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  1. 1. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 1 By; Jeremy Meredith Executive Director Email; Phone: (208)870-2362 Wilson holdings company
  2. 2. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 2 The Spartan Project! Situations, Weapons, Objective, Tactics S.W.O.T School drop outs are at an all-time high. Let’s face it kids today just don’t see the incentive to go to school. We aren’t providing the financial opportunity’s they need. Many of them end up in jail or prison because there is no other way for them to make money, except through violence and crime. Our economy is out of control. We need a solution. We believe we have one that could change everything and put us back in the lead as a country. The objective is clear. Stop drop outs, save our economy. If students finish school, we thrive. If not, we fail and prisons get full. There is no future without jobs and education. This is the answer. Imagine… One Coach, two team captains, and 20 students all being trained to be marketing warriors. The whole school competing for employment on the team, every kid gets paid but only the top 20 students are guaranteed income and benefits. The school picks the coach. The coach picks the two team captains Varsity and J.V. They put together a team of 20 highly trained highly motivated professional school fundraisers, the “Spartans” of the marketing world. The product they will be marketing is hundreds of 24”x36” high gloss, full, theater sized school posters, featuring team schedules and upcoming events, all in high definition 3D, with the mascot and kids almost jumping out at you. These graphics are all creatively filtered into one another, for maximum exposure and effect, $500 to the student with the best poster design each quarter. Talk about easy money for a car or college…What makes this the most revolutionary publishing Idea? Our disabled student’s train specially with the Spartans side by side! What Inspires us to overcome our weakness is mentorship from our greatest! Then we begin to emulate their behavior. The posters we create will be free to the public. Yes “FREE!”, and distributed to all the kid’s families and school sponsors. The marketing warriors / Students will be strategically positioned outside high traffic supermarkets and grocery stores. They will stand together in pairs of two’s fully equipped with info covered stands and photo wear. We’re talking the latest I-Pads and I-phones, poster development software and good old fashion paper and pen just in case, dressed in full attire, Jeans and Letter Jackets, with a newspaper headline declaring their position and cause, soliciting the community into being featured on our posters. $50 gets your face on the poster. $20 if you’re disabled or poor, along with a short inspirational phrase for the kids and an opportunity qualifying you for nonprofit tax deductible advertising and PR. All advertising is handled through our “separate” nonprofit call center. The only condition for our students to work is that… THEY HAVE TO STAY IN SCHOOL! Second chances for all!!$$! FINANCIAL FORECAST Let’s do the math… Every kid has a minimum goal of 14 sponsors a week and work less that 15hrs Monday-Friday after school. Less than 3 hours a day. So Just less than 1 sponsor an hour in a high traffic setting at a grocery store during the week after school, unless they go solo on the weekends without us, which we will expect. But let’s say they don’t. 14 sponsors @ $50 each is $700. 25% goes to the student or $175 in 15 hours is $11.75 an hour reaching their minimum rate of success. We guarantee $10.00 per hour or $150 a week no matter what, just to give them a nice cushion. So $700 coming in from each student or 20 not including those that are not on the team but still sell is $14,000 each week or 56,000 a month. 20% or $11,200 each month goes to the school for bus and space, or $134,400 each year operating at minimum success rate, not including ad space sold by our foundation call center which could bring in well over a quarter million not including what the kids sell. The Coach gets 5% or $700 a week versus a minimum $500 a week guarantee salary not including benefits. And the Team captains get 5% between the two. $400 for Varsity, $300 for J.V. versus a $250 a week guaranteed salary for each of them. We keep 45% with a 10% reimbursement from the foundation call center making it 50 to 55%. We will say 50% to simplify. 50% of $56,000 is $28,000 or $336,000 a year from a single district. After taxes and publishing brings us close to about $250,000. Even if we drop it down to a safer number say $200,000. Take that from 5 Districts that’s $1,000,000 in a single year. Think how many districts are in the Country, in the World? Not to mention the Tax deductions we get from our nonprofit call center. Schools will make millions. Kids will make 10’s of thousand, not to mention the best job training money can buy, backed from one of our most prestigious Universities. And those that helped make it happen will make Billions. The math doesn’t lie. We wish to perform a demonstration on 5 different school districts to show that our methodology is effective and should eventually be applied in every school district in the country. The period we are requesting funds for is 18 months to work out all the bugs if any, but we may only require funding for a year then seek other outside investors to cover the fast growth that is predicted. We require $660,450.00 to complete the project. We are providing $300,000.00 in capital, reduced wages and years of planning for the granting agency. We are requesting $360,450 in the form of a grant to change the world. We are backed by Boise State University and supported by the following. (See appendix)
