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Graphic Design Portfolio

  1. 1. PORTFOLIOJENNIFER LEZANMarketing Professional | Graphic Designer
  2. 2. Client: Sony Pictures MEDIA KITTarget: Audience 30-55 Event TicketsSoftware: InDesign/Photoshop 005These pieces were created utilizing InDesign and 12.23.2 memoirs of a geisha ishaPhotoshop for the release of the film Memoirs of aGeisha. Collateral pieces created were a poster, re theattickets and program for the Hollywood Premier. kodak ywood blvd. e ll o 8 6801 h A 9002 ood, CEach incorporated a Japanese theme and a coor- Hollyw of a gdinating color story. irs admit memo Event Poster Event Program e on0 MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA PROGRAM GUIDE $15 MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA world premier December 23, 2005 Itinerary oragami how to 1 5:00- Horduerves and open bar reception. the swan 5:30- Dinner reception. 6:30- Director presentation. Your oragami piece 1. Make a kite base. Fold 5. should look like this. 7:00- Movie premier. then unfold. Review where the dashed line is. 2. Finishing the kite base. 6. Fold the bottom point Fold lower edges to- up towards the upper wards center crease. point. oragami history Collections of Jottings on the History of Origami: Part One 3. Now flip your paper 7. Flip tip down and fold by David Lister over. the swan in half along The great divide between the old paperfolding and the new came around 1950, when the work of Akira Yoshizawa came to be known. Yoshizawa’s work appeared first in Japan with the publication of his series of astrological figures in the picture magazine dotted line. “Asahi Graf” in the issue for January, 1952. His work then appeared in the West remarkably soon afterwards, with the exhibition of the work of Yoshizawa at the Stadtlich Museum in Amsterdam in November 1955. It was Yoshizawa who created the idea of CREATIVE paperfolding (Sasaku Origami) and he invented a whole range of new designs which owed nothing to the origami of the past. In particular, he explored the potentialities of the Bird Base and rediscovered the “Sideways Turn” previously used in Japan only in the traditional Crow. With this technique, he folded a whole menagerie of animals and birds. Still, however, Yoshizawa had to create his four-legged animals using two squares of paper. It was not until the development of “Blintzed” Bases in the mid 1950s by other folders and particularly by the American, George Rhoades, that it became possible to fold animals with 4. Fold your outer edges 8. Pull up the neck. four legs and a head and a tail without cutting the paper. Before that only very primitive animals with four legs were possible, inwards towards the Squeeze the paper at including the famous traditional pig. Yoshizawa himself related how he had folded many three-legged quadrupeds, but he had center crease. the base of its neck to destroyed them all! crease. 2 3 kodak theatre For tickets: 323.308.6382 6801 hollywood blvd. Hollywood, ca 90028
  3. 3. EDITORIAL Spread 1 VIEW VIEW was Louis the XV who reigned from the years debt was not felt as much in the aristocratic court of the skirt creating a very wide silhouette. ThisClient: CondeNaste and Tiara Mag Media editor: Jennifer Lezan The Fashion of 1715-1774. He was an incredible lazy ruler who as it was felt among the commoners. The lifestyles style was more popular among the lifestyles ofTarget: Audience 30-5l & 12-25 FASHION Evolution The Fashion was so much involved in himself that he found of the rich contrasted horrendously compared the rich, rather than that of the common people Jennifer Lezan investigates Evolution it hard to concentrate on to the lifestyles of the of France. This style wasSoftware: InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator throughout the the affairs of his state. common people. Although most popularized by the fashion’s tulmutuous historical ages has evolved in many moments His attention was also France was going through infamous Queen Marie ways and often times in a state of economic incredibly focused on horrible economic issues, Antoinette. It was during during that evolutionary depression that slump is the reign of King Louis on the things the regular adventure it has repeated directly seen in the bland XVI, the grandson of population can and can not and simple clothing thatThese pieces were created utilizing InDesign and itself as most things in history do. There is a wear as well as wanting to copy the fashions of those people will tend to wear. These ideas of history King Louis XV, that Marie Antoinette was saying that history repeats of the government and brought to France. KingPhotoshop for the April Edition of Vogue Maga- itself which is relevant to fashion, but in reality it upper class (Tortura 4). Another political theme affecting fashion and evolving it into what Louis XVI was a, “well meaning and pious king people see today bringzine. A piece written for my senior thesis was pulled would be smarter to say that fashion reinvents itself, that truly had an influence on the fashions of these an incredible insight into modern culture and [ . . . ] but he was unfit for the heavy task (of ruling rather than repeats itself. centuries is political France) that confrontedinto a fashion related layout. The art direction was Often, this reinvention is triggered by a change of conflict. This political conflict is and often was modern History intelligence. directly him,” (Tortora 226). correlates to the fashions King Louis XVIclassically similiar to that of Vogue Magazine. All the times. Fashion evolves