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Native instruments maschine groove production studio
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Native instruments maschine groove production studio






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    Native instruments maschine groove production studio Native instruments maschine groove production studio Document Transcript

    • Native Instruments Maschine Groove ProductionStudioFully Integrated Concept MASCHINE is the tactilecontrol center for your productions. Use it in yourproduction or performance environment, and getthe most out of both worlds: hardware playabilityand cutting-edge digital technology. With thefully integrated hardware you control everyfunction and parameter of the software running
    • on your computer, making your workflow superfast and smooth Sequencer Create rhythms, basslines, chords and melodies easily, and thenarrange them into complete tracks as you go viathe powerful sequencer- directly controllablefrom dedicated buttons and knobs on thehardware. Two modes: XOX drum machine stepsequencer and MPC-style live recordingClip-based concept for intuitive arrangement ofyour project into scenes and songs Classic groovebox functions such as 16 velocity levels, swing(sounds, groups, global), pad-link, and noterepeat Use one button and 8 knobs to automatesampler, effects or plug-in parameterssimultaneously in real time Select and edit noteevents directly from the controller for efficientworkflow MIDI In and Out for sequencing externalsoft- or hardware, or connecting an external MIDIkeyboard for playing complex melodic ideasSampler MASCHINE is based on ahigh-performance sampler with tactile editing,allowing audio recording of internal or externalsources, and precise sample playback.Sample-length and number of samples onlylimited by your computers RAM capacityPolyphony up to 32 voices for each sound, with
    • choke, legato and glide options Powerful slicingby transient detection, fixed grid or equal splitswith automatic pad assignment Destructivesample editing (e.g. truncate, normalize, reverse,etc) Convenient import of own samples, REX2files and MPC programs Vintage Sampling Modesemulating the sound of the MPC60 and/ SP1200Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz audio when using ahigh-quality audio interface like KOMPLETEAUDIO 6 Plug-In Hosting / Komplete 8 IntegrationMASCHINE now hosts any VST or Audio Unitsplug-ins from either Native Instruments or any3rd party manufacturer. The 1.7 update seeseven greater integration with the new KOMPLETE8, KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE and KOMPLETEELEMENTS. Native support for the new NIS NIsound format - browse and load the presets of allKOMPLETE 8 Instruments and Effects directlyfrom MASCHINEs hardware browser Oneinstrument and up to 4 effect plug-ins can beopened in each sound slot - 16 sound slots areavailable in each of the 8 groups Real auto-map:MASCHINE automatically maps the plug-inparameters to the controller knobs Get startedusing the new hosting possibility with theincluded REAKTOR, KONTAKT and GUITAR RIG
    • PLAYER plug-ins and sounds from KOMPLETEELEMENTS Sample Library and Browser Asophisticated and easy-to-use browser lets youtag your own imported samples and gives youinstant access to any sound from the extensiveMASCHINE library. Over 6 GB of sounds including18,000 samples, 7,000 one-shots, 400 loops, 300drum kits with 1,400 patterns, 388 sampledinstruments, 170 FX/multi-FX presets, and 60demo projects Contains multi-sampled acousticinstruments of all genres such as pianos, organs,strings, brass and much more Browse and loadprojects, patterns, kits, sounds and effectsconveniently from the hardware, including allKOMPLETE 8 presets without touching yourcomputers keyboard or mouse Swap kits whilekeeping patterns: try out your beat with newsounds Effects MASCHINEs built-in effectssection contains a powerful arsenal ofstudio-quality effects to shape and superchargeyour sound. 22 high-quality effects - fromstandards such as reverbs, filters and EQs tocreative tools like grain-delay, ice verb, freqshifter Convenient automation and editing of allparameters Chain up to four effects at once, orselect a sampler or VST /AU instrument, followed
    • by three chainable effects Easily use NI or 3rdparty VST /AU effect plug-ins within MASCHINE,e.g GUITAR RIG PLAYER amps and effects StudioIntegration Produce the whole instrumental trackin MASCHINE and then move it in seconds to yourDAW for final arranging and mixing. As a plug-in,MASCHINE retains all of its capabilities includingtotal recall and routing up to 16 stereo outs toyour hosts mixer Drag and drop of audio or MIDIfiles directly to DAW, or drag samples directlyfrom your computer into MASCHINEs sound slotsExport note events as MIDI files Import projects,REX files and MPC programs Group MacroControls: Assign any parameter of the dedicatedgroup (f.e. filter, envelope, any effect parameter)to the 8 knobs on the hardware or to your hostsequencer for automation Instant navigation:Open several instances of MASCHINE in your hostsequencer and easily switch between them usingjust one controller Add MASCHINE MIKRO to yoursetup in parallel with MASCHINE - for additionalhands-on control of your DAW Convenientlybounce songs or individual patterns as 8, 16 and24 Bit WAV files, or drag and drop them directlyto your DAW Read more
    • Product FeatureCreate tight rhythms, harmonies and melodiesqin momentsCombines a pattern-based sequencer,qprofessional sampler, multi-effect unit andVST/AU plug-in hostIntuitively controllable via the fully integratedqhardwareFind, load and play sounds, automateqparameters, and arrange patterns on the flyControl and sequence all of your externalqhardware instruments, or switch to MIDI modeto control other softwareRelated Product that You LikeAkai Pro LPK25 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDIKeyboard Controller for LaptopsUSB MIDI Cable Converter PC to Music KeyboardWindow Win Vista XP, Mac OSDecksaver NI Maschine Polycarbonate Cover DJ MixerCase (DS-PC-MASCHINE)Native Instruments Komplete Audio 65 Foot Long MIDI to MIDI Connect Cable