2014 china trip


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Our trip to China in 2014

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2014 china trip

  1. 1. Students from Kangaroo Flat, Quarry Hill, White Hills, Maiden Gully, Marong, Epsom, Huntly, Specimen Hill, Camp Hill, Golden Square, Spring Gully and Eaglehawk North primary schools are ready to embark on a 9 day global learning experience departing May 29. Their travels will take them to the incredible city of Shanghai where they will cruise the Huangpu River, view the city from the dizzy heights of the iconic Pearl Tower, explore markets, taste traditional dumplings, ride the superfast Maglev train and experience the super -efficient MET underground rail system used by millions of local Chinese everyday! Bargaining, shopping with Chinese Yuan and conversing in mandarin will bring alive the language and cultural learning which has been embedded in these 12 schools over the past 3 years. School Days in Suzhou…. After experiencing Shanghai, a city of 21 million people the group will head 100 kms west to the much smaller city of Suzhou (5 million plus!) In Suzhou students will attend their Chinese Sister school (all Sister schools have enrolments of between 2000 and 3000 students!) to participate in school life and lessons in the morning, followed by lunch in the school canteen with their Chinese buddies and then cultural experiences in the afternoon. The World Heritage, Humble Administrator’s Garden and Old Suzhou Town will be two highlights along with an evening of Chinese Opera, Kung Fu lessons and a visit to the stunning silk museum. Time in their Sister School will give students the chance to reconnect with Chinese buddies who have been to our schools in Bendigo over the past 3 years, time to meet the 50 Chinese students who will be arriving in October for eight weeks and time to experience the day to day life in the amazing schools of the Suzhou Industrial Park area . Local Students Go Global! Twelve local “Team China Schools” collaborate to develop an Overseas Learning Experience for 57 primary school students!
  2. 2. Pre Departure Program As the Overseas Learning Experience involves students and staff from across 12 local schools the planning team has implemented a comprehensive pre departure program to enable all participants to get to know each other. Working together the group has completed a range of team building activities, a pre departure survey about their hopes, expectations and any concerns, participated in role plays, had practical experience in how to manage their washing “hotel style”, completed map reading activities and increased their knowledge around local Shanghai landmarks and the special features of the underground metro system. 57 Ambassadors Each Team China school is incredibly proud of every student who is participating in this unique learning experience, students are not only representing their school community but also Bendigo! On their return these students will be reporting back to their school community and to the Bendigo community. Each student will be appointed as an International Ambassador at their local school and have a key role in promoting global thinking, global citizenship, mandarin language learning and intercultural understandings. They will also be wonderful advocates for the program and help to prepare the 2015 student travel group! The Collective Strength of the TEAM Working collectively as a team the Principals of these 12 schools have been able to bring this opportunity to life for 57 local students. An initial information evening held last September received overwhelming interest from both families and students across the 12 schools. Buoyed by such enthusiasm the principal team knew that they had the support of their school communities to go forward as a group to bring this overseas learning experience to life! Each student traveller completed an application by addressing a criteria and participating in an interview. Families were required to add their support and agree to be an active participant in local fundraising with their students. A team uniform has been designed, a team song written, a blog established and a giant “Team China, Bendigo” banner created. This banner will be used to tell the citizens in Shanghai and Suzhou who we are and where we come from!
  3. 3. Community Counts Schools thrive in supportive local communities. For Team China schools there has been a spirit of endeavour to raise funds to help reduce the costs for all students travelling. Students and families have all worked hard in their local communities developing creative fundraising ideas. The collective support from Rotary Clubs across Bendigo and a significant donation from the Eaglehawk Basketball Association have provided the Team China Uniforms for each student travelling. Team Hats have been provided by individual donation from a local Bendigo supporter who sees this work as “an amazing opportunity for local young people.” With the many demands on organisations and local Bendigo businesses this support is highly valued and very much appreciated by every student and family involved. The ripple effect of such generosity has spread quickly across each school community! Looking Ahead- inclusive not exclusive! For Team China schools this is the beginning of what is anticipated to be an annual global learning opportunity for primary aged students. The