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strategy execution event Dubai
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strategy execution event Dubai


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The brochure for the 2012 Balanced Scorecard event in Dubai with Kaplan, Norton and De Flander

The brochure for the 2012 Balanced Scorecard event in Dubai with Kaplan, Norton and De Flander

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  • 1. Super Early Bird Book By 2 February 2012 and SAVE US$2,920! BALANCED SCORECARD FORUM 21 - 26 April 2012 • The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE DUBAIBuilding Competitiveness Through World Class Strategy Execution Practices Dr Kaplan And Dr Norton’s ONLY At The Balanced Scorecard Forum 2012 Famous Masterclass ü THE definitive Balanced Scorecard Masterclass delivered by the iconic gurus themselves ü NEW The region’s top business leaders on today’s most pressing business Plus Brand NEW Material on challenges and the way forward Co-Creation, Shared Value And Scenario ü NEW The Strategy Execution Ambassador – Jeroen de Flander – on why Analysis For Risk Management! companies fail in strategy execution ü NEW Expert lessons on implementing the Balanced Scorecard in project focused organisations ü NEW In-depth guidance, tools and practical lessons on how risk management works in practice ü NEW Benchmarking data on strategy execution capability, success and failure from over 1400 companies ü NEW Multiple perspectives on the Balanced Scorecard at every stage of its lifecycle ü NEW 5 Hall of Fame case studies for best practice Balanced Scorecard implementations ü NEW 6 expert led workshops on everything from change management to aligning human capital for performance breakthroughs! Introducing The Strategy Execution Ambassador Jeroen De Flander New Guru Speaker Pre-Forum Workshops: 21 April 2012 A: Risk Management For Strategy Execution B: Aligning Human Capital To Drive Performance Breakthroughs C: Best Practice Change Management For Successful Strategy Execution Bestselling author of Strategy Execution Heroes Post-Forum Workshops: 26 April 2012 D: “The 8” – A Unique Strategy Execution Framework E: The Balanced Scorecard In A Project Focused Organisation Plus! The Strategy Execution Barometer™ - the leading resource F: A Practical Guide To Performance Benchmarking worldwide for practical, fact-based Strategy Execution market data – with data from more than 1400 companies! Strategic Partner Supporting Sponsor Sponsor Media Partners Organised ByTel: 971-4-335 2437 Fax: 971-4-335 2438 Email: Web:
  • 2. The Famous Kaplan Norton Masterclass Hearing it from the mastersTwo Days LIVE and IN PERSON With The Iconic Inventors of Balanced Scorecard is a unique experienceDr Robert Kaplan And Dr David Norton Rajeev Thomas, Qatar FoundationOne of the most valuable speakers on business strategy and leadership today David P. Norton is founder and director of several organisations specialising in systems and processes to improve the execution of business strategy. Dr Norton has founded and built a series of professional service firms during the course of his career, each focused on leading edgeFew people have contributed as significantly to the art, and especially the science, of business strategy as Robert Kaplan. issues of management, from information technology and knowledge management to the discipline of strategy management. A frequent lecturerHis Balanced Scorecard is the premier tool for aligning a company’s current actions with its strategic goals. This performance management and author, David Norton is best known for his work with the Balanced Scorecard, which has been the subject of many conferences and articles.system helps business leaders clarify their corporate vision and align people, business units, and resources with a unified strategy. He is the co-author, with Robert S. Kaplan, of eight Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles and five books: The Balanced Scorecard, The StrategyIn his research and writing, speaking and consulting, Robert develops ways to link cost and performance management systems to strategy Focused Organization, Strategy Maps, Alignment and The Execution Premium. Dr. Norton’s books have sold more than one million copies in 23implementation and operational excellence. different languages. The BSC approach is also being successfully applied by governments and nonprofits throughout the world to improve The Balanced Scorecard concept was selected by the editors of the Harvard Business Review as “One of the most influential transparency, governance, and measurable social outcomes. management ideas of the past 75 years.” Dr Norton was also voted as one of the “World’s 12 Most Influential Management Robert Kaplan and coauthor David Norton have written five landmark books on The Balanced Scorecard, describing how it Thinkers” by Sun Top Media’s Thinkers 50. Drs. Norton and Kaplan were honored with the “Champion of Workplace works and outlining best practices for its implementation. Together, these books have transformed the business strategy Learning and Performance Award” by the The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). David P. Norton landscape and made Robert Kaplan one of the most valuable speakers in the fields of business strategy and leadership. is the preeminent authority, along with Robert Kaplan, on how to institutionalise strategic thinking using The Balanced Robert Kaplan is Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School and a former Dean of the Graduate School of Scorecard (BSC). Dr Norton co-developed this extraordinary tool for defining and executing business strategy. He co- Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University. authored with Kaplan, the three essential books on The Balanced Scorecard. David Norton is also the co-founder, president and CEO of the consulting firm that helps organisations use the BSC successfully. In his presentations, The Books Dr Norton helps companies make effective strategic thinking and execution an essential part of their business, The Execution Premium describes a systematic and proven framework for achieving the financial results promised by both at the top (through the equivalent of a Chief Strategy Officer) and throughout the organization. your strategy: How to put it into action, test it and revise it for reliable returns. An effective and influential speaker, David P. Norton is one of the most significant figures The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action-The seminal book on the tool that dozens of companies transforming business today. have embraced for achieving long-term growth. Winner of the 2001 Wildman Medal from the American Accounting Association for its impact on practice; in 22 languages. More About David Norton The Strategy Focused Organisation describes how to make strategy a continuous process owned by everyone Utilising the Balanced Scorecard concept, Dr Norton allows complex organisations to effectively throughout the organisation. Best international business book for 2000, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. clarify, manage and implement their business strategies with a rigor never possible before. Dr Norton’s first book, The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy Into Action, shows managers how to use this Strategy Maps offers a powerful new visual tool for aligning processes, people and IT with desired outcomes. One of revolutionary tool to guide their strategic investments in people, systems and new products for long- top 10 business books of 2004 by strategy+business magazine and term growth. Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton describe a multistage system that enables organisations to gain Alignment applies the Balanced Scorecard to corporate strategy, aligning business units (often poorly-coordinated) measurable benefits from carefully formulated business strategies. Together, these books and the with headquarters’ long-term goals, using an Office of Strategic Management. presentations based on them, represent some of the most valuable breakthroughs in business strategy in recent times. Dr Kaplan also co-developed Activity-Based Costing, a revolutionary approach to Dr Robert Kaplan, determining the underlying economics of a business, which he describes in his books Dr David Norton’s research and lectures have tremendous value for any company Dr David Norton Professor Cost & Effect and, more recently, Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing. seeking to plan and sustain value creation over the long term. Dr Norton has Director Harvard Business Honours extremely broad and practical experience working with companies of all kinds and at all levels on their strategic capabilities. And he has unusual depth in developing Palladium Group School and Ÿ Accounting Hall of Fame the strategic potential of human resources. and Co-founder Co-founder of Ÿ Lifetime Contribution Award, Management Accounting Section of the American David P. Norton earned a BS in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic of the Balanced the Balanced Accounting Association, and the Institute of Management Accountants Institute, an MS in operations research from the Florida Institute of Technology, an Scorecard USA Scorecard USA Ÿ One of top 20 Business Writers/Management Gurus, Financial Times 2005 CEO MBA from Florida State University, and his doctorate in business administration Survey from Harvard Business School.Masterclass Day One Sunday, 22 April 2012 Masterclass Day Two Monday, 23 April 2012 With NEW material from Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton on Co-Creation, Shared Value and Scenario Testing for