  3. 3. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 3 The Spartan Project! INSPIRATIONAL PUBLISHING™, a corporation located in Boise Idaho, set out to raise billions of dollars in school funding, provide work for millions of students, and help the economy, proposes the following project for consideration by the educational granting agency. The project addresses the prime interest of the agency, “Reducing student drop outs” and “encouraging continued education.” The main activities of the project will include 9 primary directives, the following directives are; (1) Training all students to become marketing warriors regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or disability, while also raising large profit margins for schools. (2) We will be using posters for our marketing tool and posting inspirational pictures and messages for the community. (3) We will use strategic marketing locations to maximize production, grocery stores, supermarkets and malls. (4) We will have students compete for employment and pay everyone that participates. (5) We will use newspaper media to get people interested in the cause, and aware of the locations. (6) We will provide nonprofit tax deductible advertising for businesses. (7) We will pay students $500 for the coolest poster designs. (8) We will provide scholarships for high level sales performance, and (9) we will offer Job referrals for anyone who participates. This project is designed to inspire students to write their own paychecks and learn to overcome hurdles. We do this by giving them genuine regard and unconditional acceptance. We encourage them regardless if they fail or succeed. Every student makes as much as they want. We have no limits or expectations for what they achieve. We give them as many chances as they need. The only requirement is that… THEY STAY IN SCHOOL! If you’re not in school, you’re not on the team. It doesn’t matter if you’re passing or failing, as long as you try. That’s how we make sure they graduate. Chief Executive Officer JEREMY MEREDITH has revealed a way to give every kid a genuine, unconditional chance for success while raising millions of dollars for schools. We wish to demonstrate this projects effectiveness by using 5 different school districts to show success in every setting. If we are successful we will begin to apply this method in every school across the country. The cost to perform this demonstration is $660,450 for wages, equipment, supplies, uniforms and marketing. We have provided the design of this project at no expense to the granting agency. We are requesting $500,000 to change the world and see that every kid succeeds. The number one question to be answered! We know this will work for some schools, but will this work for all schools, even small schools? The answer is “YES!” for several reasons 1. Being larger school success will compensate for smaller schools that have to struggle+ 2. Even if smaller schools only make enough to support their minimum income requirements they will have succeeded greatly in gaining valuable experience and knowledge+ 3. Eventually their level of determination will guarantee success despite the level of adversity+ 4. As long as we continue to push them they will succeed+ Submitted by; Jeremy Meredith CEO, date: 1/1/15
  4. 4. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 4 Broad problems The most important problem our country is facing is very broad and it is the economic down fall we have been experiencing for more than a decade. The economy has spiraled out of control. Today our countries national deposit is more that we can ever pay back in 10 lifetimes and it’s getting worse. Crime rates have steadily risen each year which have caused a rise in prison populations. The prison population has gone up in the past 10 years by 15% and is still rising. The United States currently has the highest prison population in the world and it accounts for 80 billion dollars in federal taxes alone. According to a prisoner study we conducted with several prisons we found that 68% of the prison population has not received a high school diploma or any form of higher education (see appendix). This is clear evidence of a direct relation between the two problems and is still getting worse. Disability insurance accounts for 10% of our GDP or 1.6 trillion according to S&P 500. Why it is that one man with no arms and no legs can have a successful career while another man that simply claims to hear voices receives a government check the rest of his life? Doesn’t seem right dose it? What’s the real reason for disabilities I wonder? David was far smaller than Goliath when he slayed him with no more than a mere slingshot. I’m not buying that when two people have the same disability one can work and the other absolutely can’t. I can see people needing help for a while after they lose some ability but not forever. I think we all can overcome our disabilities if we try hard enough. I myself have overcome a learning disability, ADD, PTSD, Schizophrenia, depression, been on disability and got off. It only takes determination and inspiration. School funding continues to be cut in order to pay for the growing prison population. In the past 5vyears’ school funding has fallen by 20% and our quality of education still continues to fall. Our country is ranked 14 out of 40 countries and a score of .039. There are some third world countries that are making more progress than us in education and their prison population