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I believe passionately that it’s imperative for every desk jockey, managerial ‘buck-stops-here’er’ to get their hands dirty and make sausage…literally.

A world of meetings, strategic exercises, emails and conference calls have blunted our senses and neutered our ability to truly create something. Without the joy of creation, our ability to think creatively is stunted.

Every business founder, owner, leader or manager needs to commit to creating, crafting, producing, building or cranking out something physical weekly. This is my call to pull out the meat grinders and canvases, knitting needles and shovels and get your hands dirty.

This is my presentation from Ignite Boise #10 http://igniteboise.com/

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  • Hi I’m Jess Flynn, and I’m here to make the case for why I believe every business owner, manager, knowledge worker needs to take the time to make a little sausage
  • A little about myself – which may not be news if you follow me on twitter. I really like cured meat – and homemade pasta and cheese and infusing my own beverages and pickling random things
  • However – here’s my typical day in the office as a business owner. Staring down a wookie – and doing a lot of things virtually and by phone, and by talking,
  • Not that I don’t love my clients and colleagues – but truly the best part of my day is when I can cut, chop, hack, dice, slice something in order to turn it from one form into another
  • I mean come on – check out my sausage! I made that – and it was damn delicious. So was the mozzarella braid up there, and the butternut squash gnocchi.
  • Why exactly is it so rewarding to do something so tangible? there’s science and genes at play. Effort-driven rewards. When you do meaningful work with your hands, it floods your brain with dopamine and serotonin. Happy chemicals from happy hands.
  • We’ve evolved to release them both to reward ourselves & motivate ourselves to do it more.Goes back to caveman days.Food, shelter, clothing - the kind of work that dispenses the happy drugs is anything with a "survival-based outcome.Our brains are programmed to derive satisfaction when our physical effort produces something tangible
  • Leaving caveman times for current times – there’s the IKEA effectPhysical labor enhances the affection for its results – despite what those results may be.We find happiness in imperfection, because our hands are involved in it
  • That satisfaction from tinkering, fixing, making was at the center of Matt Crawford’s Shop Class as Soulcraft. I believe his point that we miss out when we we have too much separation from the work of the mind and that of the hand
  • I classify myself as a ‘knowledge worker’ and I respect it.But lately I’ve been focused on my honoring more of my soulcraft. – creating deliciousness from raw product. Nourishes me – and my soulWhat’s your soulcraft? What do you aspire to create?
  • Finding it and honoring it will help your brainNeurologically, we reward ourselves when we accomplish things with our hands.But it also helps you slow down the pace of our world a bit.Working with one's hands is a way to slow down, to savor, to take pleasure in life. 
  • You know who inately honors their soulcraft?Kids.This is my ‘maker’ niece Ella They seem born with the knowledge of how to create with abandonWith no blinders – with confidence.
  • Borrowing from Right Brain Terrain along that themeYou may not be Picasso but you don’t have to be – create to createTo remind yourself you’re still aliveTo inspire othersTo learn a bit more about yourself
  • Make and create to get into that ‘flow’As this guy found - it’s that mental statein which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.The making The hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joywhile performing a task[
  • That completely focused motivation and energy you get from the task – literally – at hand allows you to UNCLAMPUnclamp your intellectual and practical machinery.Let it run free .UNCLAMP through making and let ideas that are buried in your unconscious mind surface
  • I really need to UNCLAMP – so here’s my Make Shit Manifesto
  • I’ve even come up with a Make Shit bucket list!
  • Of course – tops on that list brings us back to meet of courseA whole heck of a lot of meatI want to learn to butcher a full side of beefIn order of course to get into my zen and my zone while at my desk 
  • You can be a maker and creator at home solo – or you can join the communityHere are a few waysOpen Lab Idaho is a maker/hacker space currently located next to ReuseumThere’s the inaugural Boise Mini Maker Faire in MayAnd there’s the Make IT Idaho movement – promoting maker spaces within Idaho libraries
  • So my mantra for you to consider tonight – oh knowledge workersDon’t’ just consumeDon’t just converseCREATE!Thanks Boise
  • Why Every Business Manager Needs to Make Sausage - Ignite Boise

    1. 1. @JessFlynnWhy Every Business ManagerNeeds to Make Sausage
    2. 2. I Like Cured Meatand…homemade pasta,hand-crafted cheese,home-infused adult beverages,personally pickled items,hand-grown & cut herbs @JessFlynn
    3. 3. Typical DayAnswering EmailsConference CallsVirtual to-do listsOnline CalendaringInternal MeetingsWriting EmailsExternal MeetingsWhiteboard to-do listsCounseling clientsCounseling colleaguesPutting Off EmailsRedoing to-do lists @JessFlynn
    4. 4. Best Part of My DayCuttingChoppingHackingDicingSlicingMincingMashingSmashing @JessFlynn
    5. 5. CHECK OUT MY SAUSAGE! @JessFlynn
    7. 7. Survival-Based OutcomePhysical effort =Something tangible, meaningful =Deep sense of satisfaction & pleasure @JessFlynn
    8. 8. The IKEA Effect• Labor enhances affectionfor its results• Confidence and pride(even when unfounded)• Happiness in imperfection @JessFlynn
    9. 9.  @JessFlynnThe Art ofMaking & Fixing“..misguided separation ofthinking from doing,the work of the handfrom that of the mind.”
    11. 11. SLOW DOWN, SAVOR, HOLD ON @JessFlynn
    13. 13. RIGHT BRAINTERRAIN“You may not be a Picasso orMozart but you don’t have to be.Just create to create.Create to remind yourself you’restill alive.Make stuff to inspire others tomake something too.Create to learn a bit more aboutyourself.” @JessFlynn
    14. 14. GET INTHE…
    15. 15. UNCLAMP
    16. 16. MAKE S#&! MANIFESTO I will honor physical laboras much as office effort I will respect the analog asmuch as the digital I will invest in my tools asmuch as my technology I will revel in the oftenmessy process of discoveryand making s#&! I will embrace the flow I will commit to creatingsomething physical andtangible weekly @JessFlynn
    17. 17. MY MAKE S#&! BUCKET LIST Create something in a3D printer Sew something Iwould not beembarrassed to wear Learn to weld Learn to letterpress @JessFlynn
    18. 18. MY MAKE S#&! BUCKET LIST
    19. 19. Hack, Make, Create, Invent
    20. 20. Don’t just consume,Don’t just converse, @JessFlynn