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Adobe dreamweaver cs4 [old version]
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Adobe dreamweaver cs4 [old version]


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 [OLD VERSION]CS4 DREAMWEAVER 10 WIN 1U CROM Read moreBuild world-class websites and applications withone of the industrys leading web authoring tools.Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software is ideal forweb designers, web developers, and visualdesigners. Manipulate pixel-level designs inDesign view, or craft complex code in Code viewwhile working in the real browser environment of
  • 2. Live View. Explore your code rapidly whileviewing the page in the real-world browserrendition of the new Live View. Click to enlarge.Design, develop, and maintain standards-basedwebsites and applications An industry-leadingtool Build world-class websites with one of theindustrys leading web authoring tools.Manipulate pixel-level designs or craft complexcode. Work the way you work best in thereal-world environment of Live View.Cross-product integration Leverage theintelligent integration and power ofDreamweaver CS4 and other Adobe tools,including Adobe Flash CS4 Professional,Fireworks CS4, Photoshop CS4, and DeviceCentral CS4 software, through directcommunication and interaction across theproduct line. Comprehensive CSS support Styleyour sites with the enhanced CSS implementationtools in Dreamweaver CS4. Define and modifyCSS rules instantly in the Properties panel. Usethe Related Files and Code Navigator featurestofind specific CSS rules. Integrated coding Tapthe power of built-in code hints for faster andcleaner coding in HTML; JavaScript; Ajaxframeworks such as Spry, jQuery, and Prototype;
  • 3. and several server languages. Support forleading technologies Design and code in a toolthat supports most of the leading webdevelopment technologies, including HTML,XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, AdobeColdFusion software, and ASP. FLV supportIntegrate FLV files into any web page withpoint-and-click ease and standards-compliantcoding. Design with your FLV movies playing inthe new Live View. Learning resources Masterweb building with the comprehensive in-producttutorials in Dreamweaver CS4. Keep current withthe latest web technologies through thecommunity-driven help system. ExtendedDreamweaver community Reap the benefits ofthe extensive Dreamweaver community,including the online Adobe Design Center andAdobe Developer Connection, training andseminars, developer certification programs, anduser forums. Combine Live View with Live Codeto reveal code as rendered in an interactive state,like hovering over and selecting a Spry dataimage. Armed with these details, you can quicklymodify relevant CSS rules. Click to enlarge.Switch to CSS on the redesigned Properties panelto quickly modify existing CSS rules or create
  • 4. new ones. Click to enlarge. Once youve includeda framework source file like prototype.js, codehinting for framework methods and functions areautomatically available.Click to enlarge.Cross-platform support Work the way you wantto work: Dreamweaver CS4 is available for Intelor PowerPC based Macs as well as MicrosoftWindows XP and Windows Vista systems. Designin your preferred system, and deliver acrossplatforms. Advanced JavaScript functionality Putthe extended coding functionality ofDreamweaver CS4 to work by incorporatingpopular JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery,Prototype, and Spry. Simply attach theappropriate JavaScript external files, andDreamweaver automatically displays code hints.Top new features of Dreamweaver CS4AdobeDreamweaver CS4 extends the reach ofprofessional coders, designers, and developerswith a full complement of new features. LiveViewView your web pages under real-worldbrowser conditions with the new Live View--whilestill retaining direct access to the code. This newrendering mode, which uses the open sourcerendering engine WebKit, displays your designslike a standards-based browser. Changes to the
