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Slide Share Presentation For Interview


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Presentation to:
    Rashmi Singhi
    John Boutelle
    Presented by:
    Jennifer Hedges
    December 15, 2009
  • 2. 2
    Meeting Agenda:
    Role of Social Media
    Dell Overview
    Point of View
    SlideShare Introduction
  • 3. Collect
    Social media is big and getting bigger, providing marketers with a combination of reach, relationships, and relevance:
    • Reach: Social media has overtaken email as the most popular consumer activity,
    according to a recent Nielsen study. Importantly, consumer growth is coming from an
    older demographic than social media's historical base; for example, Facebook's
    strongest growth is coming from 35-49 year-olds, adding twice as many 50-64-year-
    olds as opposed to those under 18. (Nielsen “Global Faces and Networked Places,”
    March 9, 2009; MediaPost Blogs Research Brief, “Social Networking Is No Respecter
    of Age,” March 18, 2009.)
    • Relationships: Social media's strength is in the personal connections it enables, the
    peer-to-peer contact, providing reasons for consumers to visit regularly and for
    extended periods of time.
    • Relevance: Consumers are extremely engaged with the content and connections that
    their friends are creating because of its personal relevance.
    Gina Kim – Director of Industry Services, IAB
  • 4. Slideshare is the YouTube for Presentations!
    A community with over 22 million monthly visitors driven by sharing knowledge for the real world!
    • 1,500,000 registered users
    • 5. 30,000 slideshows uploaded weekly
    • 6. Average time on site = 8 minutes
    • 7. Average of 20 slides viewed per visit
    Integrated partnerships with LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, and Microsoft Powerpoint
    A search of ‘resume tips’ on Slideshare yields over 2300+ results!
  • 8. Dell overview
    Dell is embarking on an extensive Global rebranding effort. Erin Nelson, CMO is spearheadingthis effort; which she started when taking over the CMO role in February of 2009.
    Important considerations to understand:
    • Research shows message across globe is not consistent
    • 9. Dell has lost the perception of selling quality
    • 10. Cheap doesn’t equate to value
    • 11. Budgets have not beenset
    • 12. Timing is yet to be determined
  • Point of View – Now is the time for Dell to
    For Dell to grow market share across the consumer, SMB, commercial, vertical and enterprise markets you must have a clear concise message.
    That message needs to be seen where buyers are working and talking about technology.
    Slideshareneeds to be a part of that messaging strategy.
  • 13. Slideshare - World’s largest professional community. Users research and discuss business and technology topics everyday.
  • 14.
  • 15. Slideshare – 400% growth in traffic in 2009!
    Over 400% growth in the past year!
    *Quantcast — Nov 2009
  • 16. Slideshare delivers millions of Technology and Business Buyers
    • Millions of business and technology decision-makers visit SlideShare everyday to research topics such as: marketing, IT, software development, entrepreneurship, & social media for business.
    • 17. SlideShare is popular with an influential, tech-forward business audience(Techcrunch, Guy Kawasaki, Mashable, Tim O’Reilly, the ‘Twitterati’)
    • 18. Fast Company Magazine recently named our CEO, Rashmi Sinha, one of the ‘Most Influential Women of Web 2.0’
    • 19. The US Whitehouse chose SlideShare as an official platform for sharing government documents with the public
    • 20. Recent advertising clients include: Cisco WebEx, Adobe, Sun, Intel, Sun Trust Banks, Microsoft, MarketingProfs, GoToMeeting, FedEx Office, etc.
    By the numbers*
    • 293rd most popular site on the Internet
    • 21. 24mm unique visitors/ month
    • 22. 70mm pages viewed/ month
  • Slideshare – reaches a powerful Audience for Dell
    *Quantcast – July 2009
  • 23. Slideshare Audience
    Popular Audience Segments
    Micro-businesses & sole-proprietors
    IT Professionals
    Start-ups & entrepreneurship
    1,500,000 registered users
    50% are managers, directors, or C-level execs with significant purchasing influence*
    30,000 slideshowsuploaded weekly
    Average time on site = 8 minutes
    Average of 20 slidesviewed per visit
    Integrated partnerships with LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, and Microsoft Powerpoint, Xing
    *SlideShare User Survey Fall 2009
  • 24. Reach vs. Popular Tech Sites
    *Quantcast – July 2009
  • 25. US Reach vs. Popular Biz Sites
    *Quantcast – July 2009
  • 26. High in Search Results!
    A lot of traffic comes to SlideShare through keyword search on a business or technology related topic
    Go where your clients are researching solutions to their problems!
  • 27. Search “slideshare” on Twitter
    SlideShare is a viral content-sharing platform
    Thousands of SlideShare presentations are linked to, blogged about, embedded, and tweeted out each day
    See which SlideShare presentations people are sharing on Twitter right now:
  • 28. You’re in Good Company
    Recent SlideShare advertisers include
  • 29. Advertising Opportunities&Case Studies
  • 30. Display Ads
    728x90 and 300x250 ad units available throughout site.
    Can be targeted geographically and contextually (to SlideShare Content Categories and Keywords).
  • 31. Case Study: WebEx
    Case Study
    Objectives: WebEx (Cisco) came to us in Feb 2009 looking to generate awareness among our tech-forward, professional audience and leads.