are declining because of it and so is their national deposits. Other countries are leading the way in production while we continue to lead the way in consumption. They are developing better ways to market their Ideas and circulate their money at a faster rate than us and we are falling out of the race. Taxes are continuing to rise because people are being forced to pay for the growing prison population while still providing the required bare minimum in public school funding. This also pulls money away from other greatly needed public funding like health care, housing and food assistance. Job opportunities are becoming too hard for average students with only a high school diploma to compete with, especially when most jobs require some prior work experience. Our research shows that most jobs that earn over $24,000 a year require some sort of higher education or prior work experience. We did a survey at several prisons that asked inmates what the job market is like for them and all of the inmates we asked answered and said it was nearly impossible for them to find a decent job, and was consistently the primary reason for them reoffending or violating parole and coming back to prison. But they all acknowledged in the survey that the primary reason was because they either didn’t have any prior work experience or they didn’t finish school. Contributing problems A research study was done at several prisons that lead us down a trail and brought us to the discovery of what exactly our public education system was not providing. What was the cause of the behavior and causing so many students to drop out and in effect leading them to crime? We discovered the following primary factors that were causing so many students to not finish school and continue their education. 1. Students were dropping out for financial reasons, there is no financial reason for kids that were poor to go to school and the school can’t provide one either. Schools have no job opportunities that will make them depended on the program and there isn’t enough money to provide one. So most students drop out to find work through drugs and crime, but that only leads to prison which cost us about $50,000 dollars a year on average when they get busted, further taking away from education. Think how much $50,000 could help instead of hurt. 2. Students with disabilities see no hope in their education. Students don’t see that there is hope and there is a way for them to make an honest living using their disability as their strength rather than feeding off it as a weakness. I know disabled homeless people that can sit outside holding a sign and make more money than someone working fulltime at minimum wage. The truth is people like to help people that are week because it makes them feel good. So if you look week, use it as your strength because if you only look week they never see how strong you are, and that becomes your ability. 3. Schools can’t get kids to raise the money and the government is breaking. The reason schools can’t get kids to raise money is because there is no incentive for the kids to raise money and it’s not like their getting paid to go to school. Most of them don’t even want to be there and the schools can’t pay them to go to school for ethical reasons, nor can schools force kids to raise the money, which brings us to the solution and the intermediary problems we must face.
  5. 5. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 5 Intermediary Problems These problems are a step down from the contributing problems which are preventing any change. These Problems will have to be solved in order to succeed. 1. How do we get past the ethical barrier of paying student for their work and education? What outside sources can we use to organize a way for kids to make money? 2. How will we get a team of students to raise money for our schools? Who will be eligible and how many? What are their positions and who will train them? 3. What product will we use to market our school and our community? How much will the product cost and who will produce it? What are our main selling points? Why will people pay? 4. Who will train students to be the best sales reps? What kind of training will they receive and who will develop it? When will they be ready to use it and why will it be the best possible program available? How will this help students with disabilities? Target population This program will affect 5 school districts in their entirety and allow businesses to grow, the disabled to overcome, the poor to prosper, students to graduate, students to get work experience, mom’s financial freedom. This program targets everyone in the community, the country and one day the world. Long range goals The long range goal is a declaration in a restored economy and a United States of America that is driven by the inspiration and motivations of students that without the opportunity we are providing would otherwise fail, or end up in prison wasting away. We are pushing to achieve a free country with free people and to no longer be known as the country with the highest population of people who are in prison, but instead the highest population of people who are free and prosperous. We want to create a country where our children’s education is first and we are last. Main objectives The long range goals will be met by fulfilling our main objectives which will be met within the funding period and allow a domino effect that changes the ongoing dropout rates, crime and all that is listed above. The following main objectives are; 1. Giving kids jobs and making them depended on the school program for financial needs and giving them training and experience they otherwise would not receive. 