas w/known standards – Draw conclusions • Accuracy, appropriateness, timeliness
  • 5. • Some tweets I have received: • “@JessL #ALES204 The WebNot Critical Literacy Ecology Project have found that Twitter bots have allowed for increased human-to-human interactions.” • “@JessL Titter Bots cause an increase in human interaction.” • “@JessL the research showed that socialbots increased human to human interaction #ales204”
  • 6. Better Critical Literacy• “@JessL Itd be interesting to participate in this… project, as there are lots of squirrels on campus! #ALES204”• “@JessL #ALES204 its findings show that the use of twitterbot causes apparent change in human-to-human activity: more interaction between user”
  • 7. Best Critical Literacy• “@JessL The EcologyProject makes us connect more but I hate the idea that Im being influenced by a bot! #ALES204”• “@jessL @clarkeshan attending #summit12 w/ @LahodaMark where @julianagyeman speaks about equality! Encouraging everyone here to tweet!”• “@JessL check your Twitter feed tonight at five. Attending Julian Agyemans talk on Just Sustainabilities! Passing on info for CSL #ales204”• “@JessL Im not @ #farmtech12, but through Twitter Ive discovered that the company Im working for this summer, #Bayer, is there! #ales204”
  • 8. “The number-one fear -more terrifying than thefear of death - is public speaking."
  • 9. What to Avoid
  • 10. Death by Powerpoint• In a business setting, a PowerPoint slide typically shows 40 words• = eight seconds of silent reading• BUT then many, many slides are needed• = relentless sequentially, one (boring!) slide after another
  • 11. Clear, informative, untidy, incoherent graphs: the encoded useful colour-coding,legends, the meaningless color, the logo-type legible! branding = ChartjunkBad Good
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
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  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20. Pronunciation
  • 21. Pecha Kucha as Antidote to Death by PPT
  • 22. #YEG Pecha Kucha• Edmonton’s NextGen presents Pecha Kucha Night 12, February 2, 2012, at Metro Cinema at The Garneau (8712 – 109 Street).• PKN12 features presentations on local ideas, projects and musings in the 20 slides x 20 second per slide format• Tickets via TIX on the Square; charge by phone at 780.420.1757 or online at• http://www.edmontonnext kucha-night-12/
  • 23. Lab Assignment• Objective: practise strong public communication• Task: Design good, strong, correctly-timed pecha kuchas• Note: Some students will be asked to present their pecha kucha
  • 24. Lab Assignment• Topic: Your field of study/a main research/career interest• You will have exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds• Think SHORT, INFORMAL, and CREATIVE.• NOT details of your main thesis/thinking/objective• BUT a story about why it’s interesting – things you expect to do, and what you might expect to find
  • 25. Lab Assignment• In PowerPoint or a comparable program, set up a presentation with 20 slides• Each slide should feature ONE image / phrase.• You can find images by searching Flickr for Creative- Commons licensed pictures (advanced search) or images with NO copyright from The Commons:
  • 26. Images from Prof Hacker
  • 27. Design Rules• A presentation is created using PowerPoint (or any other presentation software).• Presenters are only allowed 20 slides and those slides must automatically advance every 20 seconds• PPT DEPENDS on: – Visuals – Structure – Professionalism – Engaged speaking
  • 28. Example Pecha Kucha Presentations to Peruse• What, if Anything, Is Big Bird? , in Christchurch (zoology)• Just Enough, in Tokyo (envrionmentalism)• Clowns Without Borders, in Washington DC (activism)
  • 29. In Class or Homework• Send @JessL a critically reflective tweet (or two) about a Pecha Kucha presentation you have watched (see aforementioned examples)• Note what worked & what didn’t• What you learnt• What you might improve upon• Think about similarities &analogies that are not superficially apparent
  • 30. Homework