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    • Jerry Daperro Jerry Daperro Hi Guys. I am glad most of you like. This is the first time a uploaded a an art painter slideshow on Slideshare. I have some 30-40 slideshows on art painters on the other site. Thank everyone for visiting and I wish you all well.  1 day ago
    • Jerry Daperro Jerry Daperro Thank everyone. The Chinese Shard Art is one of the folk art with little or no documented sources. The Shard Art Panel in Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Pennang is of particular interest as the artist actually put his name and a date on one of the work there. Thus he took his craft into art. Every piece of Shard Art is different and uniquely made. The sculpture pieces at the end of the Powerpoint clearly show some artists are taking these works further down road as an art form. Thankyou everyone for your comments, much appreciated. Have a nice day, as they say in America.  2 weeks ago
  • Jerry Daperro uploaded Jan van Eyck Jan van Eyck 1 week ago
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