Risk Management!07:00 Registration And Coffee 12:30 Lunch And Networking Break 07:30 Morning Coffee system achieves this objective at several levels including conducting operational and strategy review meetings as 08:00 Opening Remarks From The Chairman well as meetings that test and adapt the strategy, leading08:00 Opening From The Chairman 13.45 Setting Meaningful KPIs, Stretch Targets And Selecting And Mazen Dauleh, Strategy Consultant, State Audit Bureau, Qatar Mazen Dauleh, Strategy Consultant, State Audit Bureau, Funding Strategic Initiatives to new objectives and BSC metrics that keep the strategy 08:05 Risk Management: Interactive Case Study relevant to changing market and business conditions. Dr Qatar The discussion of the system continues by showing how to “The Harvard Experience” Kaplan will demonstrate the role for business analytics to set targets for strategic themes and objectives, the process inform the design of operational KPI dashboards. He will08:15 Strategy Execution System: From A To Z to select portfolios of strategic initiatives, and the new Using a real-life case study example from the Canadian utility, Hydro One, Dr Kaplan will lead an interactive session also summarise his current collaboration with Professor Managing strategy execution should be a permanent part funding mechanism of strategic expenditures (StratEx). Michael Porter on the tremendous opportunities to improve of an executive’s job. This requires a management system. Dr Norton will describe his recent research on the on establishing and running a comprehensive enterprise risk management system. The session will emphasise the the value and cost of health care delivery through accurate Most organisations have pieces of this system, such as performance breakthroughs that Hall of Fame enterprises measurement of outcomes and costs. mechanisms for identifying and quantifying the principal risks budgeting and goal-setting, but the pieces are isolated and have achieved. These provide guidance for setting to an organisation’s strategy, especially how to develop and Dr Robert Kaplan incompatible. Further, most organisations do not have a ambitious quantitative and qualitative targets for key transmit risk information from the front lines to the boardroom, 12:30 formal process to translate the strategy, test it, and align BSC achievement metrics. The role of theme owners and Lunch and Networking Break and how to allocate resources to mitigate the most likely and the organisation. This session provides a CEO’s guide: What theme teams for managing the implementation of cross- consequential risks. 13:45 BSC Implementation: Leading Change And The Role For The to expect when adopting the Balanced Scorecard system functional and cross-business projects will be introduced. Dr Robert Kaplan CEO – real world insights into the challenges, timeframes, Dr David Norton Strategy requires that companies break away from investment and skills involved in a successful sustainable 09:15 Integrating Risk Management To The Strategy Execution doing business-as-usual so they can adopt a new way implementation. Dr Norton will also describe how mature 14.30 Aligning The Organisation To The Strategy System of competing and doing business. Yet most change BSC organisations sustain their strategy execution system Most enterprises consist of multiple business and Risk management has become essential for successful and management programme fail. In this session, Dr Kaplan sustainable strategy execution. Many organisations, however, will highlight the vitally important role for the CEO to lead by embedding it within the organisation’s three to five year functional units. For the full execution premium to be despite having a designated risk management officer and even and manage the change process. He will start with the strategy cycle. earned, the enterprise must achieve both vertical and a risk management department, have suffered massive losses Dr David Norton horizontal alignment in each unit’s strategic objectives. This key role – embedded in leadership gurus John Kotter from their failure to understand and manage the risks inherent and Michael Beer’s pioneering work – to unfreeze the session will review how to achieve organisational synergies in their strategies. Dr Kaplan will share insights on how Hall09:45 Strategy Maps, Strategic Themes And The Balanced through a cascaded and linked strategy map, and how to organisation so that executives and employees alike accept of Fame organisations, such as Infosys and VW do Brasil use the urgent need for change. He will continue by showing how Scorecard co-create strategy maps with strategic suppliers and their strategy maps to identify the key risks in the strategy. Kotter’s Leading Change programme can be leveraged and In this session, Dr Kaplan will describe the latest innovations customers for shared value creation. From this early identification, they develop Key Risk Indicator accelerated by integrating with the Kaplan-Norton strategy in strategy mapping. The session will illustrate how external Dr Robert Kaplan scorecards to give them advance warning of imminent risk execution system. The session will include examples from and internal customer metrics need to be selected based events and also develop portfolios of risk mitigation initiatives the successful CEOs of enterprises in the Palladium Balanced on the organisation’s differentiating customer value 15.15 Networking And Refreshment Break that reduce the likelihood and consequences from risk events. Scorecard Hall of Fame for Strategy Execution®. proposition. Discover how to choose the right strategic The session will conclude with the role for war-gaming and Dr Robert Kaplan objectives and construct a strategy map around four to 15.45 Linking Strategy To Operations scenario analysis to envision and mitigate the non-controllable six themes that link human capital and process objectives High-level strategic objectives must be driven down into risks that can arise from the organisation’s volatile external 14:45 Networking And Refreshment Break to customer and shareholder objectives. While strategy operational processes. Dr Norton will illustrate how to link environment. Dr Robert Kaplan 15:15 BSC Implementation And The Office Of Strategy maps provide an overall view of an organisation’s strategy, operational process improvements to strategic objectives, Management strategic themes segment the strategy into general including the role for performance improvement programs 10:15 Networking And Refreshment Break The new BSC strategy management system does not categories, allowing organisations to focus actions and (TQM, Six Sigma, Lean); and how to design operational manage itself. This session will discuss how a new provide a structure for accountability. New material will dashboards of KPIs that drive continuous improvement. 10:45 Aligning Employees To The Strategy competency and a new organisation, the Office of Strategy include how to incorporate triple bottom line reporting and Dr David Norton Ultimately, strategy is executed by employees, not the senior Management, has emerged to play this role. Dr Norton will sustainability objectives into your strategy map. Dr Kaplan leadership team. But employees cannot help implement a explain the multi-year agenda for the OSM as it migrates strategy that they are unaware of, do not understand, or the Balanced Scorecard from an initial feasibility project will also demonstrate how to co-create strategy maps with 16.30 Kaplan–Norton Clinic have little motivation to execute. This session covers the into a sustainable strategy execution system that delivers key stakeholders to create the “shared value” described Open Forum for Q&A important processes needed to communicate strategy, in Michael Porter’s seminal January 2011 Harvard Business transformational improvements in performance. The stages motivate employees, and align the development of employees’ include: Review article. 17.30 Close Of Masterclass Day One capabilities and competencies to strategic objectives. Dr Robert Kaplan 1. Unfreeze the organisation (continuing the discussion Dr David Norton in Dr Kaplan’s previous session) 11:30 Continually Improving The Strategy 2. Focus and align the organisation to strategic priorities, and10:45 Networking And Refreshment Break 3. Sustain the new culture of strategy execution and Today, strategies are implemented in volatile and highly- competitive environments. Strategy is a hypothesis on how accountability for delivering performance.11:15 Strategy Execution: Best Practice Case Volkswagen do Brasil (VWB) is the second largest This was the best Forum to satisfy shareholder/stakeholder objectives. The strategy Dr David Norton Volkswagen operation in the world, with four plants, I and my executive team execution system must not only define these hypotheses, but also continually monitor the external and internal 16.00 Kaplan–Norton Clinic 22,000 employees, and revenues of more than US$9 billion, enjoying one of the highest profitability rates in the ever attended; the best time environments so that managers can guide, test, and adapt Open Forum for Q&A VW group. It wasn’t always this way. In 2006, following invested for our company’s the strategy to changing conditions. The BSC management 17.00 Close Of Masterclass years of currency devaluation, a sluggish economy, new future sources of competition, and market share loss, VWB undertook a major restructuring and adopted the BSC Zeyad Al Moosa, Managing Director, Meet The Masterclass Chairman to mobilise the company. In this interactive session, Dr Gulf Drug Establishment, UAE Mazen’s experience comes from hands-on implementation projects as the top Strategy Executive responsible to large Kaplan will demonstrate how VWB grew revenue by 80 company CEOs and boards to create strategic planning management systems using Balanced Scorecard (including Qatar percent in four years, doubled employee engagement, and Steel and Qtel). Beyond specialised strategy management experience in the last decade, Mazen’s management experience improved internal processes through the organisation’s spans 25 years with world class companies including Schlumberger and Qatar Petroleum. He has also supervised and implementation of a sustainable strategy management managed Strategic HR initiatives, including structure reorganisation, performance management and job evaluation. system. Mazen Dauleh, Mazen’s MBA dissertation topic was on Change Management and further academic credentials include the highest Dr Robert Kaplan Strategy Consultant, available certifications from Drs Kaplan and Norton in Balanced Scorecard and (OSM) Office of Strategy Management. He is State Audit Bureau, Qatar also founder and CEO of Vision Strategy Management Consulting. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: Fax: +971 4 335 2438
