Strategy execution masterclass Kuwait, May 2012, Jeroen De Flander


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This is the brochure for the Strategy Execution Master class in Kuwait, May 2012 by Jeroen De Flander

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Strategy execution masterclass Kuwait, May 2012, Jeroen De Flander

  1. 1. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN KUWAIT Khx A MANAGEMENT GURU JEROEN for the future STRATEGY EXECUTION MASTER CLASS REGISTER MAY 07-09, 2012 ONLINE THE REGENCY HOTEL - KUWAIT www. REGISTRATION FORM DE FLANDER Last Name: First: Middle: Company: Title: Educational Degree: Address: THE REGENCY HOTEL - KUWAIT Country: MAY 07 09 2012 Phone: Cell: Fax: Email: Participation Fees KD 850 per person KD 3,120 for 4 participants TIME: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM Hotel Accommodation Fees (if required) KD 65 per night 3 DAYS STRATEGY Arriving Date: Time: Departure Date: Time: EXECUTION Please scan and email this form to or fax it to +965-22320151 Registration Notes MASTER CLASS Payment Method Invoice Cash K-Net For more registration information, please contact us at: e-mail: Kuwait: +965 -22320049 . UAE: +971-26565866 . +971- 501811804 . Qatar: +974 - 4435077 INCLUDING BEST IN CLASS METHODOLOGIES [BEYOND BALANCED SCORECARD]About Khx Khx is one of the leaders in education and human capital learning in the MENA region. Our mission is to create a group of companies specialized in educational products and services. Currently, Khx is operating in Kuwait, United Kingdom, Jordan, UAE and Qatar with a future plan of expanding in Oman, Saudi Arabia and North Africa. For more information please visit our web site www. GET TO KNOW THE STRATEGYAbout ShiftIN EXECUTION AMBASSADOR, AUTHOR OF THE AMAZON BESTSELLER The shift key in the keyboard enables regular characters to be capitalized or transformed into STRATEGY EXECUTION HEROES something completely new. Similarly, ShiftIN Partners is a management consulting firm that focuses on helping clients to develop and execute strategy programs that enable them to achieve the necessary Shift, working from withIN. ShiftIN Partners is founded by some of the most experienced For more information, please contact us at: consultants in the field of Strategy Execution with a deep understanding of the Middle East e-mail: Khx environment. The firm has the ability and agility to deliver expert, tailored solutions, at cost effective Kuwait: +965-22320049 rates by partnering with subject matter experts on an as-needed basis thus reducing unnecessary overhead costs. ShiftINers are bound by a shared set of values and a culture of support, fellowship, UAE: +971-26565866 trust, and respect with an unwavering willingness to go above and beyond to ensure clients’ success. UAE: +971-501811804 for the future Qatar: +974-4435077
  2. 2. Who should 2011: companies loose millions due 7 benefits Your Masterattend? to poor Strategy Execution 1. Improve your strategy management and execution skills. ClassThis course is 1. Did you know that companies loose between 40 to 60% of Learn how to develop the hard and soft skills needed to execute a strategy. facilitatordesigned for people their strategy during implementation? 2. Work on your own material during the Master Class. Youin private and public Harvard Business Review are challenged to produce your own results during the Jeroen De Flander is aorganizations, from 2. Do you know exactly where your company, department or programme. seasoned internationalperformance analysts team is losing performance? 3. Get Strategy Execution insights based on the largest Strategy Executionto strategy managers, 3. What can you do to close the execution gap? strategy execution benchmark in the world – the Strategy expert, top executivewho are seeking either Execution Barometer ™. coach, seminar leader and highly regarded What are you doing about it?to implement best 4. Build your credentials. You will receive an official certificatepractices or increase after successful completion of the course - measured via keynote speaker. Jeroentheir knowledge about the progress you made on your individual exercise during has helped more thanthe emerging science You can have the best strategy and processes in the world, 19,500 managers in 24 the week and your scores on a written exam.of strategy execution. when your people don’t have the necessary execution skills, your countries master the 5. Learn how to coach others to develop their Strategy strategy remains a nice PowerPoint TM; a dream on paper that will necessary execution Execution skills. never deliver any value. skills. His book, Strategy 6. Expand your network and meet like-minded execution heroes. Execution Heroes, 7. Individual interaction with Jeroen De Flander, worldwide reached the Amazon Strategy Execution expert and bestselling author. Jeroen bestseller list in 5 YOUR KEY QUESTION: helped more than 19,500 managers in 24 countries master countries. “How do I help leaders in my organisation develop the necessary the necessary execution skills. Strategy Execution skills to turn strategy into success?” He is co-founder of the Outline of the 3-day programme performance factory – a leading research, training and advisory firm which is solely focused on helping individuals and 1 2 3 organisations increase DAY DAY DAY performance through best-in-class Strategy Execution. For several years, he was the Module 1 Module 3 Module 5 responsible manager worldwide of the Strategic innovation: beyond the basics The 8, a pragmatic Strategy Execution Strategy communication: how to reach the Balanced Scorecard framework heads, hearts and hands of your employees product line for a leading • 5 things you need to know about strategy consulting firm. strategy and innovation Shared value – • The crucial building blocks to drive • The Pyramid Principle the next big thing in strategic innovation strategic planning and performance • The role of people in driving strategic The 50+ companies he How to demystify strategy in your • How to connect organisational & performance has advised on various company individual performance • The Facilitation Rainbow: communicate • How to define the best KPIs and set your strategy like a pro strategy execution topics Module 2 targets • Reporting and governance of your include Atos Worldline, strategic performance AXA, Base, Bridgestone, Executing strategic innovation: culture and Module 4 • Practical exercises CEMEX, GDFSuez, Honda, process view ING, Johnson & Johnson, Strategy Cascade: beyond the BSC Komatsu and Sony. • What you do after you have an idea His blog www.jeroen-de- • The powerful link between strategy • The Balanced Scorecard and its 9 execution and innovation typical mistakes • A three-step approach to executing • What they do not tell you at regular innovation BSC courses • Managing strategic initiatives to drive your strategy