Adobe flash cs3 professional [old version]


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Adobe flash cs3 professional [old version]

  1. 1. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional [OLD VERSION]Adobe Flash CS3 Professional software is themost advanced authoring environment forcreating rich, interactive content for digital, web,and mobile platforms. Create interactivewebsites, rich media advertisements,instructional media, presentations, games, andmore. Depend on Flash CS3 and Adobe FlashPlayer to ensure your content reaches the widest
  2. 2. possible audience. Read moreAdobe Flash CS3 Professional software is themost advanced authoring environment forcreating rich, interactive content for digital, web,and mobile platforms. Create interactivewebsites, rich media advertisements,instructional media, presentations, games, andmore. Depend on Flash CS3 and Adobe FlashPlayer to ensure your content reaches the widestpossible audience. Create rich, interactivecontent for digital, web, and mobile platforms.No more running back to Photoshop to makesimple text edits. Enjoy creative flexibilityRealize your creative vision with a fullcomplement of drawing, animation, andinteractive design tools. Explore innovativestyles and techniques, impress your clients withmore than they expected, and deliver consistentresults across multiple platforms. With Flash CS3Professional, the possibilities extend as far asyour imagination. Maximize developmentproductivity Leverage the power of a truedevelopment environment. Utilize professionalcoding tools including code collapse, commenting,automatic syntax completion, streamlined errorresolution, and more. The new ActionScript 3.0
  3. 3. language supports a structured and intuitiveworkflow that saves time and facilitatesexchange between designers and developers,enabling individuals and teams to deliverpredictable, consistent results that meet orexceed the original vision. Easily work with otherAdobe software Now your favorite tools will playwell together. Enjoy timesaving integration withother Adobe creative software, including AdobePremiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flex Builder2, After Effects, and Soundbooth, as well asAdobe Bridge, the central hub of Adobe CreativeSuite 3. Easily exchange designs, assets, andfiles between applications without compromisingfidelity. Extend your reach Extend the reach ofyour work by creating content for Adobe FlashPlayer, the world’s most pervasive softwareplatform. Flash Player is installed on more than700 million computers and devices worldwide,including over 96% of Internet-enabled desktops.By creating content with Flash CS3, you canleverage your work not only to the Internet, butalso to a wide range of mobile and consumerelectronics devices. Create content once, andthen deploy it to multiple platforms. AudienceBenefit Web and interactive content
  4. 4. designers--Adobe Flash CS3 Professionalsoftware offers a flexible, advanced authoringenvironment for creating unique onlineexperiences with the latest in technicalinnovations, such as interactive video and highstandards of usability and accessibility. FlashCS3 makes it easy to design interactiveexperiences that convey your true creative visionand impress your clients. Enjoy intelligentintegration with other Adobe creative software.Instructional media designers--Adobe Flash CS3Professional software offers an intuitive, flexibleauthoring environment for creating instructionalmedia content that is easy to deploy to thewidest possible audience via web and mobiledevices. The advantages of Flash CS3 include theability to integrate audio and video, seamlessintegration with related Adobe software, andoptional integration with education trackingsystems. Graphic designers--Adobe Flash CS3Professional software enables experiencedgraphic designers to expand their creativerepertoire to include interactive design withoutcompromising efficiency or disrupting existingprocesses and workflows. Use Flash CS3 to buildprojects that impress clients with truly unique,
  5. 5. interactive, engaging content that better enablesthem to meet their marketing or business goals.Student designers--Adobe Flash CS3 Professionalsoftware offers nearly limitless opportunity tostudent designers and developers who areinterested in building careers using interactivedesign technology. Flash CS3 integrates with andsupports a broad spectrum of emergingtechnologies, including Ajax, 3D animation,online video, and open source development. Eachday, more and more creative professionals makeFlash CS3 their primary tool for building acreative reputation and advancing their career.Video and motion graphics professionals--AdobeFlash CS3 Professional software dramaticallyexpands the creative options for video andmotion graphics professionals withoutcompromising efficiency or disrupting existingprocesses. Create innovative videos, films, andanimations with compelling creative andinteractive effects and leverage them acrossmedia, including broadcast, tape, web, andmobile devices. Leverage the advantages ofFlash Player, including small content file size;broad distribution; and rapid, automatic updates.Produce content for a wide range of mobile and
  6. 6. consumer electronics devices. Top Reasons toBuy Adobe Flash CS3 Adobe Photoshop andAdobe Illustrator import Import Photoshop (PSD)and Illustrator (AI) files, while preserving layersand structure, and then edit them in Flash CS3.Optimize and customize the files during importwith advanced options. Frame-based timelineQuickly add motion to your creations with theeasy-to-use, highly controllable, frame-basedtimeline inspired by traditional animationprinciples such as keyframing and tweening.Shape primitives Easily create pie wedges, roundoff rectangle corners, define an inner circleradius, and do much more. Visually adjust shapeproperties on the stage. And create customshapes with the included JavaScript API.ActionScript 3.0 development Save time with thenew ActionScript 3.0 language, featuringimproved performance, increased flexibility, andmore intuitive and structured development.Sophisticated video tools Create, edit, anddeploy streaming and progressive downloadFlash Video with comprehensive video support.Ensure the best video experience with astandalone video encoder, alpha channel support,a high-quality video codec, embedded cue points,
  7. 7. video import support, QuickTime import, closedcaptioning, and much more. MP3 audio supportIntegrate audio into your projects by importingMP3 files. Integration with Adobe Soundboothmakes it easy to edit files as needed, withoutrequiring audio production experience. Richdrawing capabilities Visually adjust shapeproperties on the stage with smart shapedrawing tools, create precise vector illustrationswith the new Pen tool inspired by AdobeIllustrator, paste illustrations from Illustrator CS3into Flash CS3, and more. Extensible architectureLeverage the Flash application programminginterfaces (APIs) to easily develop extensionsthat add custom functionality. Convert animationto ActionScript Instantly convert timelineanimations into ActionScript 3.0 code that can beeasily edited, reused, and leveraged bydevelopers. Copy animations from one object toanother. Adobe Device Central Design, preview,and test mobile device content, includinginteractive Adobe Flash Lite applications andinterfaces, using Adobe Device Central, nowintegrated throughout Adobe Creative Suite 3.Additional Features Powerful shape drawingManipulate vector shapes with powerful shape
  8. 8. drawing tools. Easily bend, erase, distort, skew,and combine vector shapes in a natural andintuitive way. Skinnable video component Usethe video component to easily customize the lookand feel of video projects without significantlyincreasing file size. The component works withmultiple deployment options, including streamingand progressive download. Improved Adobesoftware integration Enjoy a smoother and moreefficient workflow enabled by integrationbetween Adobe Flash CS3 and related software,including Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop,Illustrator, After Effects, and Soundbooth, as wellas Adobe Bridge, the central hub of AdobeCreative Suite 3. Pen tool Create precise vectorillustrations with the Pen tool inspired by AdobeIllustrator, and then manipulate Bezier controlpoints using Illustrator keyboard shortcuts.Adobe interface Enjoy a new, streamlinedinterface that emphasizes consistency with otherAdobe Creative Suite 3 applications and can becustomized to improve workflow and maximizestage space. Read moreProduct Feature
  9. 9. The ideal solution for creating rich, interactiveqcontent for the web and mobile devicesDesign interactive instructional media such asqhow-to demonstrations and training materialsProduce interactive video, animations, andqmotion graphics for broadcast, web, and mobile.Enjoy seamless integration with other Adobeqcreative toolsIdeal for web and interactive content designers,qinstructional media designers, graphicdesigners, students, or video and motiongraphics professionals