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Aquadomi Brochure New

  1. 1. 2009 Cityscape Abu Dhabi Luxury Water Living Copyright by AquaDomi™
  2. 2. AquaDomi Vision AquaDomi™ - Building for the future Luxury Living on water. The vision is to create new vitality from passive traffic harbor to houseboat cities. To create place for houseboats for people appreciating the maritime qualities. The liberty of living on the water is besides the attractive surroundings the fact that the house is not stationary. With AquaDomi™ we have sought to take advantage of this freedom to make the most flexible water-residence as possible. Primarily it is a floating residence uniting the comfort of the house and spaciousness with the location of the houseboat AquaDomi™ have the ambition to deliver a unique and individual design corresponding with the demands and wants of the present as well as the future, A product of modern architecture with high economic advantages and qualities by rational production. 1
  3. 3. What is AquaDomi? 2 • AquaDomi™ is Luxury Living on Water and Countryside • A future orientated long term investment • Globally a unique solution • New lightweight building solution for islands • Premium high quality construction • Innovative modular prefabricated units • Self sufficient - 100% recyclable • Maintenance free • Powerful concept - high technology • Individual architectural design and elegance
  4. 4. AquaDomi Services • Turnkey solutions for island projects • Architectural design by specialized team of Maritime Architects & Engineers • Global concepts for self sufficient islands • Hi-Tech building constructions - approved by European Maritime Authorities • Energy Technology - Green building standard (LEED) • Hi-Tech concepts for waste water, fresh water supply & garbage management • No limitations in Architecture Design custom made • AquaDomi quality insurance permitted by Lloyds Insurance Elements of Finance • For production and construction finance • Long term finance for end user • Turnkey finance 3
  5. 5. AquaDomi Possibilities • Aqua Cities • Exclusive Floating Restaurants / Bars • Floating Hotels • Luxury Spa Resorts • Villas, Apartment Houses • Summer Houses/Holiday Homes • Event Houses • Commercial Buildings • Club Houses with Marinas • Multifunctional platforms on water • Energy innovation platform on water 4
  6. 6. Cuba Havana - New Project Inspired Architecture The configuration of the two islands is characterized by a generous arrangement where each house has 5 a first glass view over the great archipelago of “The World”. The elevation predominantly directed towards the sea act like panoramic screens displaying astonishing pictures of the landscape of “The World”. The aims to incorporate some of the latest and most exciting water-homes from AquaDomi™. Sustainable architecture is a major concern and thought a generic and transversal integrated in our design process. All architectural and technical choices are evaluated by their environmental performances.
  7. 7. Z Hotel AquaDomi™ Z Hotel: Z-100 AquaDomi™ Z 100 Hotel, is a hotel with a lot of facilities. The hotel contains 100 double rooms on 24m² (3x8 m), restaurant for 100 persons, production kitchen, dishwashing room , store/coldroom, conference room for 100 persons, reception, offices, staff facilities and stairs/ elevator separated for the guests. Designed for a 3m wide walkway from the center of the hotel to land. Total building area is on 4725m² on a pontoon on 3375m² Number of staff is calculated to 27 persons. Hotels 6 12
  8. 8. Star Hotel Hotels Floating Hotel AquaDomi™ Star Hotel R200 7 The AquaDomi™ Star Hotel R200 is the name of a new floating hotel, designed by C. F. Moller Architects in co-operation with AquaDomi™. The hotel has 200 double rooms, of which 136 measure 24 m2, and several suites in various sizes up to 100 m2. As its name implies, the AquaDomi™ Star Hotel is star-shaped. The star shape secures views and balconies towards the water for all rooms, and can easily be turned and adapted to suit different locations. At the same time, it creates three soft bays which allow access to the water for the key functions and provide natural mooring spots for small boats. The dynamic figure also provides the necessary symmetrical balance in the water, and reduces the length of the corridors. Beside its rooms, the hotel also contains a restaurant, conference room, lounge bar, hall, reception, personnel facilities, storeroom and production kitchen.