  • 3. BALANCED SCORECARD FORUM Wonderful Masterclass which can change an organisation’s fate 21 - 26 April 2012 • The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE DUBAI Prakash Loganath, Reliance Industries NEW And Refreshed Agenda For 2012! Agenda At A Glance Balanced Scorecard Forum 2012 Bringing You All Of The Latest Developments In Strategy Management And Execution 21 April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26 April ü Essential updates on the latest strategy management concepts, including new industry buzzwords Pre-Forum Workshops A, B, C “shared value” and “co-creation” Kaplan Norton Masterclass Including Executive Lunch ü ü ü Vital insights into what makes the Hall of Fame companies stand out – from Dr Norton – and why companies fail - from brand new guru, Jeroen de Flander Balanced Scorecard Forum ü ü ü Practical “how to” on risk management from Dr Kaplan, Abu Dhabi Ports Company and Dimension Post-Forum Workshops D, E, F Data Asia Pacific Best Practice Contributions And Insights From: ü Strategy execution benchmarking data from more than 1400 companies Dubal YK Almoayyed and Sons Abu Dhabi Ports Company Bahrain Ministry of ü The full story: multiple perspectives on the Balanced Scorecard at every stage of its lifecycle Works AW Rostamani Abdulla Al Masaood and Sons Qatar Government Zamil ü Successful Balanced Scorecard implementation in project focused organisations Group Holding Company Mary Kay Infosys Dimension Data Asia Pacific Abu ü And much more… Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Qatar Steel Abu Dhabi Education Council Forum Day One Tuesday, 24 April 2012 07. 30 Registration And Coffee 08.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Edy Abou Chakra heads the management and strategy consulting practice at ADDIMA BOOK BEFORE Edy Abou Chakra Partner Consulting. He brings with him over 15 years of experience in the management, strategy, information systems and financial fields. As a strategic planner and management consultant, he has helped many organisations develop successful strategies and execute 2 FEBRUARY 2012 ADDIMA Consulting them through the balanced scorecard and other performance planning and management AND SAVE UPTO US$2,920 UK, KSA & Lebanon systems. Mr. Abou Chakra is a certified Master Balanced Scorecard Professional from George Washington University and the Balanced Scorecard Institute (MBSP), Information Systems Auditor (CISA-ISACA) and Certified E-business Consultant (CEC-ICECC). WWW.IIRME.COM/BSC Business Leaders Panel Michel Ayat CEO Alan Guest CEO Constantin Salameh CEO 08.15 New Pillars Of Competitiveness – Leveraging Performance Culture, AW Rostamani YK Almoayyed & Sons Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Governance And Risk Management Practices To Succeed In Today’s UAE Bahrain UAE Middle East Business Landscape Ÿ How will the region’s economy develop in the next five years and what will be the keys to success? Michel Ayat is a seasoned automobile industry Alan’s early career saw him overseeing the CKD Constantin Salameh is CEO of Abdulla Al Masaood & professional with over 25 years of experience in leading assembly of both Land Rover and Range Rover in Sons, a diversified Abu-Dhabi-based private group Ÿ To what extent is governance an important part of corporate board a portfolio of automotive brands. Ayat has spearheaded assembly plants throughout Africa, the Far East and with operating companies in the automotive and motor agendas in the Arab World? the operations of Arabian Automobiles Co. (AAC), which other developing markets. In 1980 he became Export sports, hospitality and leisure, industrial, services and is the flagship of the AW Rostamani Group and the Sales Director for Land Rover and the Overseas Strategy construction sectors. He has 25 years of senior cross- Ÿ How are left field macroeconomic events impacting business in the National Sales Company (NSC) for the Nissan, Infiniti Director for Rover International before moving in the functional management experience with multinational Middle East? and Renault brands in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. early 90’s into General Management in the Middle companies in the technology, private equity, retail and Ayat has been responsible for delivering consistent East. He worked in Dubai, Qatar and Egypt in senior financial services sectors. He was the MD of Safinvest Ÿ How important are risk management practices in achieving success year-on-year growth and ensuring market leadership management positions before joining YK Almoayyed in SA, a multi-billion dollar private investment group, and in today’s business landscape? in key vehicle segments. His medium term goal is to turn 2005 as Chief Executive. YK Al Moayyed is a diversified the senior VP and CFO of Compass Holding, a family Ÿ What are the performance levers businesses need to leverage to be the automotive operations of AW Rostamani Group into business group with business in the automobile, building business with operations in fifty countries. Constantin a US$2 billion company by 2015. materials, electronics, industrial and building systems previously held senior executive positions with Hewlett competitive in an ever changing world? and furniture and interior design sectors. Packard. 09.00 The Office Of Strategy Management (OSM) As A Driver Of Sustainable Business 11.45 Qatar Government: Driving The Implementation Of The Balanced Scorecard From Success An Unexpected Source - Finance Ÿ Defining the scope and responsibilities for the OSM to ensure real alignment of Ÿ The case for change and resistance to migrating from a government culture to a performance-driven one based on KPIs management processes to the strategy Ÿ Populating the OSM with capable managers who will make things happen Ÿ Implanting the OSM (Office of Strategy Management) into the Finance Function - where you would least expect it A great opportunity to meet the Ÿ In it for the long haul: moving past the initial project to embed a sustainable Ÿ How this BSC implementation will enable the State Audit Bureau to audit the more than120 government ministries and entities for strategy execution Balanced Scorecard gurus organisational framework to support the new performance management capability in Qatar - another term for sound governance system Dexter Calivara, Qatar Fuel - WOQOD Mazen Dauleh, Strategy Consultant, State Audit Bureau, Qatar Alan Guest, CEO, YK Almoayyed & Sons, Bahrain 12.30 ADDIMA Consulting Case Study 09.45 Networking And Refreshment Break 13.15 Lunch And Networking Break 10.15 Risk Management: When Competing Strategic Objectives Collide To Create A “Black Swan” Risk The BSC Journey And Practitioner Perspectives Along The Way Ÿ Communicating strategy, reducing altitude and maintaining focus to maximise synergy Ÿ The ADPC Enterprise Risk Management Framework: Aligning risk management 14.15 BSC: The Right Start - Building Engagement, Accountability And A True Ruben Decoud, Manager International Human Resources, Mary Kay, USA activities down to the project level Performance Culture With The Balanced Scorecard Ÿ Back from the brink: Managing a “black swan risk event” on a regional mega- Ÿ Developing strategic direction and establishing a strategic change agenda that 15.45 Networking And Refreshment Break project reflects the key strategic prioritiesMust Attend Ÿ Risk action: Engaging multiple internal and external stakeholders for successful Ÿ Getting started with a robust strategy map and scorecard which are a true 16.15 BSC: Mature Implementation – Maintaining Momentum And A Clear Strategic risk mitigation reflection of the corporate strategy Direction In An Ever Changing World Ÿ Sustaining strategic focus Ÿ Risk velocity: Understanding its impact on risk appetite and response Ÿ Building and sustaining senior level understanding and commitment to a new Ÿ Driving organisational change approach and a new corporate scorecard Ÿ Future-world scenario planning: less about prediction, more about organisation Ÿ Delivering performance flexibility and resilience Ÿ Keeping up the momentum with the BSC implementation: Managing the BSC Ÿ Lessons for implementation programme to ensure success V. Ganapathy Subramanian, Head – Strategic Planning, Infosys Ltd, India Domenic Antonucci, Chief Risk Officer, Hall of Fame Award Winner 2007 Mahmoud Al Sayyed, Vice President Strategy Management, ADPC (Abu Dhabi Ports Company), UAE Zamil Group Holding Company, KSA 17.00 Balanced Scorecard Practitioner – Expert Panel 11.00 Successful Balanced Scorecard Implementation In A Project Focused Organisation 15.00 BSC: The