Adobe indesign cs3 [mac] [old version]


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Adobe indesign cs3 [mac] [old version]

  1. 1. Adobe Indesign CS3 [Mac] [OLD VERSION]Discover a world of design possibilities and freelyexperiment with creative effects and finertransparency controls. Achieve great efficiencythrough productivity features that make it easierto lay out, export, and print your pages. Savetime and money by automating workflows usingrobust long-document features and flexible XMLsupport and by attaching scripts to menu
  2. 2. commands. Read moreExplore more creative possibilities andexperience new levels of productivity usingAdobe InDesign CS3 page layout software. Builtfor demanding workflows, InDesign integratessmoothly with the Adobe tools you use every day,streamlines repetitive tasks, reliably outputspages, and offers powerful features for creatingricher, more complex documents. Design andproduce professional page layouts. Import andplace several files at the same time with the newMulti-file Place feature. In the new InDesign CS3workspace, you can collapse panels ashorizontally labeled icons. Add gradient stops tocreate a feather effect. Explore new creativepossibilities Discover a world of designpossibilities with InDesign CS3. Expandedcreative tools and options allow you toexperiment quickly and flexibly and createsophisticated effects for text, images, andobjects from within your page layout application.Apply effects such as inner glows and bevelswithout having to update linked files. Finertransparency control allows you to applytransparency independently on an object’s stroke,fill, or content. Fade objects into the background
  3. 3. using gradient feathers. And set beautifultypography using professional tools. Be moreproductive Boost your efficiency through newand enhanced productivity tools that make itfaster and easier to lay out, export, and printgraphically rich pages. Support for styled tablesand table cells as well as a host of powerfullayout features, including an expandedFind/Change feature, allow you to easily applyglobal formatting and consistently edit text andobjects. And work efficiently thanks to tightintegration with other Adobe tools andtechnologies; native file format support; andconsistent, reliable Adobe PDF output. Automateroutine tasks Save time and money byautomating production workflows using InDesignCS3. From robust long-document support toflexible XML import, InDesign offers powerfulfeatures that minimize repetitive tasks.Streamline the creation of long documents withfeatures such as advanced bullets and numbering,as well as running headers and footers.Accelerate routine tasks by writing scripts, andgenerate layouts from XML content with flexibleand robust script-based rules. Audience benefitGraphic designers Discover new levels of creative
  4. 4. freedom and productivity with Adobe InDesignCS3 software. Tightly integrated with the Adobeapplications you use most, InDesign CS3 deliversefficient production workflows and a more fluidcreative environment for designing professionallayouts with sophisticated graphics andtypography. Adobe PageMaker users There’snever been a better time for PageMaker users toswitch to Adobe InDesign CS3 software. With itsbuilt-in support for familiar PageMaker features,such as multiple undo, robust style support,flexible gradients, easy table creation, and more,InDesign CS3 brings you a new level of creativefreedom and productivity. It’s also packed withfeatures to help smooth your transition, includingsupport for converting PageMaker 6.0–7.x files, aset of PageMaker compatible keyboard shortcuts,and popular PageMaker features such as DataMerge and Print Booklet for imposition. With anexclusive upgrade price for licensed PageMakerusers, InDesign CS3 delivers superb functionalityat a compelling value. Print service providersAdobe InDesign CS3 software addresses theneeds of print professionals worldwide forreliable, consistent output controls. Encourageyour customers to preflight and package their
  5. 5. InDesign projects to help ensure smootherhandoffs. Prevent costly errors on press byevaluating and adjusting separations, overprint,and transparency flattener settings onscreen.Then use print presets to output files moreefficiently. Easily set up high-end AdobePDF-based print production workflows, automateprocesses using JDF, and provide Adobe PDFexport presets to customers to get the bestresults. With InDesign CS3, you can exerciseexacting control over your print productionworkflow. IT professionals and developers Investin Adobe InDesign CS3 software for professionalpage layout to help streamline production,reduce costs, and increase quality in yourpublishing workflows. Tight integration withother Adobe applications and built-in support fornative Adobe file formats helps shortenproduction cycles while better supportingall-digital workflows. InDesign snippets, stylesets, custom workspaces, and other resourcesallow teams to work more efficiently andconsistently. Flexible XML import and exportcontrols, plus robust scripting support, lay astrong foundation for automating workflows andefficiently publishing to multiple media. Join
  6. 6. leading publishers and design organizationsworldwide in achieving higher productivity withbetter quality and lower costs using InDesign CS3.The Effects button is one of many new optionsincluded in the context-sensitive Control panel(above) as well as being available in the Effectspanel itself. Top Ten New Features Creativeeffects and controls Design compelling pagelayouts that include transparency, creativeeffects, and gradient feathers. Since effects arelive and nondestructive, you can experiment withease. Apply effects independently to an object’sstroke, fill, or content. Productivityenhancements Perform a variety of tasks moreefficiently using new and enhanced productivityfeatures, including Multi-file Place, Quick Apply,faster frame fitting, and the visual Pages panel.Table and cell styles Quickly and consistentlyformat tables using table and cell styles. Evenuse regional cell styles to apply uniqueformatting to specific areas of a table, such as itsheader, footer, and body. Robust long-documentsupport Maintain consistency and streamline theproduction of long documents using advancedbullets and numbering, running headers andfooters, and synchronized master pages.
