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4.9.2013 Continuous Delivery - Extending Agile Development; A Lean Approach
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4.9.2013 Continuous Delivery - Extending Agile Development; A Lean Approach


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Series Name: Continuous Delivery …

Series Name: Continuous Delivery

Webcast Title: Extending Agile Development; A Lean Approach

Date: 4.9.2013

Presenter: Robert Cuddy

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. © 2009 IBM CorporationContinuous Delivery - Extending AgileDevelopment, A Lean ApproachRob Cuddy - WW Sales Enablement Leader09 April 2013
  • 2. © 2009 IBM CorporationAgendaQuick look at Agile todayPrinciples of Lean AgileApplying principles to Continuous DeliverySuccess Story: IBM Rational2
  • 3. © 2009 IBM CorporationOrganizationThe New NormalBalancing Speed, Complexity and InnovationTeam MemberTeams
  • 4. © 2009 IBM CorporationAgile projects succeed 3x as often as Waterfall projects but…companies still need helpSources: NIST, Planning Report 02-3. The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing, May 2002;aThe Times of India, IT sector to get 12% average salary hike in 2011, TOI Tech & Agencies, Mar 8, 2011, ForresterResearch, 201226%Estimated number oforganizations who use agilemethodologies ONLY indevelopment78%Percentage of theorganization who feel theycan’t keep up with an agiledevelopment teamWater-Scrum-Fail42%The percentage of people onagile project teams thatbelieve team is successful10%The number of projects thatcan actually prove why theywere successfulLow Success Rates77%Of all companies that report theyneed to monitor and measuremixed environments65%The percentage oforganizations that considercomplex [tool] integrationsas a key inhibitorIncreased Inhibitors4
  • 5. © 2009 IBM CorporationWhy Lean AgileFive impediments agile developers face that ultimately slow delivery of innovativesoftware#1 Too much red tape#2 Lost time due to task switching between tools or duplication of work#3 Difficulty in coordinating different agile teams with conflicting priorities#4 Inefficient and inconsistent continuous integration and deployment practices#5 Being disconnected from customers and stakeholders5InstantMessagesSpreadsheetsTools
  • 6. © 2009 IBM CorporationAgileALMBusinessCollaborationPortfolioManagementAgileModelingRequirementsManagementandEnvisioningMulti-PlatformDevelopmentContinuousIntegrationand TestContinuousDeliveryProcessAuthoringEnterpriseReportingScalable agile capabilities that adapt to a customer’s diverse needs“I need tocollaborate with myoperations teamand help themdeploy softwaremore frequently”“I need to assuretesting can keepup with our agiledevelopment.”“We are planning todeliver mobile appsto our customers thatextend our enterprisesolutions”“I need to connectand prioritizeprojects withstakeholders”
  • 7. © 2009 IBM Corporationdev·ops noun dev-äpsEnterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables clientsto seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback.DevOps: A blueprint for continuous delivery of software innovation7 Accelerated softwaredelivery Reduced time to gatherand analyze customer Improved governance across thelifecycle Balanced quality, cost and speedDevOps LifecycleContinuous Feedback and ImprovementsOperations/ProductionDevelopment/TestCustomers Business Owners
  • 8. © 2009 IBM CorporationApply Principles of Lean AgileOverall goal: Achieve quality, speed and customer alignment8Eliminate wasteBuild Quality InCreate KnowledgeDefer CommitmentDeliver FastRespect PeopleOptimize the whole
  • 9. © 2009 IBM CorporationEliminate WasteCommon Causes of Waste:–Manual handoffs between teams–Wait times for environments–Delays in test acceptance–Tests against “wrong” environments9
  • 10. © 2009 IBM CorporationEliminating Waste10Result: 15-35% reduction inaverage deliverycycle timeInfrastructure and EnvironmentDeliverablesApplication-Under-Test Deliverable• Automate smoothand error-free hand-overs of ready-use-deliverables• Integrate testing withexisting buildprocesses
  • 11. © 2009 IBM CorporationBuild Quality InCommon Barriers:–Mismatched environments between Dev, Test & Prod.–No single source of truth–Long times needed to reproduce, isolate and fix defects–Ops has low confidence in deliverables received11
  • 12. © 2009 IBM CorporationBuilding Quality In12Result: 30 - 40% reductionin outages• Automate deploymentand functional testingof dev changes onproduction-likeenvironments• Manage applicationand infrastructurechanges together
  • 13. © 2009 IBM CorporationCreate KnowledgeCommon Barriers–Too much “tribal knowledge”–Lack of meaningful metrics–Lack of feedback loops–Inconsistent toolsets13
  • 14. © 2009 IBM CorporationCreating Knowledge14• Leverage andshare standardizeddefinitions ofenvironmentpatterns• Provide reliablevisibility andtraceability toisolate andrecreate defectsResult: Reproduce andcommunicate defects85% faster
  • 15. © 2009 IBM CorporationDefer CommitmentCommon Barriers–Inflexible architectures–Lack of integrated tools–Poor visibility across teams–Poor understanding ofapplication health15
