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Propellerhead record (for reason owners) software recording studio for musicians
Propellerhead record (for reason owners) software recording studio for musicians
Propellerhead record (for reason owners) software recording studio for musicians
Propellerhead record (for reason owners) software recording studio for musicians
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Propellerhead record (for reason owners) software recording studio for musicians


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  • 1. Propellerhead Record (for Reason Owners)Software Recording Studio for MusiciansRecord for Reason Owners gives registeredReason users a direct path to add Record to theirsetup. Record for Reason Owners contains acomplete version of Record, PropellerheadSoftware’s brand new recording software, andupgrades Reason for complete integration.Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world
  • 2. class effects and mixing gear, and a whole newtake on music recording. Couple it with Reasonand your favorite Reason devices appear insidethe Record rack. With an intuitive,straightforward interface and a hands-onapproach to capturing performances, Record wasdesigned for musicians–not audio engineers. Thisis recording done right. Highlights in RecordPropellerhead Record combines recording and anultra high-class mixer console with the limitlessflexibility of the Reason rack. Record fullyintegrates with Reason—all your favorite devicesare available directly in Record’sever-expandable, multiple racks. For Reasonusers, Record has zero learning curve; work inthe comfort of an environment you know and love.To help you arrange your tracks in a smooth,effortless way, Record comes with a fast andflexible sequencer. Immediate and intuitive,Records sequencer puts you in control of yourarrangements, letting you move and edit parts asyou go along, while Record’s comping editor letsyou effortlessly edit your takes into the singlebest performance. Record’s software mixer’ssound is faithfully modeled after* the legendarySSL® 9000K hardware. Flexible routing, full
  • 3. dynamics, EQ, advanced effects handling, fullautomation and a 64-bit mix bus gives you thatbig studio sound. For guitarists and bassists, thebuilt-in virtual POD® from Line 6, Inc. brings awide range of top-quality guitar amps, bass ampsand a great collection of cabinets. With itsstate-of-the-art dynamic multicore audiohandling, Record will use your computersprocessing power to its fullest, so you’ll neverhave worry about track counts or adding thatextra reverb or delay. Read moreProduct FeatureRecording music is all about seizing theqmoment. Record lets you create record-readychannels in an instant, minimizing the stepsbetween idea and actual recording. Simply plugin, breathe out and youre ready to go.Your Record rack can be stacked with anqinfinite number of reverbs, distortion units,delays, dynamic processors, masteringEQs-everything you need to shape and coloryour sounds.Records main mixer was faithfully modeledqafter* the legendary SSL 9000k.Flexible routing,
  • 4. full dynamics, EQ,advanced effectshandling,master-bus compression,fullautomation and a 64-bit mix bus gives you thatbig studio sound right out of your computerFor guitar and bass players, Record comesqinstalled with separate guitar and bass POD®units from amp- and cab-simulation expertsLine 6. Additional models can be added to thevirtual POD units by connecting any Line 6interface.Records real-time time stretch lets you playqnow and pick the tempo later; change the songtempo and all your audio tracks will follow rightalong without any need for pre-processing ofany kind. The audio quality? Amazing.Related Product that You LikePropellerhead Reason 6