3rd grade chapter books


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Great books recommended by 3rd graders!

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3rd grade chapter books

  1. 1. The Ghost of Windy Hill by Clyde Robert Bulla <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BUL </li></ul>Recommended By Many
  2. 2. Westward to Home: Joshua’s Diary My America series by Patricia Hermes <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>HER </li></ul>Recommended By Eyal 3Gal
  3. 3. Henry Huggins books by Beverly Cleary <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>CLE </li></ul>Recommended By John, 3R
  4. 4. Scaredy-Cat Catcher Gym Shorts series by Betty Hicks <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>HIC </li></ul>Recommended by John in 3R
  5. 5. Wild Willie Mystery series by Barbara Joosse <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>JOO </li></ul>Recommended By Many
  6. 6. Ottoline books by Chris Riddell <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>RID </li></ul>Recommended By Sophie 3R
  7. 7. Thank You, Logan Hopscotch Hill School books by Valerie Tripp <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>BTR </li></ul><ul><li>TRI </li></ul>
  8. 8. Rosalie, My Rosalie by Jacquelyn Mitchard <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MIT </li></ul>Recommended By Sophie 3R
  9. 9. Julia Gillian books by Alison McGhee <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MCG </li></ul>Recommended By Sophie 3R
  10. 10. The Dragon in the Sock Drawer by Kate Klimo <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>KLI </li></ul>Recommended By Jo 3R (Mrs.Misch says that there are more of these).
  11. 11. Matilda by Roald Dahl <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>DAH </li></ul>Recommended By Jo 3R
  12. 12. Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>ROW </li></ul>Recommended by many
  13. 13. Emily Windsnap books by Liz Kessler <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>KES </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  14. 14. My Unwilling Witch series by Haiwyn Oram <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>ORA </li></ul>Recommended by Caitlin 3Gal
  15. 15. Clever Lollipop by Dick King-Smith <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>KIN </li></ul>Recommended by Caitlin 3Gal
  16. 16. Polly’s Absolutely Worst…. by Frances Thomas <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>THO </li></ul>Recommended by Caitlin 3Gal
  17. 17. Keena Ford books by Melissa Thomson <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>THO </li></ul>Recommended by Caitlin 3Gal
  18. 18. A to Z and Capital mystery books by Ron Roy <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>ROY </li></ul>Recommended by many
  19. 19. Jennifer Murdley’s Toad Magic Shop books by Bruce Coville <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>COV </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  20. 20. Swordbird books by Nancy Fan <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>FAN </li></ul>Recommended by Jack 3Gal
  21. 21. Home on the Range by Lucy Nolan <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>NOL </li></ul>Recommended by Marisa 3Gal
  22. 22. Judy Moody & Stink books by Megan McDonald <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MCD </li></ul>Recommended by many
  23. 23. A Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>SNI </li></ul>Recommended by many
  24. 24. Attack of the Evil Elvises by Dan Greenburg <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>GRE </li></ul>Recommended by Christopher 3Gal
  25. 25. Bailey School Kids by Debbie Dadey <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>PB </li></ul><ul><li>DAD </li></ul>Recommended by many
  26. 26. Cat Diaries by Betsy Byars <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BYA </li></ul>Recommended by many
  27. 27. Geronimo Stilton books by Geronimo Stilton <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>PB </li></ul><ul><li>STI </li></ul>Recommended by many
  28. 28. Katie Kazoo books by Nancy Krulik <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>PB </li></ul><ul><li>KRU </li></ul>Recommended by many
  29. 29. Gooney Bird Green books by Lois Lowry <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>LOW </li></ul>Recommended by Grace 3Gal
  30. 30. Julie books by Megan McDonald <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MCD </li></ul>Recommended by Julia 3Gal
  31. 31. Captain Underpants books by Dav Pilkey <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>PB </li></ul><ul><li>PIL </li></ul>Recommended by Angela Dong
  32. 32. Stink books by Megan McDonald <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MCD </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  33. 33. Franny K. Stein books by Jim Benton <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BEN </li></ul>Recommended by Kyra Douglass
  34. 34. Tumtum & Nutmeg books by Emily Bearn <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BEA </li></ul>Recommended by Curran Folino
  35. 35. The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles books) by Rick Riordan <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>RIO </li></ul>Recommended by Curran Folino
  36. 36. The Story of Dr. Doolittle by Hugh Lofting <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>LOF </li></ul>Recommended by Curran Folino
  37. 37. The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>SEL </li></ul>Recommended by Teddy Gutman
  38. 38. The Haunted House & Key to the Treasure by Peggy Parish <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>PAR </li></ul>Recommended by Kyle Huang
  39. 39. Who Shrunk Daniel Funk? books by Lin Oliver & Stephen Gilpin <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>OLI </li></ul>Recommended by Teddy Gutman
  40. 40. Dragon Slayer’s Academy books by Kate McMullan <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>PB </li></ul><ul><li>MCM </li></ul>Recommended by Kyle Huang
  41. 41. Percy Jackson & the Olympians books by Rick Riordan <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>RIO </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  42. 42. Weebie Zone books by Stephanie Spinner <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>SPI </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  43. 43. The Halloween Horror and Other Cases by Seymour Simon <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>SIM </li></ul>Recommended by Tazee Mahjied
  44. 44. The Runaway Dolls by Ann Martin & Laura Godwin <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MAR </li></ul>Recommended by Tazee Mahjied
  45. 45. Stories of Monsters by Russell Punter <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>PUN </li></ul>Recommended by Tazee Mahjied
  46. 46. The Hero Revealed by William Boniface <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BON </li></ul>Recommended by Tazee Mahjied
  47. 47. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books by Betty MacDonald <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>MAC </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  48. 48. The Boxcar Children books by Gertrude Warner <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>WAR </li></ul>Recommended by Dayana Ramirez
  49. 49. Song Lee books by Suzy Kline <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>KLI </li></ul>Recommended by Dayana Ramirez
  50. 50. Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>PAR </li></ul>Recommended by Dayana Ramirez
  51. 51. Fairy Realm books by Emily Rodda <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>ROD </li></ul>Recommended by Annabel Thomas
  52. 52. Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>DIT </li></ul>Recommended by Jo 3R
  53. 53. My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>GAN </li></ul>Recommended by Sophie 3R
  54. 54. Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>OSB </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  55. 55. Secrets of Dripping Fang books by Dan Greenburg <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>GRE </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  56. 56. The Sister’s Grimm books by Michael Buckley <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BUC </li></ul>Recommended by Taz 3R
  57. 57. Shredderman books by Wendelin Van Draanen <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>VAN </li></ul>Recommended by Sachin 3R
  58. 58. Measle books by Ian Ogilvy <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>OGI </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  59. 59. The Story of Freginald by Walter Brooks <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BRO </li></ul>Recommended by Clay 3Gib
  60. 60. The Fledgling (Hall Family Cronicles) by Jane Langton <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>LAN </li></ul>Recommended by Evan 3Gib
  61. 61. Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>COL </li></ul>Recommended by Evan 3Gib
  62. 62. Gator Girls books by Joanna Cole & Stephanie Calmenson <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>COL </li></ul>Recommended by Maggie A. 3Gib
  63. 63. Cam Jansen books by David Adler <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>ADL </li></ul>Recommended by Many
  64. 64. Freddy and the Perilous Adventure (Freddy books) by Walter Brooks <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>BRO </li></ul>Recommended by Clay 3Gib
  65. 65. Backyard Dragon by Betsy & Samuel Sterman <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>STE </li></ul>Recommended by John C. 3R
  66. 66. Five Smooth Stones (My America books) by Kristiana Gregory <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>GRE </li></ul>Recommended by Eyal 3Gal
  67. 67. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>PB </li></ul><ul><li>RAW </li></ul>Recommended by Clay 3Gib
  68. 68. Allie Finkle books by Meg Cabot <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>CAB </li></ul>Recommended by Parkie 3Gib
  69. 69. Hank the Cowdog books by John Erickson <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>ERI </li></ul>Recommended by Jack 3Gal
  70. 70. Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>SMI </li></ul>Recommended by Grace 3Gal
  71. 71. The Private Notebooks of Katie Roberts, age 11 by Amy Hest <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>HES </li></ul>Recommended by Grace 3Gal
  72. 72. Zoo School by Laurie Miller Hornik <ul><li>LS </li></ul><ul><li>F </li></ul><ul><li>HOR </li></ul>Recommended by Grace 3Gal