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File maker pro 10

  1. 1. FileMaker Pro 10FileMaker Pro 10 Read moreFileMaker Pro is the worlds leading easy-to-usedatabase software that securely sharesinformation with Windows and Macusers--through your network, over the web, andin popular formats such as PDF. Whether youneed to manage client information, track projectdetails, or produce inventory reports, FileMaker
  2. 2. Pro 10 helps you get your important informationorganized in one place so its instantly accessible.Top new features in FileMaker Pro 10 Get moreinnovative features to help you create databaseslike never before: Status ToolbarPut commonlyused features at your fingertips with theredesigned interface. Plus customize the toolbarwith features you use the most. ScriptTriggersCreate and run scripts prompted by useractions for increased productivity. DynamicReportsMake changes to grouped data on the flyfor easier customization. Saved FindsSave yourfavorite find requests and then perform them in asingle click for quicker searches. Send Mail viaSMTPSend email directly through an SMTP serverfor faster direct distribution; no email clientneeded. Themes and TemplatesChoose from 30updated Starter Solutions and 10 new themes tohelp build beautiful databases with ease. Managepeople, projects, assets, and more--the easy way!Get started quickly With its award-winning easeof use, FileMaker Pro is simple to install andsetup takes just minutes. Instantly add manytypes of information including lists, photos orMicrosoft Excel spreadsheets. Reporting madeeasy FileMaker Pro 10 comes complete with
  3. 3. step-by-step reporting tools that help you makesense of all your data and automate thoserepetitive tasks. Use the Report Assistant todesign custom layouts, labels and reports. Shareinformation in a couple of clicks Safely shareFileMaker Pro 10 databases through a network orover the web, with both Windows and Mac users.Plus control what data you let other peoplesee--right down to a specific field. Sleek new look.Intuitive new design. The fresh new interface ofFileMaker Pro puts commonly used features rightat your fingertips. Based on feedback from ourcustomers, the new Status Toolbar is redesignedto give you streamlined navigation, betterworkflow and timesaving shortcuts. You can evencustomize the toolbar by dragging and droppingthe features you use the most. Now managingyour information is more simple andstraightforward than ever before. Easily manageevery detail of your contact information inFileMaker Pro 10. Click to enlarge. Build beautifuldata-driven reports including photos or othertypes of graphics. Click to enlarge. More productenhancements The enhanced Quick Start Screenis a great way to start learning how to useFileMaker Pro with access to videos and technical
  4. 4. resources. Easily create databases from existingsources like .CSV, Tab, and Excel. You can alsonow import your Bento data directly intoFileMaker Pro through the Quick Start Screen orthe File Menu. 20 things you can do faster andeasier with FileMaker Pro 10: Manage customercontact information Archive photos, PDFs,documents and more Automate and web-publishproposals for clients Convert paper forms toelectronic forms Track billable time spent onprojects Manage business assets Track employee,patient, or clientele records Create a catalog ofinventory and assets Manage an employeedirectory Collect meeting minutes and trackissues Route technical support calls and trackstatistics Log and chart research and otherfindings Automate requests to the help deskTrack requisitions and purchase orders Develop aquoting, estimating, and invoicing system Createa client contact log Generate weekly statusreports Automatically create email/direct mailoffers Issue SQL queries to enterprise CRMsystem Attract customers with a web-publishedcatalog Get results in minutes FileMaker Pro 10comes with 30 ready-to-use Starter Solutions tohelp you get started fast. Simply open a solution
  5. 5. and start adding information, or import yourexisting data from many popular formats. TheFileMaker Resource Center helps novices andexperts get up and running smoothly. AssetManagement Contact Management DocumentLibrary Email Campaign Management EventManagement Expense Report Faculty Staff FieldTrips Home Budgets Inventory Issue TrackingLending Library Movie Library Music LibraryPeople Management Personnel Records PhotoCatalog Product Catalog Purchase OrdersResearch Notes Resource Scheduling StudentEmergency Card Student Records TaskManagement Time Billing Time Cards To Do ListAnd more! Read moreProduct FeatureFileMaker Pro is simple to install and setupqtakes just minutes;Instantly add any type of information includingqlists, photos or Microsoft Excel spreadsheetsComes complete with step-by-step reportingqtools that help you make sense your data andautomate repetitive tasksSafely share FileMaker Pro databases with bothq
  6. 6. Mac and Windows users through a network orover the webRelated Product that You LikeFileMaker Pro 10: The Missing ManualFileMaker Pro 10 BibleFilemaker Pro 11 Upgrade [Old Version]Filemaker Pro 11 [Old Version]FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting For Dummies