  • 5. code are immediately reflected in the rendereddisplay. However, Live View is no ordinary staticviewport. Trigger your CSS-based navigation toview hover states or pull-down submenus, andfreeze your page at any point to review thegenerated code. Dreamweaver CS4 combines thebeauty of real-world rendering with the brains ofinteractive coding. Related Files and CodeNavigatorDreamweaver CS4 introduces two newfeatures that will help you more efficientlymanage the various files that make up themodern web page. The Related Files featuredisplays all the documents associated with yourcurrent page--whether CSS, JavaScript, PHP orXML--in a bar along the top of your primarydocument. Click any related file to edit its sourcein Code View while viewing the parent page inDesign View. Changes made to the related filecode are immediately reflected in Design View.Prefer to work at the code level? The new CodeNavigator pop-up window shows you links to allthe code sources that affect your currentselection. A click in either Code or Design Viewbrings up the Code Navigator, which displays CSSrules, server-side includes, external JavaScriptfunctions, Dreamweaver templates, Library files,
  • 6. iframe source files, and more. CSS bestpracticesImplement CSS best practices withoutwriting code. The new CSS tab in the Propertiespanel shows the styles for the current selectionas well as all the applicable CSS rules. Hover overany property to view a tool tip with no-jargonEnglish explanations of CSS principles. New CSSrules can be created and applied in theProperties panel and stored in the samedocument or an external style sheet.Dreamweaver CS4 even gives you control overthe specificity of your rule: Just click LessSpecific or More Specific in the updated New CSSRule dialog box to target your style precisely.Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScriptframeworksWrite JavaScript more quickly andaccurately with improved support for JavaScriptcore objects and primitive data types. Advancedcode-hinting functionality helps you powerthrough your code, whether youre addingfunctions to defined primitive data types(including Object, Array, Number, RegExp, orString) or DOM objects such as Window, Screen,Document, or Event. Dreamweaver CS4 alsoextends code-hinting muscle to your mostadvanced custom functions with support for
  • 7. parameters, class constructors, and nestedobjects, updated in real time as you modify yourrelated JavaScript files. Put the extended codingfunctionality of Dreamweaver CS4 to work byincorporating popular JavaScript frameworksincluding jQuery, Prototype, and Spry. Simplyattach the appropriate external JavaScript files,and Dreamweaver automatically displays codehints on demand. Built-in syntax error detectionhelps you craft the bulletproof code youneed--the first time, and every time. With Sprydata sets, define your data in standard tables,whether text or images, including thumbnails andlarger images. Click to enlarge. The green symbolin the upper left corner of a PSD file inserted intoDreamweaver tells you that the source file andweb-ready instance are in sync. Click to enlarge.Adobe InContext EditingEnable content authorsto edit their own web pages without additionalsoftware installations--and, at the same time,free yourself up to design more. The new onlineInContext Editing service from Adobe lets anyonewho can use a browser update content quicklyand easily. Design your editable pages inDreamweaver CS4 to retain total control over thelook and feel of your sites. Then, simply
  • 8. designate the parts of the page you want yourclients to be able to change; all other sections ofthe page are locked, and editable only by you.Easily set CSS styles to ensure entered content isproperly and consistently formatted.Dreamweaver gives you the tools to create theperfect website, and hosted InContext Editinglets your clients keep that site up-to-date.(InContext Editing is one of several onlineservices available from Dreamweaver CS4. Formore information, see Creative Pro OnlineServices on page 7.) HTML data setsThe lure ofdynamic data is strong, but learning to usedatabases or XML can be daunting. DreamweaverCS4 combines accessibility with ease of use inthe new HTML data sets feature. With HTML datasets functionality, you create your data in astandard HTML table, a series of div tags, or evenan unordered list, and then choose Insert > Spry> Spry Data Set to integrate that data into adynamic table on the page, complete withsortable columns, a master-detail layout, or othersophisticated displays. Its easier than ever, withreal-time previews of your data--both forselection and results. Spry Data Set also workswith XML files to render information from RSS