2. Give schools a way to earn substantial income without being directly involved or breaking ethical barriers. Behavior objectives The main objectives are expected to be the result of behavior changes on the part of the students and Coaches. 1. By the end of the first quarter students will be reaching minimum goal requirements 2. By the end of the first operating year schools will have earned substantial income from the students to allow for better education and scholarships. Education objective The behavioral objective is expected to be met through the 5th period and after school education and training program which is the heart of the project design. 3. By the end of the of the project student’s that received our training and education program will become the marketing warriors we want and will be making more than they need while finishing school. 4. By the end of the project students with disabilities will have learned how to use their disability and make it work for them rather than against while also finishing school. Process Objectives
  6. 6. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 6 The following objectives represent target products to be produced and milestones to be reached to enable the project objectives to succeed. By the end of the first month of project developments 1. Get commitment letters from 5 schools, 5 Coaches and 100 students as show by commitment letters 2. Have the equipment, I-phones, I-pads, Letter jackets exc. ready to go. As shown by receipts 3. Have coaches, Team Captains and Students hired and trained as shown in test results 4. Have all of the stands decorated with ads and info as show in pictures By the end of the second month of project development 5. Have all paper work filled out and parents’ consent, taxes and legal work as shown in handouts. 6. Web page and software developed and working on I-pads and I-phones as set in records The following will happen in the first month of being funded 7. Students will reach minimum goals individually set as show by accounting 8. Newspaper headline will be posted informing community of arrival as shown in local papers. The following will take place in the second and third months of being funded 9. Team goal of $14,000 in sales each week will be met by top 20 students with an additional 10 combatants adding to those sales, as shown by stats. 10. By the end of the year sales will be close to a quarter million in additional school funding as shown by accounting. 11. By the end of the project at least 4 of the 30 students that are Spartan will have disabilities and will be out selling people without disabilities. We will have teams at each school. There will be on each team one Coach, two team captains, and 20 students all being trained to be marketing machines. The whole school will be competing for employment on the team, every kid will get paid but only the top 20 students are guaranteed income and benefits. The school will pick the coach. The coach will pick the two team captains Varsity and J.V. They will put together a team of 20 highly trained, highly motivated professional school fundraisers, the “Spartans” of the marketing world. The product they will be marketing is hundreds of 24”x36” high gloss, full, theater sized school posters, featuring team schedules and upcoming events, all in high definition 3D, with the mascot and kids’ kind of jumping out at you. These graphics are all creatively filtered into one another, for maximum exposure and effect, $500 to the student with the best poster design each quarter. Talk about easy money for a car or college. Let’s not forget about the special needs program either everyone gets a chance to train and make money especially the disabled. They are our greatest strength when we get done with them. Talk about seeing the blind see! The posters we create will be free to the public. Yes “FREE!”, and distributed to all the kid’s families and school sponsors. The marketing warriors / Students will be strategically positioned outside high traffic supermarkets and grocery stores. They will stand together in pairs of two’s fully equipped with info covered stands and photo wear. We’re talking the latest I-Pads and I-phones, poster development software and good old fashion paper and pen just in case, dressed in full attire, Jeans and Letter Jackets, with a newspaper headline declaring their position and cause, soliciting the community into being featured on our posters. $50 gets your face on the poster. $20 if you’re disabled or poor, along with a short inspirational phrase for the kids and an opportunity qualifying you for nonprofit tax deductible advertising. All advertising is handled through our nonprofit call center. We believe everyone deserves a second chance especially if you’ve paid for it. Second chances for all! The following methods cover the process we need to reach our goals and have everything ready for success. We will give a brief justification for every method we use to get there. 1. Getting schools signed up: We will get schools signed up by sending highly trained executive staff to call and arrange meetings with schools, first sending them a proposal summary then meeting with the following Superintendent, Principle and athletic director to sell the Idea in a short 10-minute presentation and the signing of the Kirsten Contract Inspired by a student with disabilities (see appendix.) 2. Secure uniforms and equipment: We will secure uniforms and equipment by receiving donations through our foundation call center, apple and other businesses in order to match grant money.