Middle Years - Linking The Organisational Vision To The Individual By A great opportunity to ask those questions you really want to ask expert Ÿ Real results: applying the Balanced Scorecard to deliver new infrastructure and Creating A Strategic Line Of Sight practitioners about every step of the Balanced Scorecard journey. public services in support of Bahrain Vision 2030 Ÿ Achieving alignment to a strategic vision across borders and functions Mahmoud Al Sayyed, Vice President Strategy Management, Ÿ Linking core business and management initiatives with operational projects Zamil Group Holding Company, KSA Ÿ Translating strategic vision into tangible behaviors to maximise synergy and Ÿ Integrating the Balanced Scorecard with the Ministry’s Project Management Ruben Decoud, Manager International Human Resources, Mary Kay, USA clarify performance expectations Framework V. Ganapathy Subramanian, Head – Strategic Planning, Infosys Ltd, India Ÿ Linking business activities and performance indicators to people processes and Raja Al Zayani, Chief Of Strategic Planning, Ministry Of Works, Bahrain individual appraisal systems 17.45 End Of Forum Day One Feature Speakers Spotlight Amir Al Janahi Domenic Antonucci Raja Al Zayani Mahmoud Al Sayyed Corporate Controller Chief Risk Officer Chief Of Strategic Planning Vice President Strategy Dubal ADPC (Abu Dhabi Ports Company) Ministry Of Works Management UAE UAE Bahrain Zamil Group Holding Company KSA Amir Al Janahi is a member of Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL)’s Domenic is responsible for programme risk and Enterprise-wide Raja has established the strategic planning section at the Ministry Mahmoud has an MBA, Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Executive Management team working as Corporate Controller. Risk Management (ERM) for Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) of Works, which has acted as the region’s first Office of Strategy Kaplan-Norton Palladium Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Certified He is responsible for the effective execution of DUBAL’s strategy an infrastructure developer. The Khalifa Port and Industrial Management. In three years from its establishment, the strategic Graduate and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and operational objectives using the Balanced Scorecard, which Zone is a mega-size project constructing one of the world’s planning section has supported Ministry of Works in winning with 16 years of experience in management and consulting was adopted by DUBAL in 2005. Amir also has responsibility for largest vertically integrated industrial and transportation hubs. the Hall of Fame Award, which is the world renowned award in the fields of strategy management, corporate governance, management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, preparation of Domenic has 30 years experience in corporate strategic planning, for excellence in strategy management. Raja has been a key organisational development and business valuation. Mahmoud financial statements, internal control and management of the operations and business risk management consulting in the UAE, member in supporting Ministry of Works to found, plan, execute, has been in his current role since September 2008. He is finance department and the accounts payable process. He has Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific with firms such as Shell. and manage the strategy. She has been recognised by Palladium responsible for initiating and implementing the Group strategy been with DUBAL since 1988, and formerly held a financial control Prior to joining ADPC, Domenic was a strategic risk consultant to Group for Strategy Execution as the world’s first Certified management system using the Balanced Scorecard framework role at the Commercial Bank of Dubai. He is a fellow member of MENA regional clients with the world’s largest risk consulting firm Practitioner during the Palladium Summit at London during June as well as governance and organisation alignment practices. CIMA. Marsh, having relocated from chief risk officer roles implementing 2011. AS4360 risk standards with Australian organisations. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: Fax: +971 4 335 2438
  • 4. New Guru Speaker Jeroen De Flander Jeroen De Flander is a seasoned international strategy execution expert, top executive coach, seminar leader and highly regarded keynote Be among the first to hear Jeroen speak in the UAE speaker. on Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 08.30 – 12.00! Jeroen has helped more than 17,500 managers in 22 countries master the necessary execution skills, including the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Drawing on The Strategy Execution Barometer™, the Jordan, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Russia, Estonia, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, Egypt, China, Croatia, Korea and Belgium. He has leading resource worldwide for practical, fact-based shared the stage with strategy gurus like Michael Porter and Costas Markides. Strategy Execution market data, Jeroen de Flander will answer that all-important question: Why do companies His book, Strategy Execution Heroes, reached the Amazon bestseller list in five countries. Jeroen is co-founder of the performance factory fail in executing their strategy? With reference to data from – a leading research, training and advisory firm which is solely focused on helping individuals and organisations increase performance over 1400 companies, 20,000 managers, 36 countries through best-in-class strategy execution. and 29 sectors, Jeroen will show you how your company measures up against others in terms of strategy execution For several years, he had global responsibility for the Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little – a leading strategy consulting capability, explain why companies fail to execute their firm. The 50+ companies he has advised on various strategy and strategy execution topics include Atos Worldline, AXA, Base, Bridgestone, strategy correctly and provide you with the tools and CEMEX, GDFSuez, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson, Komatsu, Sony and the Flemish and Belgian governments. techniques to avoid making the same mistakes! What people say about The Strategy Execution Barometer™: A very insightful report that reflects everyday realities This report offers a true benchmark for us with at the ground level. It also makes you realise that regards to other large international companies. Book signing with you are not alone in facing the problems of implementing It allows us to compare ourselves to both the Jeroen de Flander your company strategy. I have been able to use this average and the best-in-class so we know report as a benchmark to improve my organisation’s exactly where we stand and how we should acton Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 10.00-10.30 performance management process accordingly Dr Mohammed Ilyas, Manager Economics and Business Support, SABIC, KSA Bart Ponsioen, Senior Associate, ING, Germany Forum Day Two Wednesday, 25 April 2012 07. 45 Morning Coffee 12.00 Implementing Balanced Scorecard To Achieve Best In Class 15.15 Networking And Refreshment Break Business Performance In Adverse Market Conditions 08.15 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Setting the tone at the top: the instrumental role of leadership in 15.45 The Internal Processes Perspective: Driving Operational Excellence José María Ortiz, Vice-President, Palladium, EMEA strategy execution success Through The Balanced Scorecard Jose Maria oversees EMEA operations. Since joining Ÿ Delivering a communication and awareness campaign that Ÿ Identifying and understanding your competitive advantage as a Palladium ten years ago, Jose Maria has developed a brings strategy to life every day driver of breakthrough performance strong professional career, first appointed as the COO of Iberia Spain, later becoming the Managing Director, Ÿ “Strategy is everywhere”: Creating a strategic line of sight from Ÿ Identifying opportunities for productivity gains by designing and more recently the COO for the EMEA region. He previously head office to the plant productivity initiatives worked for PwC, collaborating with companies such as Endesa, Ÿ Embedding a true performance culture: from strategy definition Ÿ Prioritising and monitoring productivity initiatives to embed Iberdrola, Barcelona City Council, the Spanish government and the to budgeting and operations process change for sustainable results Portuguese government to develop strategy management systems. The focus of his work has been on the development and definition of Amir Al Janahi, Corporate Controller, Dubal, UAE Ÿ Benchmarking results against industry peers to drive corporate performance tools in large, complex organisations. Hall of Fame Award Winner 2011 continuous performance improvement Amir Al Janahi is a member of Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL)’s Yousef Ahmed Al-Muhannadi, Rolling Mill Manager, Executive Management team working as Corporate Controller. Qatar Steel, Qatar Guru Morning He is responsible for the effective execution of DUBAL’s strategy Become A Strategy Execution Hero by Jeroen de Flander and operational objectives using the Balanced Scorecard, which 16.30 Staying On Track: Developing Corporate Performance That Fairly was adopted by DUBAL in 2005. Amir also has responsibility for Reflects The Organisation Strategy And Objectives 08.30 The Strategy Execution Barometer™: Why Do Companies Fail To management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, preparation of Ÿ ADEC programmes and performance management Execute Their Strategy