Generational Insights, A Talk for the Ages

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Presented to AAF Augusta, this topic highlights the importance of knowing, understanding your audiences as personal levels. By shifting from basic demographics to psychographic insights - generational …

Presented to AAF Augusta, this topic highlights the importance of knowing, understanding your audiences as personal levels. By shifting from basic demographics to psychographic insights - generational insights in this case - messages, content and campaigns can achieve a higher level of success.

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  • 1. a talk for the ages* your advantage is in knowing your audience at a personal level *in 30 minutes @cloudspark
  • 2. it’s not all about content blasphemy! @cloudspark
  • 3. audience + content + channel + timing the formula @cloudspark
  • 4. audience shifts go deeper than demographics @cloudspark
  • 5. target audience women ages 55+ in augusta who own homes 310 million us 9.2 million ga 290,00 region 197,872 augusta 100,914 females 51,466 homeowners 9,779 in our age group @cloudspark
  • 7. psychographics personalize with more confidence @cloudspark
  • 8. target audience women ages 55+ in augusta who own homes 9,779 baby boomers social profiles news consumption church affiliation empty nesters better personalization @cloudspark
  • 9. the generational lens @cloudspark
  • 10.  36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31— millennials – live in their parents’ home, the highest share in at least four decades.  a record 40% of all households w/ children <18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family. did you know? @cloudspark
  • 11. civics “masters of the american dream” @cloudspark
  • 12.  currently ages 69-88  traditional  original community builders – kiwanis, rotary, wives’ clubs  sacrifice, save, plan  rural to suburban to urban  ‘save for a rainy day’ ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ demographics - civics @cloudspark
  • 13. courting engagement marriage children traditional family roles life path @cloudspark
  • 14. high school trade, military, or college work your way up the ladder few, if any, work changes work path @cloudspark
  • 15.  experienced and committed  traditional  affirming  respectful  know their legacy  doing something on the behalf of others is what it’s all about civics - psychographics @cloudspark
  • 16. boomers “rule breakers. who love the rules.” @cloudspark
  • 17.  currently ages 50-68  75 million (biggest ever!)  two-parent traditional families  broke all forms of tradition  not monolithic  “never trust anyone over 30.”  “he who dies with the most toys, wins.” demographics - baby boomers @cloudspark
  • 18. dating live together/ engagement marriage/s children (maybe) new family roles life path @cloudspark
  • 19. middle school high school college, maybe trade or military work your way up the ladder unexpected work changes work path @cloudspark
  • 20.  driven to rewards (second childhood)  comparison consistent “-er or –est”  want recognition  p.c.- and fairness-obsessed  consensus builders  “i’m okay, you’re okay”  in denial psychographics - boomers @cloudspark
  • 21. gen x the tribe of peers @cloudspark
  • 22.  currently ages 35-49  ~43 million  most misunderstood, most abused, most forgotten generation in american history  latch-key kids in a shifting culture  underemployed, overeducated and intensely private demographics – gen x @cloudspark
  • 23. dating live together (maybe) marriage (later) children (later) redefining family roles life path @cloudspark
  • 24. middle school jr and sr high school college, grad school multiple jobs multiple careers work path @cloudspark
  • 25.  independent, works is a means  tech-savvy  individual recognition  reluctant to commit (but highly loyal once they do)  realistic  empathetic  comfortable in unstructured environments psychographics - gen xers @cloudspark
  • 26. millennials “traditional with a modern twist” @cloudspark
  • 27.  currently ages 14-34  100 million (behemoth!)  two working parents (50% have divorced parents)  most diverse, most educated, most medicated, most indulged, most cared for  no failing grades and no losing teams  overscheduled and over-managed demographics – millennials @cloudspark
  • 28. hanging out, group experiences live together (maybe) children (later) marriage (later) modern family roles life path @cloudspark
  • 29. preschool k-12 college grad school the hustle work path
  • 30.  work must have meaning  tech flexible, yet tech dependent  fomo  group-oriented  delayed adulthood  know the expectations on them psychographics – millennials @cloudspark
  • 31. 31 civics boomers gen x millennials outlook practical optimistic skeptical hopeful work ethic dedicated driven balanced determined authority respectful love/hate unimpressed polite lead by hierarchy consensus competence pulling together relationships personal sacrifice personal gratification reluctant to commit inclusive turnoffs vulgarity political incorrectness hype, cliché waiting provide stability personal challenge feedback structure v.a.b.b. differences
  • 32. go past the numbers your competitive advantage is knowing your audience at a more personal level @cloudspark
  • 33. be smarter u.s. census gallup your own surveys use the data @cloudspark
  • 34. i might just answer ask me anything @cloudspark
  • 35. thank you. jenny schmitt @cloudspark jschmitt(at)cloudspark(dot)com