  7. 7. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 7 3. Hire and train coaches: The coaches will be selected by the school then interviewed by our staff. Once they are hired they will learn several safety procedures and the outline of the following daily routine and schedule; a) Train students that want to participate for one hour during school b) Make announcement at the end of school over the intercom c) Take attendance and make sure they have permission slips and tax forms filled d) Hand out equipment and stands e) Take them to their locations and check up on them each hour on their I-Phones f) Pick them up 3 hours later and collect sales orders the I-pad are automatic g) Pick kids up then take them to school to get picked up. Offer rides if necessary. h) Deposit money in mail or at bank on the way home if any cash. 4. Recruit and train team captains: Coaches will select two students to be team captains and assist with managing the teams. They will share the same responsibilities as both the coach and students. Their pay will be 5% of the sales of the team they represent, plus 5% of the combatants split between the two. The senior and head team captain makes slightly more because his team is the top 10 Spartans and half the combatants. The JV team captain has the bottom 10. They both get $250 a week salary versus the commission they make. 5. Get everyone to participate: We will hand out flyers to the students and make announcements, daily about the programs. The students that want to participate in the competitions will need parents’ permission and have filled out all the paper work. The prize for the top 20 combatants is a spot on the team, and salaries. More excitement means more success. 6. Newspaper headline: We will get the community aware of where the students will be located after school threw the local daily newspaper and some radio ads by our nonprofit sponsor. 7. Disability training program: Students with disabilities will have a special training program depending on the level of their disability. They will train with the rest of the combatants and everyone will be required to motivate and encourage those with disabilities. We will find ways to use their weaknesses as strengths or sell points and teach them scripts that focus on how to be comfortable with their handicap and learn to joke and have fun. Because humor is the key to sales, if you can get people to laugh you can get them to do anything. Having fun is the key to success and being happy. That’s what we teach all of them. 8. The Spartans: There will be 30 students able to compete. In the beginning they are all Combatants competing for employment on the team, after one month of competitive sales 20 of the combatants will have a place on the team. There will remain 10 positions on the team for any students that wish to continue to challenge the winners on the team, those 10 remain as combatants. They get paid each week and get to use the equipment and uniforms but they only are paid based on their sales. No salary, no benefits. Every 3 months they are reevaluated and if a combatant beats a Spartan, the combatant will take his place and have it for 3 months. The Spartan receive 25% of their sales and receive $150 a week in guaranteed salary. They get paid sick, paid vacations, 401K, and company insurance if they need it. If it’s a close call between two people, the decision is then based on attendance. The sales method is as follow 9. Sales Pitch and Setting: Two upbeat teenagers standing together outside a supermarket near the entrances of a high traffic supermarket or grocery store, or even at the mall, dressed in full gear, Jeans and letter Jackets, equipped with photo gear, using I-pads and I-phones with a small stand covered with info saying, “school fundraiser! $50! Be on our posters! Nonprofit Advertising available! Pay later! $20, if disabled or poor… Inspire us Kids!!!” They see the ads. They know it’s legit, because they’ve seen the memo in the newspaper or on TV. The kids run up to you excited saying “we want you on our Poster!! Get your picture with us! Just a quick Selfie’s! We’re raising money for school! Come on! You don’t have to pay now… You can put something inspirational on it for the school!” If somehow there able to say no then the two of them are on to the next. If they say “yes” then it’s a quick picture, name and address. They have two options, if they want to pay now, they just swipe their card. It’s only two prices regular or poor, 50 or 20 no questions asked. They get a receipt and they’re on their way…If they want to pay later we mark “bill me” and send them a bill. If they want to advertise, we mark “advertise request”. When the sale is entered, the call center calls them within 48 hours. They have thirty days to pay. If they pay, they go on the poster. If they don’t they don’t, and we make room for someone else. NO hassling. When we print the posters we send them a text telling when they can pick one up at the school. Everything is quick, easy and automatic. 10. Stats posted on webpage: At the end of each day all of their stats, daily production and earnings will be posted on our w secure web page. For their family and friends to see unless they or their parents chose not to, otherwise a good motivator. 11. Develop the advanced training: Our training material will be developed by ______ University and we will use state of the art training methods including acting class, meditation, psychology on how to read people and use the art of suggestion and persuasion. 12. Web page developed: The web page will be developed by ________ University and have all of the following capabilities including domain name Then we get in contract with the University through our nonprofit partner to have students develop the page and capabilities as a charity and write it off on the schools taxes.