  7. 7. Advanced Find/Change on text and objects Applychanges to text and object attributes across oneor more documents. Include master pages,footnotes, and locked or hidden layers in asearch; save search settings for easy reuse; andperform grep pattern-based searches on stringsof text. XHTML export Enable multiformatpublishing, including print-to-web workflows, byexporting Adobe InDesign content as XHTML. Editthe exported content in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3software (available separately) and automaticallyformat it using cascading style sheets. Intuitiveand customizable workspace Work in anenvironment that makes it easier to beproductive. Keep just the tools, panels, andmenus you use most at your fingertips, and dockself-adjusting panels out of the way when not inuse to free up your workspace. Placed InDesignfiles Reuse layouts by placing INDD files inanother InDesign document. Links remain intact,and InDesign automatically notifies you ofupdates to the linked INDD file. Rule-basedlayouts from XML Use scripts that apply rules toautomatically build page layouts and format textand graphics from XML content. Automationthrough scripting Automate tasks by writing
  8. 8. scripts in JavaScript, AppleScript, and VBScript.Attach a JavaScript to a menu command so itruns automatically when the command is chosen,and protect scripts for commercial use throughenhanced JavaScript. Create XHTML files forproduct listings and more. You can select theobjects you want to export to XHTML, if you don’twant to export an entire document. Inspect andmanage XML data with the Structure pane.Additional Features Extensive integration Worksmoothly with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,Acrobat, InCopy, and Dreamweaver software;enjoy consistency by using shared presets andcolor settings; work more efficiently with nativefile format support; and easily publish to multiplemedia. Reliable prepress and printing Haveconfidence in your output. Get accurate,consistent results every time you print usingsophisticated preview capabilities, exportingreliable Adobe PDF files, and sharing custompresets. Professional typographical controlsCompose beautiful typography using professionalcontrols including the Paragraph Composer,OpenType fonts, drop caps, glyphs, and opticalkerning and margin alignment. Full-featuredtables Create richly formatted tables. Import
  9. 9. tab-delimited text files and styled Microsoft Wordor Excel tables, or build tables in InDesign. Applya wide variety of formatting options manually orusing table and cell styles. Smart text handlingControl your text with intelligent text-handlingfeatures including the ability to import styledtext from Microsoft Word files, apply complextext wraps around objects, and comprehensivelyreplace fonts. Scripting and extensibilityAccelerate and simplify workflows by automatingprocesses using scripts and extending thecapabilities of InDesign using the ExtendScripttoolkit. Creative effects Apply new visual effects,such as inner glow or bevel and emboss, using aninterface that’s consistent with Adobe Photoshopto specify offset, angle, and other options. Applyeffects independently to an object’s stroke, fill,and content. Gradient feathers Create beautifuleffects by applying masks that contain gradientsso the objects fade into the background.Customize options such as gradient angles andfade rates, all within Adobe InDesign.Adobe-standard user interface Get up to speedquickly with familiar commands, tools, panels,and keyboard shortcuts. Backward compatibilityOpen QuarkXPress 3.3–4.1x files, PageMaker
  10. 10. 6.0–7.x files, and files created in earlier versionsof Adobe InDesign in InDesign Interchange (INX)format in InDesign CS3 to keep working withlegacy files. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PDFlayer support Control the visibility of layers inimported Photoshop and PDF files. Experimentwith design options or use multiple variations ofa file in your layout, all while linking to a singlefile. Adobe PDF file export Use built-in Adobe PDFexport presets--or create custom presets--toconsistently and reliably create Adobe PDF filesfor electronic review or final output. CreateISO-standard PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 files forhigh-resolution CMYK printing, as well as PDF/X-4(draft) files. Table and cell styles Quickly andconsistently format tables using table and cellstyles. Even use regional cell styles to applyunique formatting to specific areas of a table,such as its header, footer, and body. MultipleUndo/Redo Experiment freely and retracemultiple steps using the Undo and Redocommands. High-resolution graphics previewDisplay graphics in high resolution for precisionwork or to preview the graphics within yourlayout. Easily switch back to lower resolutionview for faster onscreen display. Enhanced
  11. 11. Control panel See more options in thecontext-sensitive Control panel, includingtransparency, text wrap, and rotation. Customizethe panel to show the options you use mostfrequently. Custom print presets Define andshare custom print presets among serviceproviders and customers for a fast, reliable wayto print jobs that require consistent settings formany print options. JDF integration betweenAdobe InDesign and Acrobat Pass JDF jobinformation to Acrobat with Adobe PDF files thatyou export from InDesign. Print service providerscan then streamline prepress and print processesusing JDF automation. Output previews Preventmistakes from occurring on press by checkingplates, overprinting, and ink limits, and helpensure the best results when printingtransparency effects using output preview panels.Use Overprint Preview mode to proof spot-coloreffects and overprint settings. Preflight andpackaging Avoid delays and costly productionerrors by preflighting documents to check forproblems. Then package them for print or webhandoff or export them as Adobe PDF files.Consistent color Synchronize ICC-based colormanagement settings across Adobe applications
  12. 12. to achieve consistent color onscreen. Exchangeswatches across the components of AdobeCreative Suite 3 Design software. Flexible XMLworkflows Use XML rules to dynamically generatedocuments with formatting and graphics basedon imported XML, and apply XSLT style sheetswhen importing or exporting XML content.Automation through scripting Automate tasks bywriting scripts in JavaScript, AppleScript, andVBScript. Attach a JavaScript to a menu commandso it runs automatically when the command ischosen, and protect scripts for commercial usethrough enhanced JavaScript. ExtendScript utilityUse the ExtendScript toolkit to create, edit, anddebug JavaScripts in InDesign. Read moreProduct FeatureThe ideal solution for designing professionalqpage layouts using rich creative optionsBoost efficiency through productivityqenhancements and tight integrationAutomate workflows and processes, includingqlong-document publishingFlexible XML import and export controls andqrobust scripting support
  13. 13. Design compelling page layouts that includeqtransparency, creative effects, and gradientfeathers