  9. 9. Event House AquaDomi™ floating Event House A576 The Event House A576 is a floating wonder of architecture for special activities. It can be used as an office, café, gallery or other. The extra large floor-to-ceiling height in combination with the light create a special and inviting atmosphere. The large multi-media room with space for approximately 50 persons is specially designed for video projector displays. There is access from the exhibition rooms through a passage to 5 offices, 2 meeting rooms and a kitchen, which is placed behind the bar in Hotels the exhibition room. A staircase from the exhibition room and two external staircases lead to the first floor where 4 meeting rooms easily can be changed into two larger meeting rooms by the use of the sliding walls. The Event House has a unique design and can be used by a company as part of its branding and for special events. 8 AquaDomi Event House A576 Copyright by AquaDomi Design and Architect Ivar Moltke and Morten Jepesen, Denmark
  10. 10. Jungle House Jungle House :: AquaDomi™ A654 :: Exotic house on land The Jungle house is a big brother to The AquaDomi™ Jungle Houseboat. The Jungle House is a 3 story villa with 3 apartments in different sizes. At the beginning was The Jungle House thought as individual placed houses, but the design is suitable for groups and whole streets as well. The Jungle House contains nice and choosy cowered terraces and is suited for the conditions in the warmer countries. The windows are pulled back so the apartments will not be overheated of the sun, and unnecessary energy will be wasted on cooling. The unique design gives great possibilities for placing sun cells in the roof construction and thereby receives a reasonable green energy contribution. Resorts 9 Apartment A (ground floor): Apartment B (1.floor): Apartment C (2.floor): Suitable for a family on 4/5 persons Suitable for a family on 3/4 persons Suitable for a family on 2 persons and contains: Living room, kitchen, and contains: Living room, kitchen, and contains: Living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, bedroom and a changing room. House area: changing room. House area: changing room. House area: 52 m² 170 m² Terraces: 38 m² 100 m² Terraces: 30 m² Terraces: 20 m² Common area: Totally common area: 580 m² Design and Torrisi Procopio AquaDomi Jungle House Copyright by AquaDomi
  11. 11. Z House Residential 10 Type Z1 Type Z3
  12. 12. Residential Circle House The main idea is to follow the principle about “center and front”. Room and terrace elements are placed around the central base and can be arranged according to the customer’s needs and wishes. The AquaDomi™ circle system allows for individual solutions (for singles and families) and 11 functions (permanent habitation, office or summer house). The central base can be reduced or extended according to the need and the situation. The round central base with a surface of 28 m2 has kitchen, bathroom with separate toilet and technical room. A large sliding door supports the flexible and open use of the circle house, which is also the reason for using glass fronts that can be opened almost entirely except by the supporting pillars. The external screens with adjustable lamellas protect the house from sunlight and prevent that people can look into the rooms from the outside.
  13. 13. Residential AquaDomi C3 Houseboats Copyright by AquaDomi Design by Torrisi & Procopio Artchitetti C3 Houseboat C3 A320 / A360 The floating house C3 is available in two sizes. C3 series is a floating housing with high standards of comfort, unique architecture and design, better than the traditional housing types and more in the direction of luxury yacht design. There is particular attention in place to areas that can be used by the residents and guests; the open space also opens up to the spacious terraces with the large glass doors. Rational use of all room, with good facilities. The house is a result of three modular elements (C- shaped) and consists of two floors built in AquaDomi™ modular system. Architect Giuseppe Torrisi & Daniela Procopio 12 A320 : Suitable for a family of 3 or 4 people, it has one less bedroom cooperated to the larger version A360 and the rooms are generally more limited in size. Dimensions Pontoon area 320 m2, House area 190 m2 Terraces 60 m2 A360 : This version is suitable for a family of 4/ 5 people and is the larger version. The first floor consists of: lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry, kitchen store, changing room and a bathroom. On the second floor there are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.
  14. 14. Aqua Cities Many municipalities transforming harbor areas into new ways of housing, which match the desire for new lifestyles, attractive housing, business and cultural environment at the waterfront. Whole new water-based urban quarters can be built and create harmony between town, harbor, water and inhabitants. The floating house can be viewed as new kind of housing and a lifestyle, built on the individual house on the water This creates life and the possibility for development and concentration, where the water and harbor can be used Cities & Marinas in a new and exciting way and the town's public areas of completely new dimensions. Towns of floating houses are best placed in such a way that each owner has a good view over the water and the activities in the harbor and light and space around the house at the same time. AquaDomi™ can give you a recommendation of how to solve such a task and the necessary financial calculations. 13
  15. 15. Islands Projects We build exclusive emotions in new environments AquaDomi™ news 2009 Self sustainable systems for self-sufficient Islands. For further information please contact AquaDomi™ directly. The World For Example ‘The World’ Dubai An engineering odyssey to create an island paradise of sea, sand and sky. 14 Engineered to be flexible and designed to be Unforgettable - an incomparable destination. The World exists harmoniously with the diverse surrounding sea and marine life that inhabits it’s waters. This is the basis for the future standard towards the environment. Building performance on these islands is an opportunity that is worlds apart in the comparison of the construction process on conventional developments on land.
