Female breadwinners, an international perspective


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Presentation showing factors that have led to an increase in female breadwinners, the published statistics on female breadwinners around the world and an invitation to find out more from Jenny Garrett, author of Rocking Your Role, the 'how to' guide to success for females breadwinners

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  • WelcomeThanks for inviting me backConfirm titleI will introduce myself, Discuss female breadwinners from an international perspectivePermission to give you an offer at the end of my talk today
  • Founder of Reflexion Associates coaching and leadership development I help professional working women move from juggling & struggling to rocking their many roles in life, using the process I have developed from over 10 years experience of executive coaching and research outlined in my book Rocking Your Role.

I also help leaders at all levels to maximise their staff performance and reduce staff dependency on them to free up time for the work they're meant to do.Work with public, private sector organisationsMasters at Lancaster2 awards this yearLaunched my bookMentor Cherie Blair foundationMarired with a daughter
  • I let my clients speak for meHeather – Aspiring senior manager2 promotions in our time togetherBecame more strategic and empowered her team
  • Charlie needed to become more self awareConsider is impact on othersNow leading a college
  • What nationalities do we have in the room?Challenges – not much information out there on female breadwinnersFirst – consider why the phenomenon has come aboutWhat trends there have been in families Female breadwinner – women in a relationship who her mores than her partner
  • OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and developmentThey promote policies that improved the economic and social well being of people around the worldThe study that I took these stats from was published in 2011
  • What do you notice about the grey line, which is the averahge?
  • Dual earning families – is that the case in the roomWould you consider otherwise?
  • Why do you think we don’t have data for Asia, Africa and Denmark?Asia – taboo – only study talked about abuse from the partner when woman was breadwinnerAfrica – read an article which said that women breadwinners were a sin against GodDenmark – different society , much more equality between men and women, childcare support, shared roles, perhaps being breadwinner wouldn’t be considered. Although I have a client in Denmark who is doing some research into this for me.
  • What do you think?
  • My special offer to you
  • Female breadwinners, an international perspective

    3. 3. A 1,100 mile round trip didn’t deter one aspiring principalfrom attending LSIS courses which put him on the trackto career success.Charlie Deane, who became principal of Bury College in2010, was working at Aberdeen College when he waschosen to attend an LSIS-run programme to improve hisleadership skills. Charlie wasn’t put off by the fact thesessions were held in London - he just caught thesleeper train.That was back in 2007 when he was Sector Manager at However, it was a brilliantAberdeen College. His principal, Rae Angus, could see experience and Jennyhis potential and supported and encouraged Charlie to Garrett who provided theattend five workshops in London. Five years later, the coaching was very good,travelling and hard work have paid off, as he is now a although having to analyseprincipal himself. how you work is quiteCharlie said: “The training really was a route to success; tough.”as a participant I had the opportunity to share learning;the course was very solutions focused. I suppose it wastiring, especially as my children were both under five atthe time.
    5. 5. Women are becoming more highly educated
    6. 6. Women are increasingly participating in paidwork
    7. 7. Increase in mothers who work
    8. 8. Dual earning families are now common place
    9. 9. 20% 2010 10%40%2010 ? 2012 ? ? 26.3% 2012 33% 2012
    10. 10. THE FUTURE? • Growth in the number of female breadwinners? • Merging of gender roles? • Reverting to traditional roles? • Equipping men and women to cope and thrive in a family unit of their own design?
    11. 11. Get in touchI help professional working women move from juggling& struggling to rocking their many roles in life, usingthe process I have developed from over 10 yearsexperience of executive coaching and researchoutlined in my book Rocking Your Role.

I also helpleaders at all levels to maximise their staff performanceand reduce staff dependency on them to free up timefor the work theyre meant to do.• See Jenny speak and attend her training programmes• Videos• Buy Rocking Your Role• Corporate Clients• Email: jenny@reflexion-uk.co.uk or info@rockingyourrole.com• Tel: 0844 776 4744• rockingyourrole.com• reflexion-uk.co.uk