Why Content Marketing Needs to be an Integral Part of Every Sales Leader's Strategy


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Your prospect puts off purchasing your offering for "between six to nine months from now". But, how are you to know when exactly in that period of time they will make a purchase decision? What if they do so before, or say in between months six & seven? You would have lost out on the sale. This post provides sales leaders with one strategy to deal with this challenge.

P.S. This post was earlier titled 'How to Beat Your Sales Competition to the Discussion Table. I changed it at the insistence of a friend who felt that the earlier title was not an accurate description of the post)

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Why Content Marketing Needs to be an Integral Part of Every Sales Leader's Strategy

  1. 1. WhyContent Marketingneeds to be anintegral partof everySales Leader’s Strategywww.jersonjames.com
  2. 2. You want to sell, but your prospectputs off making a purchase
  3. 3. Your prospect says thatthey might considerbuying your offering, or changingover from their existing vendor
  4. 4. The trouble is: you have no way of knowing if it will be month six, seven, eight or nine when they finally decide to make the change
  5. 5. What if they decideto change overbefore? Or, in between months six and seven?
  6. 6. You would havemissed the boat!
  7. 7. And no, youcannot keep buggingyour prospect with callsevery week, enquiring whether theyhave decided to buy (Hey, would you like some salesperson bugging you similarly?)
  8. 8. thought as much…
  9. 9. … this is just one of many pain points orchallenges that your prospect is currently faced with
  10. 10. Is your prospectgoing to addressall of theseon priority?
  11. 11. Definitely Not!
  12. 12. ...one, or atbest, a fewof these pain areas
  13. 13. trying to fix a probleminvolves a whole lot ofcommitments (and hassle)
  14. 14. Your prospect would need to commitscarce material,human and financialresourcestowards working on projectschosen… (not to mention time, energy and attention)
  15. 15. Needless to say, butpreferencein the allocation of theseresources will be given… …to projects addressing those issues that your prospect considers to ‘burning’... be
  16. 16. Everything elsewill be relegatedto
  17. 17. So, how do you ensure that youdo not loseout… …when the prospect finally decides to buy?
  18. 18. Among other tools*, you need to use the power of… … content marketing to help you* In addition to a highly skilled sales force, an effective CRM, etc.,
  19. 19. Blogs & newslettersthat containinsights &informationthat helpyour prospects dotheir job better… …need to be part of your sales strategy
  20. 20. As long asthese ‘lead’ theprospect toyour USP’S*(this is smart content * If this doesn’t happen, thenmarketing) your insights will not translate into any worthwhile business for you… Instead, you would have provided free advice to your customers, and perhaps business to your competitors…
  21. 21. (What helps is… …ensuring variety media in formats used
  22. 22. 1.thought leader. It establishes your firm as a It also builds your firm’s credibility
  23. 23. 2. you It helps remain top-of-mind with your prospects Consequently…
  24. 24. …when they are readyto tackle the area ofpain that a productor service like whichyour offeringaddresses… …they will call you
  25. 25. 3. to askthe right It earns you the all those consultative questions(when you finally get to the discussion table)
  26. 26. Remember the time when you wanted to sell, but your prospectdidnt want to buy ?
  27. 27. Remember, we saidthat you need to‘be around’when your prospectfinally decides to buy ?
  28. 28. Content marketinghelps put youbefore yourprospectwhen they are indeedready to buy
  29. 29. Content marketing is notthe same thing asblowing yourown trumpet(about how ‘innovative’,‘cutting edge’, etc., you are)
  30. 30. It isproviding insights& information…that your prospect can use
  31. 31. Your content should not seek to push youor your products directly
  32. 32. However, it shouldcontain the insight or methodology that you are suggesting
  33. 33. Your insights &the proof of conceptwill positionyou(not your competition) as the go-to provider of the product or service that you offer
  34. 34. …content marketingby itself will not win you the sale (Evolved selling skills are a non-negotiable)
  35. 35. But, it will getget you to thediscussion tablewhen the prospect finallydecides to buy
  36. 36. Something that youmight havemissed out on,without such a strategy(Because the odds of you being aroundwhen they finally decide to take theplunge, are pretty slim at best)
  37. 37. Is content marketing an integral part of your sales process? Does your business have a content marketing strategy at all?-----------------How well are your salespeople using your content marketing output in their sales activities (to engage with their customers)?----------------- How can they use it better?
  38. 38. Did you find the presentation useful? Then, please do Please leave your share it & comments below. We’d love to hear from you…
  39. 39. For more resources on sales effectiveness, please visitwww.jersonjames.com Sales Advisory Sales Capability Creation Mumbai, India jerson@jersonjames.com
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