Successfully…… financial statements, internal control and management of the finance department and the accounts payable process. He has been Ÿ Defining an optimum balance of quantitative vs qualitative Insights From The Largest Strategy Execution Benchmark In The with DUBAL since 1988, and formerly held a financial control role at measures across the three perspectives (not for profit) World the Commercial Bank of Dubai. He is a fellow member of CIMA. Ÿ Keeping the strategic objectives in sight: defining the right Learn how your organisation’s strategy execution performance metrics to influence behaviours in a way which drives improved and capability compares to your peers in the region and around 12.45 Lunch And Networking Break performance the world! Find out just how the world’s top companies are faring in executing their strategy with reference to the world’s leading Ÿ Challenges and limitations to performance management 13.45 Driving Strategic Alignment And Managing Risk In The New World strategy execution benchmarking data covering over 20,000 Tarek El Mourad, Head Of Programms And Performance Order: Keeping Your Business On Track In An Ever Changing managers, 1400+ companies, 36 countries and 29 industry sectors. Business World Management, Abu Dhabi Education Council, UAE Jeroen De Flander, Managing Director, The Performance Factory, Belgium Ÿ Boosting business results with the Balanced Scorecard Ÿ ‘New Normal’ in the technology industry: Adapting the strategy 17.15 Closing Remarks From The Chairman 10.00 Networking And Refreshment Break to succeed in a world of cloud computing and shifting vendor strategies 17.30 End Of Forum Book Signing with Jeroen de Flander Ÿ Leveraging the Balanced Scorecard to drive alignment around the new strategy 10.30 …..And What You Can Do To Lock In Strategy Execution Success By Avoiding The Same Mistakes! Bill Padfield, CEO, Dimension Data Asia Pacific, Singapore Essential New Tools And Techniques That Will Make Strategy 14.30 Organisational Excellence At Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Happen For Your Organisation Company: An Integrated Approach In this session, leaders learn about the strategy execution secrets Ÿ Getting started with the Abu Dhabi Executive Council’s Strategic from the best-in-class. You will discover new insights and receive Planning and Performance Management framework practical tips to boost strategy execution in your own company: Ÿ Developing an organisational excellence roadmap focusing Ÿ How to link organisational and individual performance with “The on process improvement, risk mitigation, benchmarking and 8”, a powerful strategy execution framework compliance with international standards Ÿ Strategy communication: how to get the strategy into the head, heart and hands of your people Ÿ Introducing the Balanced Scorecard at ADSSC and integrating it into the organisational excellence roadmap Ÿ Four Balanced Scorecard insights for the advanced practitioner Ÿ Leveraging technology to fully integrate multiple excellence Ÿ Strategy execution Zen: the art of a simple strategy execution process initiatives for effective performance management Jeroen De Flander, Managing Director, The Performance Factory, Zillay Ahmed, Organisational Excellence and Quality Advisor, Belgium Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company, UAE V. Ganapathy Subramanian Bill Padfield Ruben Decoud Tarek El Mourad Head – Strategic Planning CEO Manager International Human Head Of Programmes And Infosys Dimension Data Asia Pacific Resources Performance Management India Singapore Mary Kay Abu Dhabi Education Council USA UAE Ganapathy heads Strategic Planning and Performance Bill (AMP, INSEAD, France) was appointed Chief Executive Officer For the last 20 years Ruben Decoud has been involved in strategic Tarek is heading the programmes and performance management Management at Infosys. In this role, he is responsible for long and of Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (formerly known as planning and management of Human Resources in Lloyds TSB division at Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) since April 2007. medium term planning for the company, corporate development Datacraft Asia Pte Ltd) in August 2003. Bill joined Dimension Data Bank Plc and KPMG Consulting in Paraguay, Brazil, UK and Tarek has worked more than 14 years in strategic planning, and driving alignment through the corporate performance as Chief Operating Officer in November 2001 and was appointed USA. At his current company, Mary Kay Inc., based in Dallas – effectiveness and performance management. Prior to joining management processes across Infosys. He has over 13 years as an Executive board member in October 2002. As the CEO, Bill TX, he is involved in Global Human Resources Strategy which ADEC, Tarek established and managed the office of Institutional of experience in the areas of strategy, planning and finance, in manages and oversees all aspects of the Dimension Data Asia includes strategic design and deployment of Human Resources Research and Planning at Abu Dhabi University and the office industries spanning banking, insurance, management consulting Pacific Group’s operations, and drives the Group’s transition into programmes and systems to employees across four regions and of Institutional Research at the American University of Sharjah. and IT Services. Before joining Infosys in 2005, his experience a world-class IT services company. Bill has 34 years of IT and 33 countries. Ruben has concentrated his efforts and energy During his career, Tarek has directed performance management, has been in areas of planning and assurance, having set up and telecom industry experience in Europe, North America, the Middle on creating clarity and alignment within the business. He now institutional effectiveness, business advisory, quality control and headed business planning and financial planning functions in two East and Asia Pacific. has responsibility for the Balanced Scorecard for the Human information management units. He has also served as the Human private sector general insurance companies. Prior to his stint in Resources function. Capital coordinator for Abu Dhabi government. insurance, he also has consulted for Indian companies, primarily in the areas of strategy and finance. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: Fax: +971 4 335 2438
  • 5. Limited Spaces AvailableExpert Led Workshops Book early to secure your first choice!Workshop timings: Registration for the workshops will commence at 08.00 on the day of the workshop.Workshops will begin promptly at 08.30 with refreshments being served at appropriate times. The workshops will conclude at 14.30 at which time lunch will be served. Pre-Forum Workshops Saturday, 21 April 2012 Post-Forum Workshops Thursday, 26 April 2012A Risk Managementrisks that might otherwise derail your Mitigate the business For Strategy Execution Who Should Attend D The 8 –complexity out of implementing Balanced Scorecard Take the A Unique Strategy Execution Framework Who Should Attend Everyone who is looking for research based, practical tips to boost company from its strategic journey! Ÿ Risk management professionals with this simple, practical, straightforward methodology! strategy execution in their organisation.Attendance at this workshop counts towards credits for the Kaplan Ÿ Senior officers involved in strategy definitionNorton BSC Certification™ Ÿ Strategy execution executives Workshop Overview Your Expert Workshop Leader In this workshop, you learn what it takes to turn strategy execution Jeroen de Flander, Managing Director,Workshop Overview Benefits Of Attending into a competitive advantage for their organisation. The session will The Performance Factory, BelgiumIn the aftermath of the global economic meltdown, risk The workshop provides you with: Jeroen De Flander is a seasoned international strategy Ÿ A proven framework to implement immediately and achieve zoom into two crucial execution levers, often overlooked: how to linkmanagement has taken on new importance, not only in the financial execution expert, top executive coach, seminar leader and results all execution efforts into one, simple framework and the other sideservices sector, but across industries. Experienced users of the highly regarded keynote speaker. Jeroen has helped morestrategy map and BSC realise that the BSC management system Ÿ Hands-on training with expert instructors of innovation: turning great ideas into practice. than 17,500 managers in 22 countries master the necessaryrepresents not only an appropriate tool for risk management but Ÿ Practical application through learning exercises execution skills, including the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Jordan, Malaysia, Spain,also one that allows integration of risk management with strategy Ÿ Networking opportunities with other professionals involved Benefits Of Attending Italy, Russia, Estonia, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, Egypt, China,and performance management in strategy execution Ÿ Learn how strategy execution can become your next Croatia, Korea and Belgium. He has shared the stage with strategy gurus like competitive advantage Michael Porter and Costas Markides.The workshop will present best practice examples of project and Your Expert Workshop Leader Ÿ Deep dive into the ‘8’, a unique, simple strategy executionenterprise risk management and will examine the role of the ‘risk Aldo Labaki, Consulting Manager, framework His book, Strategy Execution Heroes, reached the Amazon bestseller list Palladium Middle East, UAE in 5 countries. Jeroen is co-founder of the performance factory – a leadingmanagement officer’ focusing on how to balance compliance