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Global Futures Intelligence System
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Global Futures Intelligence System


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The is an overview or collective intelligence and an application for the global future, with an eleven item menu for 15 Global Challenges, and futures research on ICT, water, energy, sustainable …

The is an overview or collective intelligence and an application for the global future, with an eleven item menu for 15 Global Challenges, and futures research on ICT, water, energy, sustainable development, food, war and peace issues, science & technology - a way to keep track of global change and participate with others around the world.

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  • It seems to me that as long as experts willfully ignore the 'system causation factor' of the human population explosion, that is to say, the increasing food supply which is literally fueling the explosion, we will continue to see the promulgation of politically convenient thought and economically expedient policymaking. Science regarding 'why the human population is exploding' will continue to be denied and endless preternatural, ideologically-driven chatter about 'what is happening' will pass for a complete sharing of knowledge. We are in a sad state of affairs.

    Just for a moment, let us imagine that now we have all the greatest population experts speaking with one voice. They tell us that we are headed rapidly for 8 billion people on the surface of Earth, declining TFRs in many western European countries notwithstanding. When that number is reached in the foreseeable future, we will have too much food, too little water and clean air, and no decent environment to speak of. Pollution will be visible to all, everywhere. In the meantime many species of birds and wildlife will go extinct because of the destruction of their habitat from land clearance to grow more food to support an exploding human population. What is happening is made evident. Why this situation is occurring with a vengeance of our watch is avoided at all cost. All this is good, they say.

    All these top rank population experts, inside and outside the scientific community, then go on to say that in order to have more and more happy people we need more and more people who can be counted upon to increase the depletion and degradation that will rapidly subtract from the source of that happiness, our planetary home, until such time as Earth is no longer able to function as a source of happiness. More importantly, because we self-proclaimed experts are 'free to know' and then speak of what is determined by the powers that be to be best for the rest of us to know, some scientific research can be and will be denied. While these experts do not lie, they deliberately refuse to give voice to the whole of what is true to them, according to the lights and knowledge they possess. By their conscious silence, these experts will ensure that the unsustainable growth of the human species, the reckless depletion of resources and the irreversible degradation of ecology of the planet happens as soon and efficiently as possible. All this is good, they say, because we are making things better.
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  • 1. Global Futures Intelligence System Jerome C. Glenn, CEO The Millennium Project
  • 2. Collective Intelligence • It emerges from the integration and synergies among • data/info/knowledge • software/hardware • experts and others with insight • that continually learns from feedback • to produce just in time knowledge for better decisions • than these elements acting alone.
  • 3. CI Emerges from Synergies
  • 4. Collective Intelligence System
  • 5. Menu for each Challenge & Group 1. Situation Chart: Current Situation; Desired Situation; and Policies 2. Report (detailed text) 3. News items (automatic news feeds – searchable) 4. Scanning (annotated, rated information) 5. On-going Real-Time Delphi questionnaires to collect expert judgments 6. Public comments 7. Discussion groups 8. Computer models (mathematical and rules-based), and conceptual models 9. Resources: websites, books, papers, videos 10. Updates – all edits 11. Digests – Recent scans, edits, discussions
  • 6. Some Examples of its Usefulness One participant said: “This is a fabulous tool to simplify the complexity; you don’t have to go all over the Internet to understand something; GFIS gets it all together.” Access the full text of all research in the State of the Future and the Futures Research Methodologies Stay updated on the global situation Gain new insights Receive expert responses to specific questions Improve research about future possibilities Prepare for talks, meetings, seminars, etc. Engage others in your organization to participate Use as basic “text” in teaching global issues Reference tool Can be included as a sub-element or tool in proposals
  • 7. … May become a TransInstitution The Millennium Project
  • 8. Purposes of the Millennium Project • Create a global and on-going capacity to improve thinking about the future • Make that thinking available through a variety of media for consideration in • policymaking • advanced training • educational curricula • public education • Continually respond to feedback, to accumulate wisdom about potential futures
  • 9. 49 Millennium Project Nodes... are groups of experts and institutions that connect global and local views in: Nodes identify participants, translate questionnaires and reports, and conduct interviews, special research, workshops, symposiums, and advanced training.
  • 10. The Millennium Project General Accomplishments • • • • • • System for people to think together about the future • 49 Nodes connecting global and local perspectives • Real-Time Delphi for rapid assessment and feedback Framework to understand and track global change • State of the Future reports that annually updates 15 Global Challenges Educational contributions • Over 200 Interns trained from over 30 countries • Est. 1,000 universities use MP materials • Millennium Awards involving thousands of students around the world Inclusive and Participatory System to Measure Change • State of the Future Index – Global and National Indexes Largest collection of methods to explore the future • 37 Methods, 39 Chapters, 1,300 pages, internationally peer reviewed Collective Intelligence System • Bringing it all together in one online platform … GFIS
  • 11. For further information The Millennium Project 4421 Garrison Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20016 USA +1-202-686-5179 phone/fax (Global Futures Intelligence System)