strength of this team, the commitment of the Principal Leaders, the passion of students and parents and the evolving sponsorship interest and support from local Bendigo service groups and interested citizens adds additional weight to the project. Team China has grown from an initial group of 5 schools to a group of 14. The team’s strength comes from its diversity. Large Bendigo schools with enrolments over 500 along with small rural Bendigo schools with as few as 21 students can all capitalize on this innovative language teaching and learning model, planned cultural events and overseas learning experience opportunities! Having such a large demand for teaching mandarin brings with it the ability to attract high quality teaching staff to Bendigo schools. This is great news for our community, our schools and our learners!
  4. 4. Cross Curriculum Priority- For students to be “Asia Literate” We are living in the ‘Asian Century’. Globally, we live on the Australian Street in the Asian Neighbourhood! Government, industry and educationalists realize that to secure our country’s economic future it is critical that our students have a global perspective, are ‘Asia literate’ and have the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be successful in a rapidly changing, globalized world. Asian Literacy is one of 3 cross curriculum priorities in the new Australian Curriculum. Team China Schools are responding to this priority in a strategic way by providing local primary students with the chance to experience an Asian culture firsthand. Did You Know? The work of Team China Schools also includes the annual hosting of Chinese students from Suzhou, China for 8 weeks in our schools, our classrooms and our neighbourhoods! In October this year we are expecting a group of 50 students and 6 teachers. By the end of 2014 local Team China schools will have hosted 178 students, 21 Chinese teachers and 3 education delegations from China! With this influx comes a big demand for all things Aussie with host families making a bee line for local attractions to entertain their young guests over the eight weeks. This injection of spending supports local tourism and local business.
  5. 5. A Language Pathway There is enormous enthusiasm for learning Chinese language and culture in our primary schools as students and staff prepare for their trip to China and as our school communities get ready to host 50 Suzhou students coming in October. This is great justification for the work done through BSSC and across our Greater Bendigo primary schools to develop and document a Mandarin language program which provides a pathway for learning mandarin from Year P-12. At BSSC the Confucius Classroom Chinese teachers work together to ensure that they deliver a consistent and engaging curriculum which maintains student interest and passion for their learning across all Team China Primary Schools. The program provides students with access to an online portal containing rich digital learning objects which motivate our students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. With hundreds of students now learning Chinese language and culture across both primary and secondary schools, we are optimistic about a future where all students in Bendigo are Asia literate and keen to learn a language through to the end of their secondary school years.
  6. 6. Sister School Relationships Build Global Citizens! All Bendigo schools involved in Team China have a Sister School in China. The Sister Schools are located in Suzhou and Haimen City. Sister School relationships are an important component in enhancing the global awareness and intercultural understandings of our students. They also assist in broadening the knowledge and understanding of our students by enabling them to gain an understanding, appreciation and respect for other cultures. Team China schools use a variety of ways to communicate and undertake collaborative projects with their Sister Schools, some of these include teleconferencing, emailing, skyping and joint webpages. All Team China Bendigo principals have experienced a visit to their respective Sister Schools in China and now we are ready to share this experience with 57 year 5 and 6 students and 20 staff from across Bendigo.
  7. 7. Question: What are you looking forward to about the trip? Keily is looking forward to seeing schools and how their education system works. Brianna wants to try all the food and going on the superfast train. Lewis is looking forward to going to our sister school and practicing my Mandarin with my Chinese Buddy. Waylon would like to compare the differences and similarities, and seeing how lucky I am to live in Australia. Miciah can’t wait to experience different cultures, and the Chinese circus- I hear it’s pretty good. Maddie is looking forward to the differences in culture, and also the plane ride. It’s my first time. Jess hasn’t been to many circuses, so that and the food will be a new experience. Olivia says she wants to see the Pearl Tower and the Science and Technology Museum. The Gardens will be cool too. Lachlan is excited about the Pearl Tower, and trying to bargain. That’ll be fun. Kiarni can’t wait to see the tourist attractions, the differences in schools and dumplings. Ella is looking forward to seeing how different life is in China, and the tourist attractions. Olivia would like to Learn about different cultures and tasting different foods.