    Tactics: A high-impact roadblock consisting of 1) a 728x90 Leaderboard, a 2) 300x250 medium rectangle, and 3) a custom, Social Tools Sponsorship unit was targeted to all SlideShare Professional Content Categories.
    Results: Avg. CTR has been .14% across all 3 units over the entire 9 months we’ve been running the campaign. WebEx and their agency have been so pleased they’ve renewed and/or increased their spend with us every quarter.
  • 32. Custom Brand Channels
    A customizable ‘home’ for your brand on SlideShare
    Take advantage of our community, content, and SEO – be where your customers already go to get information
    Your channel can include:
    • Custom look, feel, and CTAs
    • 33. Aggregation of brand presentations, videos, case studies, other docs
    • 34. Relevant user-generated content
    • 35. Blogging / curation platform
    • 36. Other custom modules that accept HTML
    SlideShare users engage with your brand by subscribing to your channel, viewing, downloading, sharing, favoriting, and commenting on presentations, case studies, blog entries, etc.
  • 37. Case Study
    Objectives: Microsoft wanted to generate awareness of uses for Microsoft Office outside of the office and in the home.
    Tactics: We launched the Parent's Toolbox Channel on SlideShare as a vehicle to engage users around both professional and user-generated examples of Microsoft Office documents for use in the home (e.g. Excel for a family budget, PPT for designing invitations, etc.).
    Results: In the first month the Channel generated:
    • 69,417 Channel page views
    • 38. 37,736 visits to the Channel
    • 39. 2:23 avg. time on Channel
    • 40. 288 user documents uploaded to Channel
    • 41. 3,378 document engagement actions (downloads, favorites, comments)
    • 42. 433 posts to Channel walls
    • 43. 208 of Channel followers
    • 44. 132 users joined Channel sub-groups
    • 45. 1,193 views of Channel videos = 1,193
    • 46. 84 user tweets about Channel
    See the live Channel now:
    Channels Case Study: MSFT Office
  • 47. Contests
    Engage SlideShare users in a conversation around your brand or product with a Contest.
    Users create, upload, and drive their friends to vote on contest entries around a topic of interest to them and your brand (e.g. “Go Green” contest, “Small Business Hacks” contest, etc.)
    Your brand’s messaging is woven throughout the contest pages, including: brand videos, demos, and presentations, custom CTAs, etc.
  • 48. Contest Case Study: Adobe
    Case Study
    Objectives: Adobe wanted to generate awareness among business, technology, and design thought-leaders of the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat and its new portfolio format.
    Tactics: Adobe Acrobat 9 sponsored our 3rd annual “World’s Best Presentation” contest from Sept-Oct 2009. The contest included multiple elements to demonstrate the value of Adobe Acrobat 9 as well as incentive to try the software via an Acrobat 9 specific contest category.
    Results: Over six weeks, they saw more than:
    • 3,500 contest entries
    • 49. 1,000,000 contest pageviews
    • 50. Avg. time on section of 6 mins
    • 51. 64,000 actions (votes, favorites, comments, downloads)
    • 52. 4,400 trial software downloads
    • 53. 25,000 views of example Acrobat 9 files
    • 54. Avg. CTR = .21%
    View the contest entries at:
  • 55. Custom Sponsorship Units
    Integrate your message/logo in the SlideShare experience.
    Units often perform better than traditional banners (3X).
  • 56. Presentation Featuring
    Our Home Page receives over 35,000 views/day.
    Cut through the clutter to reach users with your longer-form message at our front door.
    Featured Presentations
    Avg. 300 presentation views/day
    Top Presentation
    Avg. 1,000 presentation views/day
    Case Study
    For client HCL we recently used presentation featuring to generate:
    in just one month!
  • 61. AdShare
    An authentic way to promote content to a professional audience
    For presentations, whitepapers, marketing materials and case studies
  • 62. LeadShare
    Capture leads through presentations & documents
    When people download presentations or respond to your Call to Action
    Works on or embeds
  • 63. Email Newsletter Ads
    1,500,000+ subscriber list
    • Goes out every other week
    • 64. 160x600 ad unit
    • 65. 10% open-rate
    • 66. CTR is often 10X vs. on site
  • Dell Recommendation
  • 67. Rationale:
    The Slideshare recommendation accomplishes the following goals for Dell:
    BrandDell as a leader in technology solutions
    Educatesbuyers on the SMB product offerings Dell sells
    Reaches vertical specific users in targeted content
    Builds awareness of Dell throughout selling
    Sells suite of products from notebooks to servers to services
  • 68. Point of View – Now is the time for Dell to
    For Dell to grow market share across the consumer, SMB, commercial, vertical and enterprise markets you must have a clear concise message.
    That message needs to be seen where buyers are working and talking about technology.
    Slideshareneeds to be a part of that messaging strategy.
  • 69. Focus on what you do well, for your customers.
    Do that better, do it for more people. Differentiate yourself.
    Competition is a good thing. It makes things better for the customers. It gives them options. Stop being afraid of it, and focusing on it at the expense of focusing on your strengths.
    Why I don’t worry about competition
    Rashmi Sinha
    July 17, 2009
  • 70. Thanks!
    Jamie Perlman