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The top trends emerging in consumer behavior based on tools and technologies we use today. Supported by research from multiple companies, this brief presentation offers an introduction to help companies understand and move ahead of the trend. Presented at Internet Summit, Fall 2012.

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  • Tech: gps, rfid, bluetooth, wifi Tech: smartphones, mobile, Trends: 12 active, we’ll review 5
  • Used to be we’d look to 10-15 year Then 5 year Now 18-24 months Game changers surprise us
  • Tool and technologies enable and amplify trends, but people and behaviors create trends.
  • Tool and technologies enable and amplify trends, but people and behaviors create trends.
  • Gorilla glass anyone? Demand for free wi-fi – see Sandy 24/7 connectivity Reduction of barriers
  • Tool and technologies enable and amplify trends, but people and behaviors create trends. 1 in 8 internet page views is from a mobile device 65 percent of U.S. smartphone users perform retail or shopping activities on their devices, with 1 in 5 smartphone users purchasing goods or services via their mobile phone. In 2007 – 9M owned a smartphone, today 110M (comscore) In 2010 4% of americans owned a tablet today it’s more than 25% (pew)
  • More than 200 networks with active users to scale
  • Tech lead the trend – the FB timeline
  • Tech lead the trend – the FB timeline
  • What is a generation 20 years Common location in time and history Shared values and beliefs
  • 1 in 5 have made a direct mobile purchase on their phone Google wallet Banking Swipe rfid
  • The expectation economy Obviously consumer involvement in products and services pre-launch has been building for years. Think co-creation / CUSTOMER-MADE which is still an active trend. But a consumer engaging in co-creation is often looking to showcase his or her own design or marketing talent, while PRESUMERS are primarily about getting what they want – ideally a great product AND an amazing STATUS STORY – by getting involved early. Whether it's all about the perfect product, or the excitement of being a passionate supporter, PRESUMERS love to get involved with, push, fund, and promote products and services before they are realized .
  • By April 2012, there were 452 crowdfunding platforms operating globally, up from 100 in 2007 (Source: Massolution/The Economist, May 2012). In 2009, crowdfunded platforms raised a total of USD 530 million. In 2011 that figure was USD 1.4 billion. This year, that’s on track to double to USD 2.8 billion (Source: Massolution/The Economist, May 2012). Between launch in 2009 and February 2012, Kickstarter had no USD 1 million projects. Now, twelve projects have raised more than USD 1 million. By September 2012, Kickstarter had launched 73,065 successful projects
  • Long form journalism
  • Gluten free bread in NY
  • The expectation economy Make it easy, easy, easy for me
  • The expectation economy Make it easy, easy, easy for me
  • If individualism is the new religion, uniqueness is its goddess
  • What applies to you, your customers
  • Your customers Your employees You
  • We can rarely predict technology shifts
  • We can predict people
  • What is a generation 20 years Common location in time and history Shared values and beliefs
  • Tech: gps, rfid, bluetooth, wifi, cloud Tech: smartphones, mobile, touch Trends: 12 active, we’ll review 5
  • Emerging Trends, Tools & Technologies

    1. 1. trends, tools, technologies edge @cloudspark #isum12
    2. 2. this is not be social be human how-to tell stories be mobile-ready be visual @cloudspark #isum12 2
    3. 3. getting perspective tools and tech have rewrittennow our perceptions of time 3
    4. 4. tools and techenablepeople and behaviorcreate 4
    5. 5. e mc secommercemobile commerceconsumer socialized @cloudspark #isum12 5
    6. 6. touch> 4 connectivity barrier shift mobile 6
    7. 7. mobilewarming 2007 9M smartphones 2012 111M smartphones on/off all day 2010 12M tablets 2012 75M tablets morning/night 7
    8. 8. social spheres areME! the forefron ME! t of shaping current trends ME! ME! ME! 8
    9. 9. growth withengagement 9
    10. 10. the rise of visual 10
    11. 11. trends @cloudspark #isum12 11
    12. 12. real time presumers> 5 one touch nanny me artificial scarcity 12
    13. 13. your doorfrom the e to the m you are always open and you’re expected to answer 13
    14. 14. presumers @cloudspark #isum12 14
    15. 15. I + push, fund, promote before the product is made or the service is 3 offeredis the world’s co-creation trend rd status story with an largest economy emotional return 15
    16. 16. > kickstarter - launched in ‘09 73,065 successful projects $377M raised 12 projects raised $1M+ (all this year) 16
    17. 17. > escape the city – helps professionals in career transition raised GBP 600K in 2 weeks on crowdcube 87,000 members 17
    18. 18. > matter – long form journalism us/uk publication early supporters get lifetime subscription meet the editors 18
    19. 19. > roominate – engineering toy for girls <11% of all engineers are girls raised $85K on kickstarter 19
    20. 20. > free bread inc – gluten-free bread in nyc raised nearly $11K through indiegogo passionate presumers built the brand 20
    21. 21. > whogivesacrap – branded toilet paper raised 50K in 50 hours on indiegogo 50% of all profits go to building new toilets in developing countries 21
    22. 22. one touch @cloudspark #isum12 22
    23. 23. I + tech at my finger tips meet my need when i have it with anis the world’s instant response mindless gratification make it easy economy largest 23
    24. 24. > red tomato pizza vip fridge magnet order your favorite at a touch of a button uses bluetooth technology (every college kid’s dream) 24
    25. 25. > ushaia ibizia beach hotel biometric payment, paytouch guests make payments with fingerprints no wallet or cards required encourages guests to stay on property 25
    26. 26. > evian chez-vous order bottled water or other danone products with the touch of a smart drop button 26
    27. 27. nanny me @cloudspark #isum12 27
    28. 28. I help me be better i know what to do but i’m not doing it 3is the world’s diy health trend rd remind me, again largest economy
    29. 29. > 22seven reviews a user’s bank statements to find places where they can save money offered strategies, plans, tactics, rewards 29
    30. 30. > LUMOback wireless devices connect to your mobile gadget monitor your posture in real time evaluate, suggest, improve through visual and vibration 30
    31. 31. > nike + fuelband wristband tracks movement, calorie intake, and time to task monitors, tracks to pre-programmed goals accessed by mobile or desktop 31
    32. 32. > kahnoodle uses web and mobile tech to help build, maintain relationships uses a relationship dashboard to display your key metrics 32
    33. 33. artificialscarcity @cloudspark #isum12 33
    34. 34. I carefully crafted limit access limit product/service drive the demandis the world’s individualism i consume unique largest economy 34
    35. 35. > adam tensta – musician released song, one listener at a time fans had to get the app from facebook created a digital line to listen 35
    36. 36. > doughnut vault chicago bakery closes its doors after selling that day’s product 36
    37. 37. > liberty coffee small speakeasy in singapore fresh-roasted, single-source coffee only open for tastings must be a facebook fan to know when 37
    38. 38. more trends branded government safety nets include energy creation real world liking super eco tasksumers @cloudspark #isum12 38
    39. 39. read marketing trend data 39
    40. 40. look how tech influences behavior 40
    41. 41. tools and tech enable a trend 41
    42. 42. people, behavior create trends 42
    43. 43. customers want more, rewardmore 43
    44. 44. blend it in. @cloudspark #isum12 44
    45. 45. any questions?
    46. 46. source comScore Pew Research Trendwatchings Trend Reports eMarketer Chief Marketer BtoBonline 46
    47. 47. jenny-rebecca schmitt @cloudsparkjschmitt@cloudspark.com