and Ÿ Learn how to turn your company into an innovation research, training and advisory firm which is solely focused on helpingbusiness enabling roles. Linking risk management to strategy execution factory individuals and organisations increase performance through best-in-classexecution will be explained as will the development of a Key Risk Aldo Labaki has over 10 years of international experience Ÿ Find out what strategy execution role is expected from the strategy execution. For several years, he was the responsible managerIndicator (KRI) scorecard. The Palladium expert trainers will describe in strategy execution, change management and 2020 leader worldwide of the Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little – ahow to develop initiatives to mitigate and manage risk and will corporate performance implementation projects in large leading strategy consulting firm. The 50+ companies he has advised onexplain the role for scenario planning, war gaming and stress testing organisations. At Palladium, he focuses on definition and implementation of various strategy and strategy execution topics include Atos Worldline, AXA, strategy execution and corporate performance management methodologies, Key Topicsto anticipate and avoid the adverse consequences from external Base, Bridgestone, CEMEX, GDFSuez, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson, processes and tools, as well as leading complex change management Ÿ The crucial building blocks of the ‘8’risk events. Finally, the positioning of the organisational risk Komatsu, Sony and the Flemish and Belgian governments. programmes. Aldo has international experience in the finance, utilities, Ÿ Guidelines to simplify the strategy execution process in yourmanagement office within the enterprise will be discussed. engineering, telecommunications, construction and government sectors. organisationKey Topics Prior to joining Palladium, Aldo was a member of the BSC implementation Ÿ The other side of innovation – the innovation execution Ÿ The risk management framework outline team in Unibanco (a Brazilian privately held financial institution), achieving challenge Ÿ Linking risk management to strategy execution the acclaimed Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame™ certification for the Ÿ Developing initiatives to mitigate risk organisation. Prior to that Aldo led a major restructuring project for a large E The Balanced Scorecard In A Project Focused Ÿ The risk management office hotel organisation in the US. Ÿ Step by step development of a generic project organisation Organisation scorecard Apply the Balanced Scorecard on your next project and watch your - What are the common strategic objectives andB Aligning Human Capital To Drive Performance Breakthroughs project delivery performance soar! measures (note – this is NOT a menu approach, but intended to illustrate the concept with a hypotheticalHarness the power of people behind common goals to guarantee business situation)your company’s success! strategy management and human resource management to Workshop Overview All organisations combine, in varying degrees, processes and Ÿ The practicalities and limitations of attempting to apply the develop an approach to help organisations seamlessly alignWorkshop Overview people to strategy – ensuring a clear link between expectation, projects. The classic Balanced Scorecard methodology aligns the BSC to a single projectLeaders are mystified when what they thought was a beautifully performance, result and reward. themes of strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiativescrafted strategy from their offsite is not well implemented or (strategic projects). Session 3executed. Who Should Attend Ÿ An extended group exercise That said, most textbook applications of the BSC are focused on Ÿ Strategy and HR Managers looking to align people to the Ÿ Based upon a given case study situation, each group willOrganisations do not execute unless the right people, individually strategy organisations that are principally “process” in focus, albeit with some project involvement. However, this workshop specifically develop and then present to the workshop as a whole on theand collectively across all levels of the organisation are effectively Ÿ Managers who want to link the performance management addresses the issues of applying the BSC to an organisation that is process and outcome of how they have designed a project-connected to the strategy, and are geared up to follow through and system to strategy execution principally project-focused. focused Scorecardact on the appropriate set of connected activities. Ÿ Individuals who seek to motivate their staff to work together The final session of the day involves a group exercise in which each Ÿ Closure and next steps for the shared objectiveKey Topics group will be required to develop and present their solution to aThe workshop will introduce participants to our TAUC™ framework: Your Expert Workshop Leaders Who Should Attend given case study situation. Ÿ TALENT READINESS - how to ensure the individual and the Muibat Ijaiya, Director, Ÿ Business managers, at all levels of the organisation, who organisation are geared up and enabled to execute Attendee numbers will be strictly limited to facilitate a workshop BSC Strategy Management, UK rather than lecture format. recognise the challenges of aligning project performance Ÿ AGILITY – best practice of engaging and mobilizing all to with overall organisational strategy continually challenge, innovate and renew for the purpose of Muibat is a strategy management and execution expert, Benefits Of Attending with extensive experience helping organisations to Ÿ Understand how to align the strategic disciplines of the Ÿ Project, programme and portfolio managers who understand our shared goal the potential benefits of applying Balanced Scorecard Ÿ UNITY – empower each individual in the organisation in their develop and implement integrated strategy management Balanced Scorecard with that of project management systems. Her client engagements range from strategy development, Balanced Ÿ Explore – generically – the development of a project- concepts to their activities decision making to make choices that reinforce one another Scorecard design and implementation, linking operation plans to strategy, focused BSC: from overall corporate goals to measures and Ÿ Strategy and Balanced Scorecard coordinators and thus rendering the whole population of employees and business transformation projects. Muibat has over 12 years consulting exponentially more effective and advisory experience with clients including Aviva Plc, EWA, QIB, DHL targets Ÿ CLARITY- how best to effortlessly ‘create a line of sight Ÿ Learn how the traditional role of the Project Management Your Expert Workshop Leader logistics, ITFC- Islamic Development Bank, Express Vending, and Allianz from the organisation’s strategic objectives to individual Global Investors – AP. Muibat previously worked with Drs Kaplan and Norton Office (PMO) can be aligned with Office of Strategy Alan Fell, Managing Director, objectives’ – Personal Scorecards at Palladium and her industry experience was gained with Eli Lilly - a top ten Management (OSM). Alan Fell Consultancy, UK global pharmaceutical company.We shall not be covering how to develop a Balanced Scorecard for Alan Fell is a leading internationally recognised and Workshop Agenda respected specialist in the Balanced Scorecard and thethe organisation. The content of this workshop goes beyond the Zakeera Vidler, Director - HR Consulting, Session 1Balanced Scorecard design and development; it is about making it wider discipline of strategy execution. After a successful ConnectedGroup, UAE Ÿ Introduction and overview of the business differences career with a major UK commercial bank, and which he led one of the verypractical on the ground with people! Zakeera Vidler is the Managing Partner at ConnectedHR. between a process and project focused business early BSC applications in 1993-96, Alan has been a consultant and trainer on She has extensive experience in the areas of leadership Ÿ Projects v programmes v portfolios – and the management the BSC and related disciplines for the last 15 years. His work spans a wideOur workshop approach is interactive, energetic, and participative. development, human capital, change management, and differences variety of business sectors and covers public training seminars, customisedWe believe you learn by doing – to get hands-on experience we in-house training and management consulting in the BSC and strategywill use a case study and various WholeBrain™ Thinking related coaching and mentoring and leadership team building experience. Prior to Ÿ BSC strategic initiatives ( projects ) consulting Zakeera held various leadership development and HR Director execution. During these 16 years, he has run well over 250 workshops acrossconcepts. - Effective planning of appropriate initiatives the UK, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. Alan has been posts within large complex Fortune 500 organisations. Recently, her focus - Project planning and evaluation has been on helping organisations ensure human capital readiness, as well a very frequent visitor to the GCC for many years and some 75% of his workBenefits Of Attending - Initiative / project prioritisation as supporting them with developing and building high performance oriented is now undertaken in the GCC. During this long experience he has also beenThis workshop provides insights into how best practice - Aligning project output with business outcome chairman of many events with Drs Kaplan and Norton. Alan brings a highlyorganisations address the key obstacles to execution and effective teams - geared for execution. Zakeera has worked with clients including Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority, ITFC, and Woqod Qatar Fuel. pragmatic, no-nonsense and robustly disciplined approach to the subject andalign its human capital to strategy. We bring together expertise in a passionate belief that – provided it is designed and used properly – a BSC Session 2 Ÿ Applying the BSC concept and methodology to a project- can indeed transform the performance of an organisation.CC Best Practice Change Management For Successful Strategy Execution - Leadership and management: different but both are very necessary focused businessGet the change management skills and knowledge you need to fully - How to assess leadership F A Practicalyour company’s performanceBenchmarking Guide To Performance Benefits Of Attendingembed your strategy execution programme! - Communicate, communicate, communicate ... - The vital importance of communication and the benefits Find out how compares to your You will see how performance benchmarking works in practiceWorkshop Overview of creating a regular communication process regional and international peers and use the knowledge to and develop the skills and knowledge to initiate and deliver aNo organisation has a strategy that requires us to stand still. In a Ÿ Measuring change management drive your own performance breakthroughs! benchmarking initiative in your own organisation.rapidly changing world, littered with unexpected surprises, it is - What gets measured gets managed. So how can wecritical for every organisation to manage change. Organisations that practically measure / assess the change management Who Should Attendrespond best to change usually emerge as the “winners”. Workshop Overview capability of an organisation. Benchmarking in the Middle East can be challenging but can be Ÿ Executive management team membersBut whilst there is widespread recognition of the important of - The John Kotter 8-step change model valuable means of understanding how your company’s performance Ÿ Organisational excellence and performance managementChange, there is an equally widespread concern that change Ÿ Benefits management professionals compares to others in your peer group and where you should targetmanagement (“CM”) is difficult to implement successfully. - Measuring the effectiveness of change management - Change is not a one-off event: how can we embed your performance improvement efforts. Whether it is same- industry or multi-business or process-based or metric-based or Your Expert Workshop LeaderSo if strategy execution is a critical requirement for the future, and change management competence?change is a key element of strategy execution, how can we use the Ÿ Case study – using the SFO (Strategy Focused Organisation) 1-2-1, all approaches can be complex and time-consuming andBSC to address the inherent challenges of the subject?. framework to drive change across an organisation organisations should be willing to implement changes in order Zillay Ahmed, Organisational Excellence - A short introduction to the SFO framework to realise the full benefits. This workshop will present real world and Quality Advisor, Abu Dhabi SewerageBenefits Of Attending - An amalgam case study setting out how the SFO benchmarking case studies to delegates to demonstrate how to Services Company, UAE Ÿ Understand what is “change management” and why it is so best-practice framework can provide a structured initiate and deliver performance benchmarking projects in line with important for strategy execution? methodology to focus a change agenda directly linked to multiple approaches. This session will provide invaluable practical Zillay Ahmed is an organisational transformation professional with Ÿ Learn how to align change management within the better strategy management / execution over 31-years of diversified experience in strategic business planning, tools and insights to allow you to implement a benchmarking performance management, process improvement, risk management, Balanced Scorecard. How can we measure / assess change Ÿ Managing unexpected change management as a “measure” within the Scorecard? initiative in your organisation. Balanced Scorecard, change management, corporate communication, - Organisations that have the capability to respond faster sustainability reporting, business continuity, corporate governance, business Ÿ Identify and manage the common barriers to successful than the competition gain significant advantage at a intelligence and benchmarking. With 27-years of experience in Abu Dhabi, change managementUnderstand the “output” aspect of Key Topics Zillay is currently a member of the senior management team at ADSSC, time of unexpected turmoil Ÿ Understanding the business benefits of performance working as Organisational Excellence and Quality Advisor. He has successfully change management (“benefits management”) and how to - How can businesses prepare for surprises benchmarking developed and deployed a unique organisational excellence model at ADSSC, assess the effectiveness of change management focusing on process, risk, technology, strategy and performance dimensions. Who Should Attend Ÿ Evaluating performance benchmarking approaches and Zillay has led benchmarking projects at ADSSC with Australian and CanadianWorkshop Agenda Ÿ Business managers, at all levels, who recognise the deciding which is best for your organisation based consortiums, respectively. Prior to joining ADSSC, Zillay worked with Ÿ What is change management and how does it align with Ÿ Case study 1: multi-business process benchmarking National Bank of Abu Dhabi and later with Abu Dhabi Securities Market challenges of managing change (renamed ADX) as Head of Business Excellence. Not averse to taking risks, BSC? Ÿ HR professionals who want to proactively help their Ÿ Case study 2: same-business consortium style process Zillay left the corporate world after 13-years with ZADCO (ADNOC group) Ÿ The challenges of strategy execution and established his own consultancy practice (Al Bawardi Tatweer) in Abu organisations to manage change benchmarking - Most organisations fail in strategy execution. Why? Dhabi, which expanded regionally into 8 countries. Partnering with blue-chip Ÿ Strategy and Balanced Scorecard coordinators Ÿ Case study 3: same-business consortium style metric - We examine why so many businesses fail to implement industry leaders like Juran Institute, Gentia, Micrographics and others, he their ambitions and the role of change management Your Expert Workshop Leader benchmarking introduced consortium-style process benchmarking, six sigma and balanced Ÿ Two key requirements: leadership and communication Ÿ Case study 4: multi-business 1-2-1 benchmarking scorecard in UAE. Alan Fell, Managing Director, Alan Fell Consultancy, UK - Leadership and the need for leadership as a critical input See workshop E for biography. component of change management Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: Fax: +971 4 335 2438
  • 6. Our Sponsors Strategic Partner Supporting Sponsor Sponsor BSC Strategy Management is a professional services organisation Palladium Group is the global leader in helping organisations execute ADDIMA Consulting is a specialized consulting firm based in London that focuses on helping private and public organisation’s to clarify their strategies by making better decisions. with solid presence in the Middle East through its offices in Riyadh, and execute their strategies. Supported by expert associates, Dubai and Beirut. ADDIMA is well positioned to provide a proven we effectively combine strategy implementation expertise, with Our expertise in strategy, risk, corporate performance turnkey Balanced Scorecard (BSC) development & implementation best practise in aligning and managing Human Capital for higher management and business intelligence helps clients achieve an because of : performance in strategy execution. execution premium. Our services include consulting, conferences, communities, training and technology. Palladium’s Balanced Ÿ Our experienced & certified BSC practitioners and strategy Our offering – Our subject matter expertise and field experience Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy™ recognises more experts is firmly grounded in the areas of strategy execution and human than 120 organisations worldwide that have achieved outstanding Ÿ Our solid expertise in various industries in the Middle resource management. We offer bespoke consultancy services execution premiums. East, our deep understanding of the local culture, and the in Strategy Review, Balanced Scorecard implementation, command of the Arabic business language in addition to the Performance Improvement, Business Transformation, Organisation English and French. Effectiveness, as well as Learning & Development solutions, and Ÿ Our exclusive partnership in the Middle East with Paul Niven, Executive Coaching / Mentoring programmes. a noted speaker and writer on the subject of the Balanced To hear more on how we can support you please contact: Scorecard, and hands-on practitioner +447796220535 zakeera@ConnectedHR.Com +974 55849897 Industries Who Attend Sponsorship OpportunitiesBalanced Scorecard Forum Align Your Brand With Drs Kaplan And Norton Now in its second decade, the Balanced Scorecard Forum has established a strong reputation as the leading Balanced Scorecard conference in the region. Many of our delegates are on the verge of adopting the Balanced Scorecard and are looking for advice and guidance on how to do it well and are looking for experienced management consultants and Balanced Scorecard experts to help them do this. Many have implemented the Balanced Scorecard by starting small with excel based