Computer programming project 15sec
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Computer programming project 15sec






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Computer programming project 15sec Computer programming project 15sec Presentation Transcript

  • By Jenny Brown and Laura Williams
    Computer Programming
  • Computer Programming
    Computer programming is the process of creating software through the use of logic, algorithms, and programming language
  • What is Computer Programming?
    Programmers use a program code to make software
    Program code: a set of instructions that signal the CPU to perform circuit switching operations
    Software engineers
  • Tools They Use
    1. Code editors
    Text editors that help the programmer in using programming language
    Features the automatic command completion
    Has ability to suggest useful commands
  • Tools They Use
    2. Debugging
    able to evaluate programming code to find errors or bugs
  • Integrated Development Environment
    Software application that integrates all tools and has other helpful features
    Source code editor, compiler, build automation tools, and a debugger
  • Example of IDE
    Microsoft Visual Studio
    Develop console and graphic user interface applications, web sites, and web applications
  • Programming Languages
    Provide a set of symbols, key terms, commands, and rules to write program code
    Made programming process easier
  • Compiler
    Takes source code and produces object code with an executable file and supportive files as output
  • Interpreter
    Used rather than a compiler sometimes
    Translates source code to object code one at a time while the software is executing
  • Programming Language
  • Application Programming Interface
    Set of programming tools used to access an operating system or online service
    Used to create software
  • Importance
    API allows others to develop software to run on the system or device
    Provides a variety of software that can be used on a variety of different computers and systems
    Without APIs only Nintendo would develop software for the Wii
  • Application Programming Interface
    Facebook requires only PHP script (one particular programming language)
    Microsoft Windows supports use of many languages
  • Software Development Kit
    Programming environment designed to write software for a particular platform
    Websites provide SDKs for software developers
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Impact on Us
    We use these programs every day
    Phones, Ipods, Computers, Cars, GPS
    All electronic devices need to be programmed
  • Software Engineering
    Systematic process of transforming a software idea into functional software
    They understand how a processor carries out instructions and uses that logic to develop a design for the software
    Defines how people can use computers
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Programming
    Many types of programming language
    Sets of program code used to make programs
    IDE makes programming easier
    APIs create a variety of software
    Makes electronic life more convenient