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Another installment of our #socialstrategy series this time dealing with the concept of social service -- what it means, how to think about it.

Another installment of our #socialstrategy series this time dealing with the concept of social service -- what it means, how to think about it.

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  • 1. “SOCIAL SERVICE 101” an enterprise perspective#socialstrategy series |
  • 2. 1. definition“Social service is a scalable social mediaimplementation of a service design based onspeed, availability, humanity, and connectivity”It is essentially the enterprise application of aconsumer service type customers have cometo expect as a given. social what?
  • 3. 2. great serviceThe best service type you can possiblyprovide is no service at all. Your stuff “justworks”. The phones don’t ring.Customers don’t appreciate or needinterruption in their work. Customers don’t feelgiddy about “doing social” with you. Theywant a working product or service.Having to contact you, whether throughPhone, email or Twitter, isn’t their idea of aproductive time. They’re not amused. don’t serve me bro!
  • 4. 3. contact pointsIf you do have to provide service and support,the best contact point is deep within thecustomer’s existing work stream to minimizethe interruption and maximize delivery speed.So striving to be everything to everyone onevery channel at every time of day and nightis not a strategy. It’s wishful thinking. within the flow
  • 5. 4. Service@ScaleThere’s two types of service and support. Thekind only your company can provide, and thesort customers can provide to one anotherwithin a compelling community.Strategize towards the latter. The formercannot scale. what you can’t scale
  • 6. 5. one-click serviceShort of in-product referencing, the vastmajority of customers will reach your supportlines and content via Google.How many clicks does it take them from theGoogle home page to a resolution?Part of your social support strategy should beto bring those down to one. They have one-click shopping. Why not one-click service? the need for speed
  • 7. 6. humanize itOne powerful aspect of social service is itsuncanny ability to “broadcast your humanity”throughout. And showcase it to the world inthe process. Or not.Strategize to humanize your brand as part ofsocial service. Otherwise you’re missing halfthe benefit. And half the loyalty. social = human
  • 8. 7. network itSocial service can only succeed as anenterprise-wide effort. It’s not about a“customer service department” that happensto be “social”.It’s about assembling an internal socialbusiness network built around what matters tocustomers (see slide #2). Customer supportmay or may not lead the charge.As my boss likes to say “it’s about lighting upthe dark fiber”. dark fiber