Express In Music - audio branding, more than just crowdsourcing sound identities


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What does your brand sound like?

Express In Music is a platform connecting thousands of musicians with clients seeking personalized music. We personalize songs for your branding and communication needs.

Based on your brand's story and character, we customize an original song that best represents your persona. Touch your audience and customers emotionally. Engage them with a piece of personalized music that attaches your brand's meaning.

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Express In Music - audio branding, more than just crowdsourcing sound identities

  1. 1. Are you heard?
  2. 2. What Does Your Brand Sounds Like provides sound solutions for media and brand communications. We are in the space of creating audio identities & sonic branding for businesses effectively. Through its crowdsourcing ability:  Speed – Quick responses are achieved  Quality – Sieve out the best ones  Mass – Multiple audio solutions offered
  3. 3. How Does it Work? Audio Branding Consultancy Step 1: Definition of your Sound Branding Step 2: Classification, Analysis and Recording Step 3: Execution of Audio Strategy and Eventual analysis Increase Sales Higher Brand Recall Increase Productivity
  4. 4. Website & Social Corporate Identity Media Voiceover A company anthem that Creation of sonic logos Professional voice represents pride and that sells your product. for video and tele- instill beliefs. communications Gaming & Mobile medium. A sound identity which improves brand recognition. Where can audio branding be applied? Product Launch Video Clips’ Customize An audio branding Music strategy that can go To bring out greater viral online. Event Theme Song emotions of the message.TVC, Radio Jingles Emphasize on coreFurther enhance brand communications that sinksrecall of the ad. into head.
  5. 5. How Does it Work? Audio Solutions for ‘Live‘ Music for EventsBranding through sound Crowdsourcing Step 1: Upload your requirements Step 2: Select from crowd-sourced submissions Step 3: Reward only the one you choose Speed: Get it Fast! Best: Musicians’ compete! Variety: Mass of submissions!
  6. 6. Crowdsourced : Audio Solutions Benefits Be heard Higher brand recall Solutions Sensory marketing through branded sound Simply crowdsource an audio solution instantly and cost effectively.Challenge Achieve quantity and quality Music and sound is subjective, what you may like – may not be what the client like The need for effective audio branding
  7. 7. Crowdsourced : Live Events Benefits Huge genres and Solutions range of musicians’ An on-site coordinator Allow musicians with Be reassuredChallenge professional profile pitch to you Instant backup of musicians should unexpected event crop Unsure of musicians’ up quality and commitment Quick and simple browsing Impromptu cancellations Need good musicians at a short notice
  8. 8. How Does it Work ? Background Environmental Music Step 1: Install set-top box at your physical outlet Step 2: Choose the genre best suited for your ambience Step 3: Stream the music through cloud computing Better Control Legal Licensing Rights Brand Alignment
  9. 9. Background Environmental Music Benefits A systematic process for HQ to control audio Solutions ambience of their outlets Statistics shows signs of Patented cloud computing higher productivity and system to pipe in music in salesChallenge physical outlets and space Manage and control music Legal licensing issues from the headquarters Expensive music devices that spoils easily Staff playing other types of music but not align to your brand
  10. 10. Statistics 90% of people say they were more 84% of consumers have a positive opinion likely to recommend a store that about a brand that associates with the music. plays music they like to their friends Human’s brain remind 3 times more a music and family. than a picture. 67% say it would make them more 72% say playing good music significantly likely to revisit the restaurant. improves the image of the brand. 78% of retailers recommend other retailers play music to improve productivity and staff morale52% increase in traffic to a stand can beachieved by simply playing corporate music,which is a key benefit for exhibition organiserswanting to attract customers or even justcreating a suitable atmosphere.73% say that music is an important factor increating the ideal atmosphere at an exhibition
  11. 11. Brands engagement
  12. 12. Press Coverage & Contact 500 Dover Road, Innovillage, S(139651) +65 6784 4602