2012 Liquid Robotics Recruitment Results


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2012 Liquid Robotics Recruitment Results

  1. 1. Building a LRI “House of Talent”
  2. 2. Project Scope1. Evaluate current global hiring capability2. Build a recruitment function capable of direct sourcing3. Staff recruitment to fill 50 requisitions 1
  3. 3. Building a House of Talent Simple, Syste matic, support ed by Technology 2
  4. 4. Foundation of the House of Talent2013 Coach-onthego 3
  5. 5. New model is to “Insource” recruitment and handle all openings internally 4
  6. 6. Recruitment Recommendations 1-2-31. Direct Source and handle all openings: i. Hire three (3) Recruiters based on current openings ii. Dedicate a resource as a Recruitment Coordinator2. Bring in full cycle recruiters that can source & work well with hiring managers3. Use Jobvite as the “One Recruiting Workspace” Hire a Recruiting Consultant for every 8-10 openings 5
  7. 7. Direct Sourcing ModelA good recruiter should be able to do the following:1. Handle a load of 8-10 requisitions and source their own candidates without agencies2. Typical cycle to fill a position is 12 weeks  From taking specification from hiring manager to filling job3. Identify and qualify candidates to present4. Negotiate and close candidates successfully 6
  8. 8. Full Cycle Recruiter Role1. Meet with Hiring Manager  Define job and get specification  Explain process and use of Jobvite system  Set expectations and commit2. Develop recruitment strategy3. Perform outreach and broadcast to develop leads4. Recruiter presents pre-qualified candidates5. Help hiring manager complete cycle (Interview, Offer, Hire) Five (5) Step Full Cycle Recruitment Process 7
  9. 9. AccomplishmentsIn that time: ramped up the recruitment team implemented and rolled out Jobvite, our foundation for recruitment have an online approval process for requisitions and offers initiated headcount control aligned with Finance and budgets researched targeted companies for candidates negotiated 19% mark-up for pay-rolling staff implemented an advertising strategy incurred zero (0) agency fees filled fifty-eight (58) positions 8
  10. 10. Key Hires by Function Sales Software Engineering Marine OperationsDirector, Sales – Commercial Vice President, Data Services Sr. Electrical Engineer Hawaii Facilities ManagerDirector, Sales based in APAC Sr. Reliability & Validation Engineer Sr. Electrical Engineer Field Operations Technician IIDirector, Sales and BD - Civilian Senior Engineer - User Interface Electrical Engineer Sr. Field Operations Technician IVDirector, Sales and BD, DoD Software Engineer - Sensors Senior Lab Technician Sr. Field Operations Technician IVDirector, Sales and BD Software Engineer - Sensors Mechanical Engineer Sr. Field Operations Technician VSr. Director Sales Operations Software Engineer - Consultant Mechanical Engineer Mission AnalystChannel Partner Manager Software Engineer - Consultant Sr. Manufacturing Engineer NPI Mission AnalystDeal Desk Manager Project Manager Sr. Manufacturing Engineer NPIFacilities Security Officer Technical WriterExecutive Administrator - Sales Director, Product Management 10 10 8 7 9
  11. 11. Agency Fees
  12. 12. VP, Engineering - Data ServicesRecruiter – JerryTarget Base Salary USD 180,000.Source: Linkedin 2012Cost – USD 2,000 ExampleCandidates:  Presented =5  Phone Screen =4  On-site interviews =3  Recruiter time = 20 hoursCost Per Hire:• Potential Agency fee (25%) = USD 45,000• Client Savings = USD 43,000 11
  13. 13. Technical WriterRecruiter – JerryTarget Base Salary USD 105,000.Source: Recruiter 2012Cost – USD 2,000 ExampleCandidates:  Presented = 14  Phone Screen =8  On-site interviews =4  Recruiter time = 20 hoursCost Per Hire:• Potential Agency fee (20%) = USD 21,000• Client Savings = USD 19,000 12
  14. 14. Weekly Status Reporting Open Requisition Report as of 12-3-12Req # Department Title City Job Type Hiring Manager #Offer Notes Status Sent 20 Platform Engineering Electrical Engineer Sunnyvale Full-Time Joe Manager 1 Two candidates being schelduled Offer 34 WaveGlider Operations Field Operations Technician II Kamuela Full-Time Joe Manager 1 Two finalists with Joe (Boat Captain) Offer 23 Professional Services Director, Professional Sunnyvale Full-Time Joe Manager 1 Have a consultant awaiting approval Services with Steve & Bill Offer 13 Sales, Big Science APAC Sales Manager based APAC Full-Time Joe Manager Checking references on Todd in Singapore Open 66 G&A Desktop Technician - Part Sunnyvale Part-Time Joe Manager Need added Desktop support due to time growth Open 41 Sales, Federal Sales & Business Washington Full-Time Joe Manager Candidate got knocked out and we Development (Civilian D.C. will source. We are working on Open 42 Sales, Federal Agencies/State & Local Sales and Business Washington Full-Time Joe Manager additional research process and we Five Candidates in as well. Development Manager, D.C. are setting up a slate of candidates to Open 57 Sales, Federal National Security Sales and Business Washington Full-Time Joe Manager come to Sunnyvale, CA. Development Manager, DoD D.C. Open 61 WaveGlider Operations Facilities Manager Kamuela Full-Time Joe Manager Reviewing resumes with Joe Open 47 WaveGlider Operations Sr. Field Operations Kamuela Full-Time Joe Manager Finalist meeting week of 11-26-12 Technician IV OpenTotal 10 Offers sent 3 2013 Coach-OnTheGo
  15. 15. Jerry McCrearySilicon Valley, CA650-483-9518McJerry@alum.Villanova.edu 14