according to the historical is almost synonymous evolution of fashion the cause of warfare. Conflict can affect fashions people wear and to how those fashions change married the Austrian Princess Marie events that people witness with arbitrary, short-term throughout history it is best due to the fact that duringimages were touched up in Photoshop and effect throughout history. Fashion has a changes, long-term trends can be discerned to review two centuries that truly affected the these times of hardship it is often difficult to obtain and it is safe to say that this evolution of fashion Antoinette and it was she that paved the fashions became most prominent of the aristocracy duringvectors created in Illustrator-. I have also incorpo- direct correlation with the major historical events that which are indications of cultural conditions. One- clothing and people that lived during that time. the materials required for clothing and production. during the 18th century in historical France. the 18th century. She is most famous for her occur around it. People to-one r e l a t i o n s h i p s These time periods were There is also the idea thatrated a layout created on a freelance basis for react to major events such as war and government between cultural traits and fashion attributes are the 18th and 19th centuries. Throughout both of these new materials are often developed during wartime The 18th century dates back to the years line of “Let them eat cake,” in response to the complaints of the poorTiara Magazine. hiatus by changing their clothing drastically or by slightly deviating from the unlikely to be found, but the necessarily loose connection also has its centuries there were certain historical events that directly affected which can affect fashion as well. New innovations can 1700 through 1790’s. It was during the people as France went Bankrupt. This quote evolve the fabrics seen in this time that the fashion fashion of the time. These advantages: the indicator the fashions of the time. really emphasizes the fashion and expand on the capital of the world, changes directly affect the may be complex Throughout the fashions fact that the king and alternatives used during France, underwent some fashions that we see today. and the cultural pattern of the decades there queen were truly blind that time. tumultuous changes. The fashions of the past has indicated similarly always seems to be a to the issues that were During this century going on around them. evolved into the fashions difficult to isolate, but the theme that correlates There are also France went through While the common that people wear today. whole indication may with the idea of politics. events that concern a slew of incompetent the many women that the country still was a French people lived in These fashions evolved lead to a relatively deep Politics basically means economics which affect and incapable rulers he swooned, especially fashion and cultural icon horrible conditions with because of both historical level that cannot be readily having to do with the the fashions that people who put France through his most famous lover, that dominated over no money, royalty lived events as well as to meet expressed. Long-term government. Governments wear as well. When one economical and political Madame Pompadour. Due Western Europe. as the rich and famous do the needs of the ever trends in clothing are not and political heads truly looks back at times of chaos. to his lack of interest in today. One would think changing future time. In “fashions” in the sense of have an incredible impact economic abundance The predominant his country he engaged that perhaps this was their his book, (The Psychology fads, but expressions of on the lives of the people people are often in fashions The first of in many costly wars that style of that time was of Fashion), Michael R. historical trends”. who are influenced by that are Avante Garde and the Louis rulers who he lost and that added to called Rococo which way of escaping their fears Solomon states that: When it comes them. These influences outrageous, but when started to put France the country’s ever rising slenderized the waist and of the impending doom of “Although fashion to reviewing the major range from restrictions you review times that are into a downward spiral debt (Tortora 226). This added volume to the hips the oncoming revolution. 132 Cover Layout WWW.VOGUE.COM VOGUE APRIL 2008 131 WWW.VOGUE.COM VOGUE APRIL 2008 Spread 2 VOGUE As one can see turmoil, wars and political which spans from the years million immigrants came dy Bo because of economic conflict. Each of these 1800-1900 went through to the United State Between VIEW Pe CK ct turmoil the regular citizens themes affected the styles four main historical 1865 and 1930, bringing a rfe g /TU lived quite differently than that the French wore at the costume periods: The unique cultural heritage nin NIP that of the French royalty. time. The upper class and Directoire/Empire Period, and making possible the A They were much poorer lower class were affected The Romantic Period, great westward expansion” The Fashion sig and, in turn, wore clothing in the same ways, but The Crinoline Period (Tortora 254). De that was simpler. They their clothing was quite and The Bustle period APR Evolution worked for a living and their clothing reflected different. The rich used extravagance to escape (Batterberry). Each of these fashion periods The Industrial Revolution which began that in its practicality of the issues, while the had specific themes that during the 18th century sped Marie Antoinette’s