  • 9. feeds and other sources. Photoshop SmartObjectsIntegration between Photoshop andDreamweaver has evolved to the next level ofcompatibility and functionality. Simply drag anddrop a Photoshop PSD file into a DreamweaverCS4 page to create an image Smart Object.Unlike standard web-page graphics, a SmartObject is tightly linked to its source file. A smallindicator on the Smart Object in DreamweaverCS4 shows when the source and instance are insync. When you make any changes to the sourceimage, Dreamweaver notes that the files are outof sync; just click the Update from Original iconin the Properties panel to immediately updateyour image without opening Photoshop. ButSmart Objects are more clever still. Lets say youhave a logo placed throughout your site in avariety of sizes as Smart Objects. Any updatesmade to the Photoshop file can be appliedindividually to the associated Smart Objects on apage-by-page basis, or to all of them at oncethrough the Assets panel. Unique sizes aremaintained while the image itself is faithfullyresampled. Best of all, the Smart Objectevolution is built on top of current Photoshop andDreamweaver integration, so you can still copy
  • 10. image selections from Photoshop and paste themin Dreamweaver for an easy comp-to-layoutworkflow. Moreover, youre free to rescalePhotoshop images in Dreamweaver to fine-tuneyour design with no image degradation orrevisits to Photoshop. SubversionintegrationWhen a collaborative project requiresa team of designers and developers, open-sourceSubversion software is often used to handleversion control. Dreamweaver CS4 integratesSubversion for a more robust check-in/check-outexperience with file versioning, rollback, andmore. Once youve defined Subversion as yourversion-control system, you can update your siteto get the latest versions of its pages. Modifiedpages can be checked into a Subversionrepository directly from within Dreamweaver--nothird-party utility or command line interface isrequired. Dreamweaver can also revertchecked-out files or mark conflicts as resolved tocomplete the team site-building experience.Adobe AIR authoring supportCreatemulti-platform desktop applications from yourDreamweaver HTML and JavaScript sites withnew Adobe AIR authoring support. Download andinstall the latest version of the Adobe AIR
  • 11. Extension for Dreamweaver to begin creatingengaging, branded applications that run on allmajor desktop operating systems using yourexisting web development resources with AdobeAIR. For a streamlined workflow, you canrepurpose your existing assets into Adobe AIRdesktop applications without leavingDreamweaver. Preview your Adobe AIRapplications within Dreamweaver CS4 to makesure everything is working as designed. Whenyoure ready, prepare your application fordeployment with Adobe AIR packaging andcode-signing features. Dreamweaver also servesas an Adobe AIR development platform forcustom applications. Adobe AIR applications runonline or off--they can even be used to access apersistent data source populated from yourdatabase. New user interfaceWork faster andsmarter across Dreamweaver CS4 and othercomponents of Creative Suite 4, thanks to a newlevel of integration and common user-interfaceelements. A common interface means a morenatural process as you move from Photoshop orFireworks to Flash to Dreamweaver. Stack orminimize your docked panels to maximize yourvisual or coding environment; click once to pull
  • 12. out a panel and expose desired properties, andthen click again to put it away. Work in new SplitCode View to display your code in two differentsections simultaneously, or choose the newHorizontal Split View option for a differentperspective. Quickly move from one layoutorganization to another with the Workspacepull-down list. You can choose from a series ofpredesigned layouts--like those for applicationcoders or designers--or create your own customwork environments for the ultimate inpersonalized workspaces. Export your HTML andJavaScript applications to Adobe AIR directly fromwithin Dreamweaver and run them online or off.Click to enlarge. Panels, like the CSS Styles panel,can be quickly expanded to make modificationsto your web page and, with a click, collapsed toallow maximum screen real estate for yourdesign. Click to enlarge. Creative Pro OnlineServicesConnect to the power of the onlinecommunity through your creative desktop. Newonline services accessed from withinDreamweaver CS4 let you search for help fromthe online community; share your screen withcolleagues or clients in a few quick clicks; moreeasily and efficiently manage day-to-day web