  8. 8. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 8 13. Transportation available: Daily transportations will be provided by the school but they will be reimbursed for the use of their bus and space at a rate of 20% of our total sales. The coach will drive. Students with a license will be allowed to drive until that proves not to work. 14. Regional executives training: Regional executives won’t be needed until after the demonstration phase is successful. The training will involve knowing every aspect of the business, months of training and a series of tests. They will be responsible for the region they represent. They will do training, hiring, payroll, contracts, presentations exc. 15. Developing Posters: We will use student artists to create new designs for the school’s posters. The poster or posters we decide to use will receive a prize of $500 and go to the artist for their inspiring design. This will be a regular even at the schools that are participating and will add to school spirit. The student will also be given a reward for the art and a collage referral. Win enough and we pay for your collage training. The method we are using is justified in its simplistic genius and logical application. But for the benefit of the granting agency and all investors I will elaborate on the simple methodology I chose in order to fulfill the multitude of objectives listed in the proposal. The reason we chose to structure our program in the same fashion as a high school football team was for the competitive aspect to motivate students. Think of this as an alternative to sports and other events the school offers, and a newly invented sport of economic proportions that gives immediate financial result and a future in the business world for any kid regardless of their size shape, color or any other handicaps a student would normally face. We chose our place of attack at high traffic locations because of the sheer numbers game involved. Marketing should be taught as a professional competitive sports and student should be trained to operate in that mindset because it is the only sport that has a guaranteed pay out. A true marketing warrior will do and say everything so creatively and with such inspiration that they can redirect people’s desires and make them see things any way they want. We see the method as a gateway to ultimate wealth and success for all students and the best part is that anyone can do it and be successful if they really want it. I know this because I’ve experienced it in my profession where I’ve faced many disabilities God had given me, and found being a salesman as a means to escape, and my redemption. The method is a combination of several existing sales techniques, Supercharged by a future and a dream. The reason we have a nonprofit call center that is separate but connected to us and why we are using convicted felons is because our goal is to fix society. Every man woman or child needs as many chances as we can give them. It is our main goal to fix our economy and empty our prison. In order to do that, we need to get inmates back on track for success. There is also a tax incentive for businesses and government officials to use our nonprofit department and the business we send the nonprofit agency is reimbursed for a bigger return on any investments. Our program will be self-sustaining within the first 6 months of competitive sales and will no longer need funds to pay for salaries or wages. At the end of the year log demonstration project and proving that our method is the most effective way of reducing drop outs and raising money for school we will begin to look for new funding and investments to start implementing this program in ever high school across the country. This project is a fix all method and will be very profitable and beneficial to all parties that participate. Schools will make millions. Kids will make 10’s of thousands, and those that helped make it happen will make billions. Evaluation will be an integral part of the project and is designed to determine the success of the program as well as monitor ongoing project operations. The evaluation design is the result of a team effort formulated by graduating students at _______ University and will be followed through by Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Meredith who has been responsible for several evaluation designs at other successful businesses. Two master level business students will draw on records submitted by the Coaches at each school giving reports of individual student training, weekly production, sales growth and financial goals (see appendix). 1. The Schools The moderator that will allow us to show success is the selection of the first 5 school districts to compete in our project. We expect that out of the 5 differently classed school districts that the schools of lower class and poorer student ratios will show more success than schools that are not dependent on the program. Another variable that will determine success is the locations available for the teams to do their sales. Places with several super Wal-Mart’s or high traffic locations will show greater success than areas without those types of locations. All equipment will be the same. 2. Coach training and performance will be evaluated by executive staff every morning before school via live internet Conference feed with the other coaches to discuss any problems the students are having with their performance. The