life along with the long pants and buttoned shirts. The aristocracy poor lashed out by being different that those that “They were much life of the aristocracy did nothing for a living ruled over them. While revolved around the Palace Versailles. The and, in turn, was able to wear clothing that was the 18th century marked eventful changes in France poorer and, in turn, wore clothing that Palace Versailles was an impractical and frivolous. on how issues such as war only be worn by those incredibly lavish palace preached Because of changes in and economic turmoil people who did nothing where the French Royal new ideas of science ideas and philosophies affected clothing; it is the was simpler.” for a living and could Court spent most of their and reason verses the the fashions of the times 19th Century that shows bear to be weighed down The most influential time. It was lush and Catholic religion. These changed from a Rococo how the same issues along by hoops and petticoats. group was known as the plastered in gold leafing, new ideas could be seen It was said that Marie Sans-culotte. This French style to a Neo-classical with a few others affected directly affected the up quickly during the 19th had many rooms with in the citizen’s wardrobe Antoinette could spend word translates to without style. the fashions in America as fashion that were seen. century. As technologies expensive furniture, many which was simple, the equivalent of $40,000 breeches. These were the well as Europe in different advanced, people were gardens, and marble water practical and easy to work The themes seen ways. a year on fashion and on working class people who now able to “increase the fountains and baths. Marie in. This could be seen as throughout 18 century th Much like the 18 production of goods at th average she ordered 150 wore long pants in place Antoinette and the French a neo-classical revival France were economic The 19th century century technology was lower prices and [have] a dresses (Tortora 227). It of the shorter breeches royal court lived the life of in clothing. Many of the making leaps and bounds. higher standard of living” THE THE FASHION would seem that the court that the aristocracy wore. extravagance at Versailles citizens of France believed It was during the 19th (Tortora 255). People living in extravagance They were the poorest of and showed this in the that these new ideas could could pose an issue when the estates general and century that we could see were now able to live the clothing that they wore create a better country the country of France was were the extremist group the Industrial Revolution life that at one time only (Fashion). because of the old ways FASHION CYCLE falling deeper and deeper who led the country to evolve and pave the way the rich were privileged to had only dug them into a Gowns with into debt. revolt. The sans-culottes for the future. During have. deep hole of despair. tightly knit corsets and believed that survival was this century Napoleon The citizens of Fashion’s Evolution wide skirts with panniers 1789 marked the a right of everyone and reconstructed France The textile and ISSUE Through History underneath to give an unnatural wideness to one’s hips were the most France were not blind to the spending of their government. They often criticized and complained beginning of The French Revolution. This was the year that France had not just the rich who had all the money to eat. They also believed that there and once again Paris was production industries were the center of fashion, growing as manufacturing but America was slowly became more and more THE GREATS popular look (Fashion). At one point, the skirts about their incompetent hit rock bottom. The country had fallen into should be no inequality at all among their county. catching up. constant. Steam and mills started producing fabric FROM THE of the royal court were so government and the issues bankruptcy, there were Most importantly they In America, during at incredible rates and Chanel to wide that doors needed to that they had with it. As the French royal court rampant food shortages, believed that the monarchy the 19 century civil war new developers invented th 1800’s - 2009 be widened in order for lived in the frivolity of the they lost another 2 wars and aristocracy were to be took place and the pioneers machines that would make Gaultier the women to fit through. People know these special past, their citizens moved forward to new ideas and and the monarchy was forced to do the calling eliminated. They rebelled in both what they wore were beginning to expand the production of clothing westward (Tortora). This easier everyday. Sewing doors as French Doors of the Estates General. and in their actions. In century also saw one of machines and looms led philosophies. Writers such 1793 King Louis XVI and today. Incredibly high It was during this time the greatest influxes of to the wide use of the idea as Voltaire and Kant used Marie Antoinette were wigs and white makeup that the common people European immigrants. It of ready-to-wear clothing. the press to preach against executed by the rebel were also worn to show off began to rebel in their was said that, “in of the the monarchy and all of its groups of the Revolution their beauty (The Fashion actions and their clothing greatest folk movements No longer did WWW.VOGUE.COM VOGUE APRIL 2008 131 unfairness (Tortora). They (The French Revolution). Book). These looks could (Batterberry). in history, thirty-three people have to make their WWW.VOGUE.COM VOGUE APRIL 2008 133 WWW.VOGUE.COM VOGUE APRIL 2008 134