measurement and reporting systems – they are now looking to take the next step and automate – they need to find out more about the best software options on the market for their unique circumstances. As a management consultant with experience in implementing the Balanced Scorecard or a software vendor with performance management solutions, you are perfectly placed to serve our large delegate base. Contact Charlie Bark-Jones for details on tailored sponsorship packages to meet your needs on +971 (0) 4 407 2608 or 6 Great Reasons To Sponsor Government Petroleum, Energy and Utilities 1. New Sales Leads – Showcase your products or services either by exhibiting or taking part in the programme to meet key strategy execution decision makers. Investment and Finance 2. Launch New Products or Services – Draw attention to your brands by using Balanced Scorecard 2012 as a launch pad for Telecommunications and Media new products and services. Manufacturing - Industrial 3. Enter New Markets – Exhibiting is one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways of entering new markets. Retail, Trade and Hospitality Healthcare and Education 4. Build Customer Loyalty – Face to face contact at conferences cements your position as a market leader and helps to develop client loyalty. Real Estate Agriculture, Metals, Minerals 5. Position Your Company Brand – Align your brand with Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton to position your company as an industry leader. Transport and Logistics 6. Brokering New Business Partnerships – Partner with delegates or other sponsors to deliver more compelling solutions to Business services their clients.About The VenueStanding tall in the heart of one of Dubai’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, where crystal waters shimmeragainst modern architecture and luxury yachts moor alongside trendsetting restaurants, The Address DubaiMarina is a haven for the discerning traveller.With 200 luxurious rooms, four superb restaurants and lounges, a relaxing spa, spectacular infinity pool andstate of the art meeting and event facilities, The Address Dubai Marina will keep you refreshed and inspired.Perfectly situated for your business needs, The Address Dubai Marina is just a short ride away from DubaiMedia and Internet Cities, Knowledge Village, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and within walking distance from the metrostation.And what is business without a little fun? With the white sand beaches of the Arabian Gulf just a stroll away,and the hotel’s direct link to the stylish Dubai Marina Mall, The Address Dubai Marina gives you every reasonto extend your stay and unwind.Source: Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: Fax: +971 4 335 2438
  • 7. BALANCED SCORECARD FORUM 21 - 26 April 2012 DUBAI The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE FIVE WAYS TO REGISTER 971-4-3352437 IIR Holdings Ltd. GCS/IIR Holdings Ltd. P.O Box 21743 P.O Box 13977 971-4-3352438 Dubai, UAE Muharraq Kingdom of Bahrain the session/s you wish to attend: Conferences Balanced Super Early Bird Book Between Book After Days Scorecard Book Before 3 February And 16 March 22-23 April 2012 Masterclass with Dr Kaplan Forum Dubai 2012 2 February 2012 15 March 2012 2012 and Dr Norton – 2 days US$ 5,180 US$ 5,530 US$ 5,680 24-25 April 2012 6 Days Entire Event Balanced Scorecard Forum Save US$ 2,920 Save US$ 2,570 Save US$ 2,420 – 2 days Masterclass + Forum US$ 4,685 US$ 5,035 US$ 5,185 Pre-Forum 21 April 2012 5 Days +1 Workshop Save US$ 2,160 Save US$ 1,810 Save US$ 1,660 Workshop A 4 Days Masterclass + Forum US$ 4,090 US$ 4,440 US$ 4,590 Risk Management for A1196 Save US$ 1,500 Save US$ 1,150 Save US$ 1,000 Strategic Execution 4 Days Masterclass US$ 4,205 US$ 4,405 US$ 4,605 Workshop B Aligning Human Capital To DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE +2 Workshops Save US$ 1,200 Save US$ 1,000 Save US$ 800 Forum US$4,005 US$ 4,205 US$ 4,405 Drive Performance Breakthroughs FOR 2 OR MORE PEOPLE 4 Days + 2 Workshops Save US$ 1,200 Save US$ 1,000 Save US$ 800 Workshop C 3 Days Masterclass US$ 3,290 US$ 3,705 US$ 3,855 Best Practice Change CALL – 971 -4-3352483 Management For Success- +1 Workshop Save US$860 Save US$ 445 Save US$ 295 ful Strategy Execution E-MAIL – Forum US$ 2,890 US$ 3,505 US$ 3,655 3 Days +1 Workshop Save US$ 1,060 Save US$ 445 Save US$ 295 Post-Forum 26 April 2012 Workshop D 2 Days Masterclass US$ 2,595 US$ 2,795 US$ 2,895 The 8 – A Unique Strategy Conference fees include documentation, luncheon and refresh- Save US$ 300 Save US$100 Execution Framework ments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate US$ 2,195 US$ 2,545 Workshop E of Attendance. 2 Days Forum US$ 2,695 Save US$500 Save US$ 150 The Balanced Scorecard In A Project Focused US$ 1,900 US$ 2,360 US$ 2,410 Organisation 2 Days 2 Workshops All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions which Save US$ 610 Save US$1 50 Save US$ 100 are available at Please read them as Workshop F they include important information. By submitting your US$ 955 US$ 1,205 A Practical Guide To 1 Day 1 Workshop US$ 1,255 registration you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions Save US$ 300 Save US$ 50 Performance Benchmarking in full. Fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate of Attendance. PaymentsPricing Promotions:ü Group Booking Discounts for full conference registrations up to 25%. A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent upon receipt of yourü No 2 discounts can be combined registration. Please note that full payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. You can pay by companyDELEGATE DETAILS cheques or bankers draft in Dirhams or US$. Please note that all US$ cheques and drafts should be drawn on a New York bank and Name: .............................................................................................................................................................................................................. an extra amount of US$ 6 per payment should be added to cover bank clearing charges. In any event payment must be Job Title: ......................................................................................................... Email: ..................................................................................... received not later than 48 hours before the Event. Entry to the Event may be refused if payment in full is not received. Tel: ..................................................... Fax: .................................................... Mobile: ................................................................................ Credit card payment If you would like to pay by credit card, please tick here and a member of our team will contact you to take the details Name: .............................................................................................................................................................................................................. Job Title: ......................................................................................................... Email: ..................................................................................... Cancellation Tel: ..................................................... Fax: .................................................... Mobile: ................................................................................ If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be welcome in your place. Registrations cancelled more than 7 days beforeCOMPANY DETAILS the Event are subject to a $200 administration charge. Registration fees for registrations cancelled 7 days or less before the EventCompany: ............................................................................................................................................................................................................ must be paid in full. Substitutions are welcome at any time.Address: ................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Avoid Visa Delays - Book NowPostcode: ................................................................................. Country: ........................................................................................................... Delegates requiring visas should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationalsTel: .............................................................................................. Fax: ................................................................................................................. may take several weeks to process.. of employees on your site:No. All registrations are subject to acceptance by IIR which will be1000+ 500-999 250-499 50-249 0-49 YES, I would like to receive information about future events confirmed to you in writing. & services via e-mail .................................................................Nature of your companys business: .......................................... Due to unforeseen circumstances, the programme may change and IIR reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers or topics.To assist us with future correspondence, please supply the following details: Event Venue:Name of the Department Head: ..................................................................................................................................................................... The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAEDepartment: ........................................................... Mobile: .......................................... Email: ....................................................................... 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