  9. 9. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 9 questions that we will be asked regularly are as follows, and finding the answers each day will allow us to be the most effective in our field. a. What’s their excitement level? How’s their energy? b. What kind of incentives are we offering and is it working? c. How close are we to hitting our goals? d. What is the traffic like where they are working? Do we know of any places that are going to be busy? e. Can we get in those places? f. How many kids are volunteering to work weekends? g. Are we giving praises to people that deserve it and are we encouraging those that need it? 2. Team Captains will be evaluated by the coach. In order to determine the success of each team captain we will have coaches log and post each teams sales on our webpage. If sales fall or are under the set goals for a consecutive week the coach and the director will have a meeting to determine what the cause is and how it can be improved by asking all of the questions and then identifying the problem. If the team captain is unable to fulfill his or her goal, we’ll give someone else a shot if necessary. 3. Spartans. Out of the 30 Combatants that participate each day only the top 20 are on the team, every 3 moths their position are reevaluated and if any fall below their mark one of the combatants will take their place. This will keep a competitive edge on the game. The top 20 receive salary, benefits and commission the combatants just receive commission. Any student can compete and any one can go out solo to get a leg up off the clock. This will push them even further being able to work on their own time. 4. Poster development Posters designs will be graded by teachers as a class project 1 to 3 times a quarter as they are filled and needed. Senior staff will select the best design and the winner gets $500 The impact this program will have on students, Teachers, Schools, Communities, Businesses, Families and friends will be life changing. The money that all the students will make will take the burden off the parents. The parents will have more for them and work harder having more time. The money schools make will be able to pay for better education and programs and provide additional scholarships for students. The marketing and PR the businesses and government officials will receive will be beyond what they could receive anywhere else not including the charitable tax write offs they get from the nonprofit call center. The students that are dependent on the program after school will likely finish school and not turn to crime. This is going to save the states millions in taxes just of a sing student not losing his freedom and ending up in prison. The money saved in taxes can add to more programs and further speed economic growth and prosperity. If we succeed it won’t matter if your family is rich or poor, whether you’re straight or gay or even disabled. You will have a chance to succeed and most of you will from this program.  Our Directors: Our board of directors is very distinguished and dedicated to seeing this project through to the end. Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Meredith is the brain child behind this venture and has several other projects that have been successful thus far. (see appendix)  The University: The University we select to help us will help develop this project must be renowned in this field and have done several projects focused in this line of work while being successful in each of them. They will be equipped with facilities and office space. They also have professors and graduate students to assist us in this project. The University will sign several letters of support.  School Contracts: We will secure several contract with the schools listed in the appendix (see exhibit) In our contract the school will have agreed to allow us to use their bus and space in exchange for 20% of the total sales produced each month. In addition to that financial incentive our nonprofit call center will be giving the school 30% of the sales sold for their magazine and poster ads sold to the community. There for our business location is merely a PO Box and we will have the full access of the schools and Universities.  The Coaches: The coaches selected have business degrees and are already faculty of the participating school. Their selection is a joint effort by the school and our executive staff. They are both highly qualified and influential among other students only insuring future success. See resume.  Team Captain: The teams Captains that are selected by the coaches are very trusted and over achievers at their schools. They also have a lot of influence among other students and able to perform most tasks the coach is trained to do. They maintain high grade point averages and are on time for class and work. (See applications)
  10. 10. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 10  The Spartans: The Spartans are the top sales reps in their schools. The ones that serve on the varsity are among the top 10. The 10 spots down are JV. They reach their goals each week and their pay checks reflect their ability and success. See appendix.  sales and marketing team coaches selected from 5 different diverse school districts at $500 a week or $2,000 a month for 4 months is $40,000. Note: After 4 months we will be self-sustaining and raising massive funds for the schools and students while keeping kids in school and making thousands each week in commission.  10 team captains, 2 for each school, 1 JV and 1 Varsity at $250 each a week or $1,000 a month for 4 months is $40,000.  100 plus students employed making $150 for 15 hours a week not including commission or $600 a month is $240,000 in cushion money to get started.  75 Kiosk stands with ad posters for high traffic store locations at $125 each is $9,375 for 5 school districts.  100 new I-phones with poster development software at $700 each is $70,000.  100 letter jackets/uniforms at $350 each is $35,000.  School but rental $9,000 for 4 months.  Publishing and printing $15,000 for 5 large districts.  Headquarter office space, interns, staff, furniture, supplies, utilities, major insurance coverage, $70,000 for 4 months, at this time we will be self-sustaining.  