Anonymous support group for pregnant addicts


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A developed health program directed to pregnant women addicted to drugs.

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Anonymous support group for pregnant addicts

  1. 1. An anonymous support group forpregnant women with addictions Developed by Jennifer Peterson
  2. 2. “Without addressing the stigma of addiction, biases against poor and minority women, unequal access to services and relative unavailability of services, we will make little progress toward reducing the occurrence of substance use by pregnant women” -L.W. Roberts and L.B. Dunn, 2003
  3. 3. Addiction of any substance can afflict any person including a pregnant womanThis can range from anywhere between tobacco use, alcohol abuse, marijuana and other illicit drugs such as cocaine, methamphetine, crack, heroin and hallucinogenicsJust as other addicts need help and support, the pregnant woman could need more
  4. 4. “Nearly 4% of pregnant women in the United States use illicit drugs…” (March of Dimes), “18% report smoking tobacco, 9.8% report drinking alcohol” (Jones)Hormonal changes and environmental factors can increase the need to “feel good”Mother is the support system for the unborn babyShe is responsible for not only her life, but the baby’s as well
  5. 5. The pregnant woman my just need someone to talk to or more importantly relate to.She may feel lonely or isolated from support.She may be afraid to seek treatment.Common situations lead to opening communication barriers. “Treatment of pregnant drug-addicted women is best provided in a single-gender, comprehensive approach.” (Jones)
  6. 6. “Staff can build relationships with the mother while treating their drug problems and providing them with vital health information” (National Crime Prevention Council)Teach the mother of the health risks she is creating for herself and the babyEducate on the effects that can be suffered later in life
  7. 7. Begin an open anonymous support group for the drug addicted pregnant womanProvide one hour weekly meetings in a small group for open discussionsAlso provide monthly, individual, private meetings for the woman to discuss goal setting and personal issues that she may not want to discuss with othersCan be supported and funded through government grants, community fundraisers, private and business donations
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