Millennials: Creating Stories that Reach and Resonate with this Generation

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Millennials - who are they, why are they like that, what influences them, how they like to work, interact and consume. This presentation, given at Y'all Connect, provides data, tips, and examples of …

Millennials - who are they, why are they like that, what influences them, how they like to work, interact and consume. This presentation, given at Y'all Connect, provides data, tips, and examples of the kinds of stories that reach and resonate the 100 million impressive members of this generation.

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  • in 1993, 90% of fathers attended the births of their children, versus only 10% in 1975today’s kids cost their parents about twice as much as they cost their own parents (adjusted for inflation)two working parents*50% have divorced parentsno failing gradesno losing teamsgroup mattersgoogle itinstant informationFOMOreal-timestunted adult development
  • HMillennial Train Project
  • YP Lifeline Quarterly revealed that a striking 82% of Gen Y would rather pay >$10/mo to choose 20 shows than full price for complete cable.
  • three-quarters (75%) of younger Americans say they have read at least one book in print in the past year, compared with 64% of adults ages 30 and older
  • Four of five (81 percent) respondents believe that people have different online and offline identities.Over a third of the respondents felt that most people have very different online versus offline identities. When asked about themselves, only 44 percent said their online identity was the same as their real-world “offline” identity.
  • 60% admit to compulsively checking their smartphones for emais, text, social media updates.
  • Ninety percent of Gen Y surveyed worldwide said they check their smartphones for updates in email, texts and social media sites, often before they get out of bed
  • More than half of American respondents (56 percent) use smartphones during social meals.Over a third use smartphones in the bathroom.3 out of 4 respondents use smartphones in bed.
  • Slacktivism$72 million in donations since 1985
  • there are  no clear markers between “the workday” and personal time – both blend and overlap throughout the day and night.
  • Helicopter parentsSlashitude
  • While two out of five said their company’s policy forbids them to use company-issued devices for non-work activities, nearly three out of four (71 percent) said they don’t always obey those policies.Two-thirds (66 percent) feel that “employers should not track employees’ online activities -- it’s none of their business.”
  • You cannot rely solely on text with this generation – moving pictures, auditory, sensory – blend it.


  • 1. jenny-rebecca schmitt @cloudspark
  • 2. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 3. 1991-2000 gen y, digital natives most diverse most educated most medicated most cared for tradition with a twist 100 million @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 4. millennials will recreate this country.
  • 5. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 6. hanging out live together (buy a house) children marriage nontraditional roles life path
  • 7. connected confident interested distracted @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 8. story one: the millennial trains project @cloudspark #yallconnect @MillennialTrain
  • 9. they’re going to redefine every facet of society. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 10. television 83% of watch TV and video streaming on their computers. Of those 23% watch exclusively streaming content.
  • 11. story two: catfish @cloudspark #yallconnect @CatfishMTV
  • 12. kickstarter - launched in ’09 73,065 successful projects $377M raised 12 projects raised $1M+ (2012) story three: crowdsourcing @Kickstarter @IndieGoGo @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 13. adam tensta – musician released song, one listener at a time fans had to get the app from facebook created a digital line to listen story four: adam tensta @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 14. 2,446 4,224 1,155 “a physical book allows me to stay focused on what i’m reading. reading on my tablet, computer, or smartphone comes with too many tempting distractions. i also like the physical feel of a book and the satisfaction turning pages provides.” - ypulse
  • 15. connected 98% use the internet 80% have broadband at home 97% own a cell phone and 65% own a smartphone 34% have a tablet computer 28% own an e-reader @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 16. text, IM, watch, share, photo, video, play, learn, find, bank, schedule… oh, and talk.
  • 17. 41% update at least once a day. 22% update several times a day. 56% have a twitter account. 21% tweet at least once a day. life online @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 18. visual content creators nearly 90% upload photos to share or store on internet sites. 62% upload videos to share or store on internet sites.
  • 19. technology comes with trade-offs. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 20. online versus offline 40% spend more time visiting online with friends than socializing in person. 67% spend an equal amount of time, or more, socializing online with friends than they do in person. 38% of men spend more time in-person with friends than online, versus 29% of women. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 21. fomo “fear of missing out” @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 22. fomo @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 23. fomo @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 24. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 25. but wait, technology can help us @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 26. story five: credo mobile @cloudspark #yallconnect @CredoMobile
  • 27. *blurring the line between work and personal time
  • 28. pre-k to high school college grad school or skip year multiple jobs multiple companies work path
  • 29. meaningful group oriented access required digitally available@cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 30. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 31. slashitude
  • 32. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 33. civics boomers gen x millennials outlook practical optimistic skeptical hopeful work ethic dedicated driven balanced determined authority respectful love/hate unimpressed polite lead by hierarchy consensus competence pulling together relationships personal sacrifice personal gratification reluctant to commit inclusive turnoffs vulgarity political incorrectness hype, cliché waiting provide stability personal challenge feedback structure @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 34. require structure, guidance and opportunity. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 35. sticky note one @cloudspark #yallconnect develop the narrative with them.
  • 36. sticky note two @cloudspark #yallconnect make it mobile-friendly.
  • 37. sticky note three @cloudspark #yallconnect cross the platform and make it seamless.
  • 38. sticky note four @cloudspark #yallconnect include the impact.
  • 39. sticky note five @cloudspark #yallconnect make it shareable.
  • 40. sticky note six @cloudspark #yallconnect blend the sensory experience.
  • 41. sticky note seven @cloudspark #yallconnect truth.
  • 42. @cloudspark #yallconnect
  • 43. thank you sources: pew american life comscore nielsen university of michigan mtv insights ypulse