Executive Director salary and benefits only $22,000.  Plus, a 20% indirect costs of $110,075.  A Grand total of $660,450.  Note: that we will have raised ten times this by the end of the year, created hundreds of jobs for students and diverse staff, raised millions for schools, provided scholarships and grants for students, provided training and work for the disabled, kept more students in school than ever before, took financial pressures off of parents and students alike, created a new sport that has a future in the business word and paved the way in marketing for the entire country. The following high budget items that are required for this project will have to be duplicated with 5 other schools that will be a part of this demonstration. The following included are cushion money for staffing while we are becoming self- sustaining, equipment, Uniforms and supplies. Please note that any of the funds that are no longer needed do to the potential earning involve will be returned to the granting agency depending on how long it takes to reach that point. The first high dollar item that will be needed is the I-phones and I-pads, the I-phones are essential to our program because of the need and ability to update posters, upload pictures, contact students while they are working, which also makes their job safer and acts as a good incentive for students to work for us. The service fee will be deducted each month from their pay and a set plan with no overages or extra fees. Then there will be the need and ability for customers to pay automatic with their debit or credit cards, and the ability to enhance the Selfie’s taken by the students, without this piece of equipment we would not be able to do any of these long listed tasks that will allow us to succeed. The estimated cost is $700 each. We will pay 30% as a grantee contribution arranged through apple and our foundation call center. The next high dollar Item is the salary cushion needed to make sure we can get through the initial starting phase of the project. These cost will have a 20% mark up to include employee fringe benefits and other cost to do business. The positions we seek funding for is the Coaching staff position at $500 a week for each coach plus 20% for benefits. The coach is the one that makes it all happen. Without him we have no program or way to operate Next the two team captains receive a salary of $250 a week at each school plus a 20% mark up for benefits and cost to do business. The team captain will be in place to ensure attendance and sales quotas are met without them there is no medium the students can go to and there is no way to properly evaluate the production and complete all of the management requirements necessary to succeed. The big one is funding 20 part-time student salaries at each school for the ones that make it on the team, 100 students total. Much of their funding will be paid for by their own commissions. But like we said we need a cushion for a few weeks while everything is getting on steam. $150 a week for each student for 6 months, once we are on steam we will return the funds we didn’t use and repay what we did use if it becomes necessary. Hope fully not because we will need even more funding when we take this across the country and start funding hundreds of schools instead of just these
  11. 11. Inspirational Publishing ™ ® {Meredith 2015 © copyright} | Confidential 11 The last few Items needed are 30 Varsity Letter Jackets, 150 total and 15 stands for each school, 75 stands total. We arrange to keep the cost of these items at about $100 per stand and $200 per letter jacket. Supplies and printing costs will be included as a percent or a general budget amount which we will pay as a grantee contribution. When we first assessed the Idea it appeared highly feasible that given the setting and the technique used to sell an easily affordable product that costs very little to produce when we did our test. Our initial thoughts were quickly confirmed when we trained a few kids and dressed them in Jeans and Letter Jackets and set them outside a high traffic supermarket with all the software, stands and photo equipment that were needed. The results were remarkable! Because the Kids were raising money for a good cause and it benefitted the school, the people were quickly moved and wanted to help and be on the school poster with the kids. Because this was just a test, when the people said they wanted to pay, we let them know this was a survey and didn’t take any money but tallied each confirmed simulated sale. We then asked the potential buyer about what made them buy a place on the poster and they said, either “they enjoy helping kids” or “they thought it was a good cause and it was reasonable in price”. The potential sale per hour reached well over the minimum prediction of about 1 sale per hour, and was easily averaging that day, 3 to 4. Because the price was so affordable and they were allowed the opportunity to buy at $20 for a spot, they often went with the $50 price seemingly out of pride or to make a point that they didn’t need a deduction. We assessed this conclusion by the fact that the discount required no actual proof that they were disabled or poor, but merely that they claimed to be. The same test was also applied at several other locations throughout the month and the results were seemingly consistent at each of the locations and using different variables to conclude that the process and Idea were very feasible and obtainable. It is our opinion that this Idea is strongly confirmed to be a highly profitable Idea. Typical Marginal Cost Curve Positive Externalities of Production This feasibility study was performed by _________ University. Signed by: Jeremy S Meredith CEO date1.27.15