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Jesica Eloísa Godoy Toledo 2ºBTOPAD

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Godoy toledo jesicaeloisa_in2_tarea_iii_global

  1. 1. A trip to New ZealandJesica Eloísa GodoyToledo2º BTOPAD(IEDA)2012/2013
  2. 2. Destiny:New Zealand
  3. 3. Trip Planner Malaga-WellingtonTripbackDate City CheckoutCheck-intimeAirlineOut Thursday,August 8Malaga 14:25 16:00 BritishAirwaysScale 1(1 hour)Thursday,August 8London -UnitedKingdom17:10 21:15 BritishAirwaysScale 2 Saturday,August 10Australian 21:15 5:10 BritishAirwaysArrived Saturday,August 10WellingtonNew Zeland5:10 09:20 BritishAirways
  4. 4. Flight priceCost of the ticket in EuroAdult 2 €3,433.82Teenager 2 € 2,875.82TOTAL €6,309.64
  5. 5. Hotel Days 1-4● Airport-hotel by the same.Duration 1 hour.InterContinentalWellingtonInterContinentalWellingtonArrived:Saturday, August 10-Out:Wednesday, August 14Price a night one family withhalfboard €1684 night - €672
  6. 6. Route map
  7. 7. Activities Days 1-4DAY 2Te PapaTongarewaMuseum of New ZealandThe museum is very modern andthe issues related to history,geography, geology are wellpresentedMountVictoriaA wonderful lookout
  8. 8. Activities Days 1-4DAY 3ZEALANDIAThe Karori Sanctuary Experience.A sample of New Zealand nature,including a volcanic craterWellington Cable CarWalk around the town on a rail-lookout
  9. 9. Activities Days 1-4DAY 4City to Sea BridgeIt is the bridge that connects thecity to the sea.Interislander i-SITEVisitor CentreTripWellington - Picton
  10. 10. Hotel Days 5-7Bay of Many Coves ResortBay of Many Coves ResortIn PictonArrived:Wednesday, August 14Out:Saturday, August 16Price a night two adults and toteenagers with breakfast €50 forperson2 night - €100Total: €400
  11. 11. Route map
  12. 12. Activities Day 5DAY 5Marlborough SoundsWater taxi ride in a motor boat.With it you can still view dolphins.Queen CharlotteTrackBicycle route around historic areasand wonderful landscape
  13. 13. Activities Day 6DAY 6Edwin Fox Maritime MuseumMaritime Museum and theremains of a ship built in Calcuttaand carried by immigrants fromthe UK to Australia and NewZealand
  14. 14. Activities Days 7DAY 7Lochmara Lodge Arts CentreBoat trip from Picton to MistletoeBay to stroll around the beautifulLochmara Lodge.Your you can seeexhibitions birds, eels, art …The Sounds are like gorges thatwere excavated in the thaw formillions of years.When the seawater entered, the canals wasformed between the mountainsand the sea.
  15. 15. Activities Days 8DAY 8Tranz CoastalTrip from Picton to NelsonNelsonTasmanTourismYou get to enjoy the beaches,creatures and have a walk throughsome of the stunning forest thepark.BusTrip from Nelson toTasman
  16. 16. Hotel Days 8-10Coastal Palms ApartmentsCoastal Palms ApartmentsInTasmanArrived:Saturday, August 16Out:Monday, August 18Price a night for for family room50€2 night - €100Total: €100
  17. 17. Route map
  18. 18. Activities Days 9DAY 9FERRYTo discover the impressive AbelTasman National Park withwonderful turquoise waters,golden beaches, secluded covesand lush vegetation, where youcan enjoy a full day of relaxationand nature.
  19. 19. Activities Day 10/11DAY 10/11Caravan for 5 days( 19-24 )Day 1: Kaikua. A city withabundant marine life where youcan enjoy the popularWhale SafariDay 2:Hanmer Springs In thisbeautiful place you can know athermal reserve, the largest in theSouth Island and take a relaxingbath in the hot pools.
  20. 20. Activities Day 12DAY 12Caravan for 5 daysDay 3:Christchurch – Grey MountArea. Departure from ChristchurchtoWest Coast where ye shall passfrom the coast to the mountains,the plains of Canterbury andArthur Gorge bordering theArthurs Pass National Park, thefourth largest park in the countrythat surprises by its spectacularvegetation fringed by the peakssnow-capped Southern Alps.
  21. 21. Activities Day 13DAY 13Caravan for 5 daysDay 4GlaciersTo visit the glaciers, the FranzJosef Glacier and the Fox Glacier.You can also go to Lake Mathesonor take a relaxing dip in a naturalsetting in the heated pools inTheGlacier Hot Pools.
  22. 22. Activities Days 14● DAY 14Caravan for 5 daysDay 5QUEENSTOWN A city known forbeing the adventure capital of theworld and the birthplace ofbungee jumping. Free day to enjoyits beauty and stroll on the banksof LakeWakatipu linedTheRemarkables mountain rangeguaranteed to be an unforgettableexperience.
  23. 23. Activities Day 15Last Day● After leaving Queenstown caravan travel to the airport to take the flightindicated destination Spain
  24. 24. Trip Planner Queenstown-MalagaTrip out Date City CheckoutCheck-intimeAirlineOut August 24 QueenstownNew Zeland6:30 08:00 QantasAirwaysScale 1(8 hours)August 24 Sydney 16:10 06:00 QantasAirwaysScale 2(2,5 hours)August 25 London -UnitedKingdom08:30 16:10 BritishAirwaysArrived August 25 Malaga 16:10 18:45 LOW COST
  25. 25. Total Cost of trip(lodgings and transports)Hotel orTransport Adult price (2) Teenager price(2) TotalRoundtrip flights €3,433.82 € 2,875.82 €6,309.InterContinentalWellington€ 642Coastal PalmsApartments€€100100Bay of Many CovesResort€400Caravan €300
  26. 26. Total Cost of trip(Activities)Activities City Prize adults PriceTeenagersTotalTe PapaTongarewa Wellington 6 5 €22Wellington Cable Car Wellington 4 3 €14Interislander i-SITEVisitor CentreWellington 20 12 €64Marlborough Sounds Picton 10 8 €32
  27. 27. Total Cost of trip(Activities)Activities City Prize adults PriceTeenagersTotalQueen CharlotteTrackPicton 5 3 €16Edwin Fox MaritimeMuseumPicton 4 2 €12Tranz Coastal Picton 20 12 €64Go DiveMarlboroughNelson 10 8 €32
  28. 28. Total Cost of tripActivities City Prize adults PriceTeenagersTotalBus Nelson-Tasman1 1 €4FERRY Tasman 30 25 €105Other activities free entranceTOTAL= € 8.116