  16. 16. Information Basic Technical information AquaDomi™ Pontoon bridges for Floating houses as common gangway in floating house communities. It adapts to the tide and everybody has the same access to the house. AquaDomi™ Mooring Seaflex System AquaDomi™ recommends the use of the professional mooring system Seaflex. The Seaflex system uses an elastic progressive mooring, which is developed to cope with the tide. Seaflex causes the water level to Technical Information change slowly, but the progressive mooring can also cope with sudden waves from passing boats. AquaDomi™ Floating Part – Concrete Pontoon All AquaDomi™ floating houses are built on plastic-fiber concrete pontoons with hot-galvanized steel reinforcement that assure stability and a long life-time. Maintenance with poisonous paint and exchange of zinc anodes are not required. A floating house with a concrete pontoon does not have the problem of corrosion and the weight distribution gives optimum stability in the water. AquaDomi™ Construction AHPS Profile System AHPS is a new modular cassette building system that makes it possible to transport modular unmounted units in container and mount and connect on site directly onto the pontoon. AHPS is most flexible, with large carrying capacity, very lightweight, 35 % less then prefabricated concrete), great strength, fire proofed, ecologically friendly, impact proof outside, 100 % recyclable. Exterior materials - AquaDomi™ Facades Customized by combining profiles, planes, fibers or stone facades. 256 RAL colors available, maintenance free, fire proofed and salt water resistant AquaDomi™ Plane Facade: Plane The AquaDomi™ plane facade plate is a durable with a low- maintenance facade panel made of compressed rock fiber and Bakelite. It is water repellent, color fast, light weight, fire proof, 15 vapor permeable. Copyright by AquaDomi™
  17. 17. Information AquaDomi™ TechnicaI Information AquaDomi™ Facade profile Profiles Durable and maintenance-free made of wood fibers and extruded into profiles. AquaDomi™ stone facades: Stone The AquaDomi™ stone facade profiles are covered by high quality natural granules. Technical Information AquaDomi™ Insulation of the floating house The insulation of the house is very important when you live on water. The AquaDomi™ houseboat has the following U-values: Ceiling: 0.15; Floor: 0.12; Wall: 0.18 Noise reduction and Sound-proofing: The choice of the soundproofing material is also very important. The noise can come from the wind, the sea, the marine traffic. AquaDomi™ has the following noise reduction (dB): Windows: 36-39 dB ; Ceilings and floors: > 75 dB; Walls: > 52 dB Ventilation of the floating house: Ventilation and handling of humidity within the building are very important. The relative humidity is high during the summer and low during the winter. These conditions are more difficult for buildings on water. AquaDomi™ uses an “intelligent” vapor barrier that reacts to the air’s relative humidity. AquaDomi™ Windows for floating homes : Velfac AquaDomi™ uses Velfac 200 windows with high insulation capacity, noise reduction factor and an important sound-proofing quality. VELFAC 200 window systems are made of strong, weatherproof aluminium on the outside and north European Pinewoood on the inside. We use VELFAC DÉCOR opaque glass - where privacy and security are required. Infrastructure : AquaDomi™ Waterhomes Water, waste water, electricity, telephone and cable connections are 16 connected to the houseboat through the floating bridge. At the houseboat, the hook-up is placed under the gangway and thus hidden. Copyright by AquaDomi™
  18. 18. Information AquaDomi™ TechnicaI Information Water Supply The water supply goes through special 50mm flexible tubes that are insulated with El-tracing to prevent the water from freezing. Connection to the public waterworks is made with pressure water. The water gauge can be placed in a technical room or in the floating house. The hot-water tank is normally placed in the floating house. Electricity Technical Information Energy and energy- production: The houseboats are normally connected to the public supplying net. Telephone and Cable Connections If it is not possible to connect to the local net, is it possible to create a wireless system. Heating and Cooling of the AquaDomi™ Houseboat AquaDomi™ uses heating placed in floors, wall or air warming systems. Any form of heating is possible: gas- and oil burner, heat pumps, district heating, solar panels, wood burning fire places, ACs. Waste Water There are several solutions to the sewage discharge from the houseboat. 1) A grinder/pump system can be mounted that “shoots” the waste water to the public sewerage system ashore. 2) A sewer contractor can empty the houseboat’s septic tank with a gully emptier on a regular basis. Mud pumping on the bridge is not advisable due to environmental factors. 3) A third solution could be to install a mini-sewage works on each floating house that treats the discharge water. The cleaned water can then be led directly into the water. The residual product – the sludge – is collected in a tank and emptied regularly. Garbage Handling In connection with AquaDomi™ Projects an environment station is placed on land, to where the sorted garbage must be transported. The garbage will be collected and transported to treatment. 17 Copyright by AquaDomi™
  19. 19. Information AquaDomi™ Environment Correct Materials AquaDomi has tested all the materials which are used in the constructions, before they are taken in to use. New materials will also be tested, so we know, with sureness that nothing is going to harm the environment. Recyclable Materials AquaDomi™ has made sure that all materials which are used are 100% recyclable. The house by itself is therefore very environmentally correct. Partners AquaDomi™ Inspection and Maintenance Service inspection and maintenance of houseboats is performed by the AquaDomi™ service team. AquaDomi™ has the facilities to solve this assignment through a service agreement adapted to the specific demand. The result is noted in a logbook. AquaDomi Partners 18 Copyright by AquaDomi™
  20. 20. Have you ever wondered what it would be like Contact to live on water ? 19 AquaDomi MIDDLE EAST PO Box 72198, Dubai, UAE telephone: +971 4 334 5658, fax : +971 4 332 4880 email: Copyright by AquaDomi™