  • 16. © 2009 IBM CorporationDeferring Commitment16• Integrate monitoringof applications forearly identification ofperformance issues• Raise visibilityinto deliveryquality and testedconfigurationsResult: Up to 35%improvement indevelopmentefficiency
  • 17. © 2009 IBM CorporationDeliver FastCommon barriers–Different processes fordifferent teams–Rollbacks in production– Integration delays–Too many requests forenvironments17
  • 18. © 2009 IBM CorporationDelivering Fast18Result: Deliver environments3 times faster Deliver 4 times morereleases per year• Provide 1-clickdeployment ofenvironments fortesting• Apply infrastructureas code: deliverapplication andenvironmentchanges together
  • 19. © 2009 IBM CorporationRespect PeopleCommon barriers–Disconnected teams–Lack “one source of truth”–Lack of understandingacross teams–“Finger-pointing”19
  • 20. © 2009 IBM CorporationRespect People20Result: 98% improvement inmeeting service levelagreements (SLA)• Incorporate self-service deploymentsof personal testsandboxes into IDE• Provide commonrepositories & views allteams can leverage(single source of truth)
  • 21. © 2009 IBM CorporationOptimize the WholeCommon barriers–Cultural challenges–Different views of “done withquality”–Narrow focus–Technical debt21
  • 22. © 2009 IBM CorporationOptimize the Whole22Results: Setup testenvironments 90%faster Reduce testing cyclefrom 2 weeks to a fewhours• Use automateddeployments ofdeliverables and testexecution in production-like environments• Enable earlyidentification andinstant feedback ofissues
  • 23. © 2009 IBM Corporation23IBM Rational’s Story
  • 24. © 2009 IBM Corporation24Deliver product 4x faster while keeping the cost downResults: Predictable delivery every 4 months with cost avoidance of, atleast, 25% Self-service availability of production-like environment –75%+ improvement Dev integrated testing reducing long test cycles -Challenges Time: Reduce delivery cycle from 12 months to 12 weeks. Scale: Coordinating release with 100’s of builds a day Management: Release schedule spanning 25 components, 400Developers and testers in 17 locationsNeeds: Align delivery with fast changing market needs Must deliver product updates every 4 monthsSolution Leverage DevOps principles with Agile Development and Testing Rational CLM and IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery“Using ContinuousDelivery approach, wewere able to deliver4X faster withoutsacrificing quality andwith 25% cost savings—Scott Rich. IBM
  • 25. © 2009 IBM CorporationDevOpsCapabilitiesLifecycleMeasurementsBefore WithDevOpsTotalImprovementBusiness Planning Project Initiation 10 days 2 days /release2 daysGroomed Backlog 45 days 1 day /Release42 daysOverall Time-to-Development 55 days 3 days /release42 daysCollaborativeDevelopmentIteration Length 8 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeksNumber of Iterations 8 3 N / AContinuous Testing BVT Availability 18 hours < 1hour 17 hoursIteration Test Time 2 days 4 hours 2 daysContinuousDeployment /ReleaseTotal Deployment Time 8 hours 2 hours 6 hoursOverall Time-to-production 3 days 15 hours 2+daysTime Between Releases 12 Months 3 Months 9 MonthsObserved lifecycle metrics
  • 26. © 2009 IBM CorporationList of Deployment Configurations available for BVT, SVT, FVT
  • 27. © 2009 IBM CorporationLearn about CLM and IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery27
  • 28. © 2009 IBM CorporationSummary: Continuous Delivery Extending Agile28 Accelerate end-to-end software delivery lifecycle Improve delivery efficiency, application quality and performance Improve collaboration between development, test and operationsDevelopmentTime to delivernew functionreduced by 66%TestIBM China Labreduced testingtime from 2weeks to 3 hoursOperationsMaintained flatcosts with 35%increase indev/test servicesContinuous Feedback and Improvements
  • 29. © 2009 IBM CorporationContinuous Delivery Webcasts in 2013Title Date Time (EST)Overview Smart Cloud Continuous Delivery or Enterprise Continuous Delivery 2/12/2013 11-12pmWho Uses Continuous Delivery and How They Look 3/12/2013 11-12pm(Today) Continuous Delivery - Extending Agile Development; A Lean Approach 4/9/2013 11-12pm(Next up)Continuous Delivery - Agile Deployment for IT - More Efficiency 5/14/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - Testing for Agile Through Continuous Delivery 6/11/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - Deploy, Moderate, Manager Applications in ProductionEnvironment 7/9/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - Best Practices for Adoption of Continuous Delivery 8/13/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - System Z Testing (Mainframe) 9/10/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - System Z Testing (Mainframe) 9/10/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - Agile Testing with Green Hat - 9/18/2013 11-12pmContinuous Delivery - Mobile Apps 10/8/2013 11-12pm2013 - Continuous Delivery - Change/Defect Management 11/12/2013 11-12pm2013 - Continuous Delivery - Arch Briefing on the Continuous Delivery Solution 12/10/2013 11-12pm29