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How to Close a Sale (Without Being Obnoxious)
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How to Close a Sale (Without Being Obnoxious)


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How does a salesperson ‘ask the customer for the business’ without sounding obnoxious? How does one close the sale without being or feeling like a jerk? How should salespeople conduct themselves at …

How does a salesperson ‘ask the customer for the business’ without sounding obnoxious? How does one close the sale without being or feeling like a jerk? How should salespeople conduct themselves at the crucial 'close' stage' of the sale, so that they do not inadvertently end up causing the customer to shut them out?

This post examines the reasons the 'close' often turns into an unpleasant, if not an outright nightmare, situation for both customer and salesperson.

It also suggests how salespeople can effectively close the sale.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. how to CLOSE A SALE (without being obnoxious)
  • 2. Closing a Sale…
  • 3. It is the part of the sales process that most salespeople struggle to execute effectively .
  • 4. It is also the part of the sale that customers hate most
  • 5. They tend to use various pressure tactics
  • 6. Customers, needless to say, resent this They tend to view salespeople who adopt this approach, negatively
  • 7. The challenge that many salespeople face with 'asking for the business' or ‘closing’ as it is traditionally known, comes down to their very
  • 8. They aren't there as the trusted adviser looking to
  • 9. If it were the customer's well-being that drove them, then they wouldn't hesitate to tell the customer that perhaps
  • 10. If your sales approach and focus is on genuinely providing your customers with concrete benefits
  • 11. then when you 'ask for the business', your act would merely be which will get the customer to enjoy the benefit that they are seeking
  • 12. Most other (pushy) closing techniques are borderline trickery!
  • 13. (If you haven’t done these, then barring a stroke of luck, fat chance you will be able to close)
  • 14. The best way to 'ask for the business' is to first check with the customer if all their queries, doubts or reservations have been resolved effectively
  • 15. If they answer in the affirmative, then ask them if they wish to proceed to the next step in the sales process, which is the signing of the contract
  • 16. If for some reason they say ‘no’ at this stage or are dithering, it is an indication that there still exist doubts or issues that have not been addressed
  • 17. Inform them that there is no compulsion/pressure for them to buy (not until they are completely sure that they want to do so)
  • 18. Inform the customer that if they want to back out of the deal, they are free to do so
  • 19. Request them to be upfront with you about the reason for their refusal, since you have both invested so much time in the relationship up until this point.
  • 20. and overcome identify This will allow you to any residual doubts or resistance points…
  • 21. At no point should the customer feel pressured to sign on the dotted line
  • 22. Instead, they will see you as a, trusted adviser who has their best interest at heart, at all times (that will make them want to deal with you, rather than those other pushy salespeople)
  • 23. You will never feel bad about ‘asking the customer for the business'
  • 24. Importantly, you will end up successfully closing a greater number of sales
  • 25. For more resources on sales effectiveness, please visit Sales Advisory Sales Capability Creation Mumbai, India
  • 26. Image attribution http://www.flic geishaboy500/21 0442017/ http://www.flic aussiegall/617628 6689/ http://www. hotos/jonicd ao/3221523809 / http://www. hotos/barba rarich/517940 039/ http://www. hotos/ragti mescruffy/81 75110121/ http://www. hotos/2848108 8@N00/164863 3814/
  • 27. Or, perhaps, to advise the customer that they should not be going ahead with this purchase , (However, this is unlikely to happen at this late a stage, since you would have invested your time and energy in this relationship only because you truly had a significant value proposition to offer)