  • 13. content updates; and more. With new onlineservices in Creative Suite 4, you can take yourideas to the next level. Adobe Community HelpGet the power of an online search engine withinyour Creative Suite 4 software, but with moretargeted results thanks to Adobe CommunityHelp. Searchable content includes the in-depthproduct-specific Help that Adobe has alwaysdelivered, plus additional Adobe and third-partycontent chosen by experts at Adobe and in thedesign and production communities. With AdobeCommunity Help, you can find the focusedanswers you need, fast. (Internet connectionrequired for extended content.) is a set of online services--filesharing and storage, PDF converter, online wordprocessor, and web conferencing--that you canuse to create and share documents, communicatein real time, and simplify working with others.Thanks to the connection between one of services, Adobe ConnectNow, andDreamweaver CS4, you can meet live over theweb to share your screen, present creativeconcepts and ideas, and brainstorm with up totwo online guests for no additional servicecharge. To share your screen with colleagues and
  • 14. clients, choose File > Share My Screen. Guestscan then see your desktop on their screens asyou work. You can exchange ideas using the chatpod, add a live video or audio feed, or use theWhiteboard feature to enable guests to commenton content. You can even temporarily hand overcontrol of the screen to a guest to collaborate ona file. Additional services, such asShare, Create PDF, My Files, and Adobe Buzzword,are accessible via your web browser. (Internetconnection required.) InContext Editing Makeyour web page content available for onlineediting by others when you use InContext Editing.Offer your colleagues, clients or end users aneasier way to make simple edits withoutimpacting the design integrity of your webpages--and without help from you or additionalsoftware on their computers. Use the InContextEditing toolbar in Dreamweaver to set up yourweb pages, and then use the preview of thisonline service to enable content changes byothers. (This service will be available as apreview technology, and accessible from withinAdobe Dreamworks CS4. During this preview, youcan use it at no additional charge. Furtheravailability information will be posted to
  • 15. when appropriate.Internet connection required). Adobe BridgeHome Visit Adobe Bridge Home--an onlinechannel available in Adobe Bridge CS4--and stayup to date with whats new from Adobe and thedesign, web development, and video and audioproduction communities at large. Watch thelatest video tutorials for your Creative Suite 4software, listen to a podcast interview with aleading designer, or learn about the next trainingevent in your community. Discover tips andresources that can help you work smarter andfaster, making the most of Dreamweaver CS4.(Internet connection required.) Part of the AdobeCreative Suite 4 familyAdobe tightly integratesDreamweaver into the full range of Creative Suite4 solutions for print, production and, of course,web. Shared user-interface elements likecollapsible panels facilitate moving from oneCreative Suite component to another. For acomplete Dreamweaver web-centric solution,turn to Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium orAdobe Creative Suite 4 Web Standard software.Web Standard brings you the basic functionalityyoull need to produce exemplary websites, whileWeb Premium adds Photoshop CS4 Extended,
  • 16. Illustrator CS4, and Acrobat 9 Pro software tofurther fuel your creative ambitions. If yourelooking for a a full cross-media solution to takecontent fromprint to web to device, get AdobeCreative Suite 4 Design Premium, which featuresInDesign CS4 in addition to Photoshop CS4Extended, Illustrator CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4among other components. Dreamweaver is also acomponent of Adobe Creative Suite 4 MasterCollection software--the ultimate bundle ofcreative tools. Read moreProduct FeatureBuild world-class websites with one of theqindustrys leading web authoring tools;manipulate pixel-level designs or craft complexcode. Work the way you work best in thereal-world environment of Live ViewLeverage the intelligent integration ofqDreamweaver CS4 and other Adobe tools,including Adobe Flash CS4 Professional,Fireworks CS4, Photoshop CS4, and DeviceCentral CS4 software, through directcommunication and interaction across theproduct line
  • 17. Style your sites with the enhanced CSSqimplementation tools in Dreamweaver CS4;define and modify CSS rules instantly in theProperties panel; use the Related Files andCode Navigator features to find specific CSSrulesTap the power of built-in code hints for fasterqand cleaner coding in HTML; JavaScript; Ajaxframeworks such as Spry, jQuery, andPrototype; and several server languagesDesign and code in a tool that supports most ofqthe leading web development technologies,including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript,Ajax, PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP