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VSC Growth Company Profile

  1. 1. adding more potential to your businesswww.vscgrowth.com.au
  2. 2. overcomechallenges
  3. 3. about usPromiseVSC Growth will partner with you togrow the potential of your business.We offer experience with a morepersonal and practical approach thatdelivers enduring value.VisionVSC Growth aims to be the preferredtrusted advisors to medium and largebusinesses in the areas of strategy,organisational performance andleadership.MissionWe will earn our preferred trusted advisorstatus through:• Understanding our clients• Personal service andconsidered advice• Developing our network,experience and approach• Focusing on creating enduring valueManaging a business presents challengesdaily. Steve Coote, Director of VSC Growth,understands those challenges. With over 30years operational experience, Steve appreciatesbusiness demands faced by senior executives.Steve founded VSC Growth Plus Pty Ltd in 2001.For a number of years Steve contracted hisservices almost exclusively to leading professionalservices consultancy Cardno (ASX:CDD). Inhis tenure at Cardno, Steve held various seniormanagement roles, from leading businessunits and divisions to General Manager, GroupOperations of the global group of 3000+ people.Following an association over 30 years withCardno, Steve left in 2009 to focus on buildinghis VSC Growth consultancy.In his career Steve has participated in the mergerand acquisition of more than 30 companies - fromidentification to due diligence to integration, heunderstands the process. Steve also offers directexperience in business planning and all corporateservices (such as operational finance& budgeting, business systems, IT, marketing, HRand administration) functions. He has experiencemanaging profitable businesses in good times,and the not so good.Steve has a reputation for building strongprofessional relationships, analysing businessesand improving their performance - by buildingteams, setting goals and coaching managers.Steve believes the success of VSC Growth willbe judged by the success of its clients. Hiscommitment to delivering solutions which matchclient needs and expectations is his business goal.
  4. 4. betterperformance
  5. 5. strategybusinessIn today’s dynamic businessenvironment having a well thoughtout business strategy is essential.Planning and implementinga successful strategy for thefuture mitigates risks and opensopportunities for growth andsustainable profits.At VSC Growth we help businessesproduce strategies that increasepotential. We help you clarify yourgoals, engage your key personnel,assess the current state, explorepossibilities for the future, and identifyboundaries. Our services can helpyou develop practical implementationplans that engender the commitmentof the organisation and lead toimproved bottom line results.Should Mergers & Acquisitionsform part of your growth strategy,VSC Growth can assist. We providesupport services in the areas of M&Astrategy, due diligence, and integrationthat are focused at increasing value.Questions that you might beasking…• What will my business looklike five years from now?• How will we grow in adynamic economy?• What impact will marketchanges and competitionhave on my business?• Which are the most importantactions I need to take toimplement our strategy?• Who in our businessshould I engage to helpimplement the strategy?• How can I be confident that I willget positive returns from M&A?organisationalperformanceclientsSuccessful organisations enjoy thespoils of high performance becausetheir teams are aligned, know exactlywhat they have to do, and have thenecessary skills and resources todeliver. They also have the policies,processes, systems and controls thatregularly deliver high quality servicesand products to clients.VSC Growth’s experience in businessoperations can help you review andoptimise your organisational capacity,capability, structure, and businesspractices or, more simply, your“readiness to achieve”. We establishperformance systems which alignwith your strategy and encourage ahealthy performance culture withinyour teams.In business things don’t always goto plan and an under performingbusiness unit or division can decimatecompany profits and shareholderreturns. VSC Growth has significantexperience in “turnaround” projectsand will provide fresh insights thatwill make a positive difference.By developing client relationshipstrategies we can even help youturn your high maintenance/lowprofit clients into champions of yourbusiness.Questions that you might beasking…• We want to grow, but do I havewhat we need to deliver?• How can I get my leaders andteams working together better?• How do I improve qualityand client satisfaction?• Can I reduce our costs withoutimpacting on quality or service?• Why can’t my direct reportssort out their unit’s problems?• We are working hard but whyaren’t we making more profit?leadershipresultsThe responsibilities and expectationsof CEO’s and Senior Executives areconstantly increasing in a businessenvironment that is always presentingnew challenges.Continuously developing the health,breadth and depth of leadership withinthe business is paramount to growthand sustainable success.VSC Growth can help your key peoplemeet the challenges of today andtransition with the business intothe future.We can provide support to all levelsin your organisation in the form ofpractical “sounding board” advice toquestion and explore specific issues,through to more structured mentoringprograms. Our coaching programsinclude tailored personal growth plansthat align with business objectives.It is no surprise that Boards andDirectors are also exposed toincreasing responsibility andexpectation. Access to VSC Growth’soperational experience can provideBoards with a valuable resource tocontribute to governance and riskmanagement.Questions that you might beasking…• How might I approach thiscurrent issue differently?• I (or my reports) are notachieving the expectedresults, what can we do?• Who will replace me, ormy leaders, in the eventof a departure?• How do I help our keypeople and future leadersgrow with the business?• Our CEO says everything is undercontrol but how can I be sure?• How effective are ourgovernance procedures?services
  6. 6. guaranteedresults
  7. 7. Initial ConversationEach engagement starts with an initial conversation. Wewant to get to know you and your business and beginto explore how we might be able to help. We find thatwhen we collaborate with clients, we can jointly develop astrategy to solve your problem. If VSC Growth can’t help,we will try and connect you with people who can.ProposalAfter the initial conversation, and once we have agreedto an overall approach, we will provide you with a formalproposal. The proposal will detail the goals, servicetype(s), delivery method, program and fees. We willdiscuss the proposal with you to ensure that it meets yourrequirements.EngagementVSC Growth will usually adopt the following methodologyfor an engagement:Deeper Understanding - We have a natural instinct forengaging, questioning and investigating.Open Collaboration - We respect experience andfacilitate shared thinking and evaluation of solutionsand risks.Practical Action Plans - We plan actions,responsibilities, time frames and budgets to fit yourrequirements and participants’ capacities.Effective Implementation - We coach and mentorparticipants, remove road blocks, and encouragetimely and effective action.Monitoring & Review - We report on progress andagree with you any adjustments needed to achieveyour goals.EvaluationUltimately, achieving tangible results for you, on time andwithin budget, is our objective. We will review the successof the engagement with you. If something needs to bedone to complete the engagement we will work with you toaddress you concerns. Our guarantee is that if we haven’tdelivered on our promises we don’t expect you to pay us.At VSC Growth we prideourselves on successfulstrategies and provenmethodologies. We thriveon challenge and drawupon our skills to helpclients grow their businessin line with long termobjectives, leveragingopportunities whileeffectively managing risks.Change can be seen asa challenge for manyleaders, the true challengehowever, is not simplymanaging change, butsuccessfully motivatingand leading others.VSC Growth offers tailoredconsulting solutions thathelp you to think, plan,perform and achieveresults that deliver growth.thinkplanperform=growthmethodology
  8. 8. sustainableoutcomes“Steve Coote workedfor Cardno over aperiod of 30 years.”- Managing Director Cardno Limited(ASX:CDD)I worked with Steve from 1997 when I joinedCardno as Managing Director, and wasinvolved with his progression from beinga senior engineer, through a business unitmanager, division manager, to GeneralManager of Group Operations.Steve’s approach to management was at alltimes thoughtful, consultative, and strategic.Steve was heavily involved in assisting meto develop Cardno’s Strategic Plan for 2005to 2010 including midterm updates and wasa key participant in our merger & acquisitionintegrations.Steve also contributed to specific areasof the Cardno group that required changeincluding increasing the service focusand financial performance of parts of thebusiness.He was a highly trusted advisor to meas Managing Director, and also showeda great skill in pulling teams togetherincluding teams from new merger partner’sorganisations.Overall Steve Coote made a strongcontribution to Cardno over a long periodof time and was highly regarded in ourcompany.Andrew BuckleyManaging DirectorCardno Limited (ASX:CDD)
  9. 9. “Steve was able toestablish personalrelationships withthe owners andgain a thoroughunderstanding of TBE’speople and processesfor his cultural andtechnical assessment.”- President Cardno USA (ASX:CDD)Steve and I enjoyed working closelytogether on strategy, M&A, and businessoperations over a seven year period withASX Listed Cardno. In my current capacityas President of Cardno USA, I have beencharged with the challenge of growing andmanaging Cardno’s entry into the NorthAmerica market.To assist me with this expansion, Steveprovided M&A due diligence, M&Aintegration, and business operationsassistance. As a member of Cardno’s duediligence team for the acquisition of theFlorida headquartered, 450 person firmTBE, Steve was able to establish personalrelationships with the owners and gain athorough understanding of TBE’s peopleand processes for his cultural and technicalassessment. Steve also oversaw theCardno corporate inputs into all of our NorthAmerican M&A implementations and chairedthe integration committees for mergerpartners EMG, WRG, and TBE.While over-seeing transition and changeprograms, Steve demonstrated a capacityfor engendering trust and respect from ournew partners. Steve in his capacity as GMGroup Operations, helped with monitoringthe ongoing health and performance of allour business operations in North Americaand UAE.When required to question or challengeour approach, Steve did so with a healthybalance of support, diplomacy, and tenacity- with the aim of helping us deliver positiveand sustainable commercial outcomes.Michael RenshawPresident Cardno USA (ASX:CDD)“Steve is armed with avision of what can beachieved. He providesa path for successfuland sustainableoutcomes”- Brown ConsultingSteve Coote commenced working withBrown Consulting to undertake a highlevel project design role in configuringa prospective Enterprise System to suitcurrent and/or desired business processes,which included (among other things) adetailed project implementation strategy.Early in the project it became apparent thatSteve could offer much more to the projectand the scope was extended to considerthe strategic aspects of future projectand business performance management.Through a series of high level meetingsand workshops, Steve firstly gained asolid understanding of the nature of BrownConsulting’s current environment and plansfor the future, then reviewed the systemsand processes currently in place. From thathe determined the resources and capacitygaps in implementing prospective changesin the context of the internal and externalrisks that may have an impact.Steve’s knowledge provided a valuableinsight and contribution in preparing andplanning for the risks of such a majororganisational change initiative. Hisexperience in mergers and acquisitionsand the challenges facing the effectiveuse and integration of systems to achievea competitive advantage were vital inestablishing a robust business case. Stevecan work at all levels in the organisationand gained the respect of both boardmembers and line managers throughouthis involvement. His professional approachencourages open discussion, constructivedebate and a high level of commitmentand participation. He has perhaps seen thebest and worse of enterprise systems inhis diverse roles and armed with a vision ofwhat can be achieved, he provides a pathfor successful and sustainable outcomes.I would be pleased to recommend Stevefor any similar or related project wherehis senior leadership capabilities togetherwith his extensive operational experienceand practical approach would ensure asuccessful outcomeShane FracchiaChief Operating Officer, Brown Consulting“Steve helped usquickly negotiate a35% price increasewith our majorclient, and this hasimmediately increasedour overall profitabilityby a third”- Sandra NankaMy partner and I engaged the servicesof Steve Coote from VSC Growth to helpimprove our business performance. We werein a business that we loved, but we wereworking too hard and not getting the returnswe were looking for. After our initial interview, Steve undertooka complete audit of our current businessoperations and financial performance. Wewere hesitant of being told what we weredoing wrong, we knew our business and wealso knew our profits were not great. ButSteve’s approach was a pleasant surprise!While the audit identified things that neededto be fixed, Steve had undertaken someadditional market research. He showedus the high value of our brand as a leaderin the marketplace and he encouragedus to recognise the level of skills alreadyavailable in our organisation that we wereunderselling.Over the following months we jointlyreviewed our business strategy includingnew opportunities and agreed on animplementation plan. Initially we had a lotto do, but during our monthly meetingsSteve has helped us focus on actions thatwould have the greatest impact first. In fact,Steve helped us quickly negotiate a 35%price increase with our major client, andthis has immediately increased our overallprofitability by a third.We have more to do but thanks to Stevespositive coaching approach, and continuedsupport through follow up meetings, we feelmore confident about our ability to controlthe direction of our business going forward. Sandra NankaPartner, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farmtestimonials
  10. 10. maximiseyour potentialNot sure where to start?Call us for a confidential no obligation discussionand see how we can help maximise your potential.Steve Coote, DirectorPhone +61 412 148 428info@vscgrowth.com.au
  11. 11. info@vscgrowth.com.auwww.vscgrowth.com.au