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  • but still famous as the gateway to Tokyo narida (成 田) near the Narita Airport fertility (成 田 山) suck other famous shrines in Japan in the day wrestling drinkers (wrestler), and the massive mobilization of the famous artists kongppurigireulhagodeulgon The beans are getting packing thousands of people gathered. When he picked me for a year, sow beans just because your better Luck everyone crazy trying to pick up first, and enjoy them.
  • Similar customs have our old house, I was a kid the age of lunar February choharutnal had to eat a cake made ​​here is not got the roasted beans that have been variations than me.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Setsubun- The Festival of Japan
    • 2. Contents:
      Introduction : Sora
      History : Soo-Yeon
      Popularity : Eun-Saem
      Process : Ji-Yeon
      How it represents Japan : Jeong- In
      Conclusion : Seong- In
    • 3. Bean-Throwing Festival or Bean-Throwing Ceremony
      - The day before the beginning of spring in Japan
    • 4. History of Setsubun
    • 5. Typically, each day at home dads wear masks of demons that were waiting for the kids room, snooping in unison, "ghost-out, in blessing," he patsy shouting for him towards a ghost mask and throw roasted soybeans.
    • 6. Let’s look at the following video
    • 7. 4. popularity
    • 8. Ofcourse I know. I usually join in the festivities with my family.
      If you come in Japan, please join this festival, you will be like this!
      Do you know Setsubun??
    • 9. What do they do ????
    • 10. “ Oni-wa-soto, Fuku-wa-uchi”
      ( Get out demons, come in happiness)
      People throw roasted beans to demon, shouting the words for good luck that year.
    • 11. Men and women who are called “Toshi-otoko” and “ Toshi-onna” throw beans from the stage.
      Their birth year is the same as that particular year.
    • 12. Celebration at home
      * The father or the oldest man in the family takes the role of a demon.
      * After throwing beans, they eat the same number of beans as their age.
    • 13. What does it represent Japan?
    • 14. Well-Being
      They eat beans as much as how old they are because they think that it makes them healthy.
    • 15. They love their own Family.
      Father is wearing a mask of monster and playing with their kids.
    • 16. They love their own culture.
      They do play in kinder garden to show and teach them about their culture.
    • 17. Conclusion
    • 18.
    • 19.
    • 20. Thank you for your attention
      Questions & Answers