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Our final Project from Social Entrepreneurship class, Social Showcase was our take on creating a socially conscious company

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Social Showcase

  1. 1. SOCIAL SHOWCASE An Action Plan Advanced Topics in Design and Management: Social Entrepreneurship Sierra Holland Jennifer Newkirk
  2. 2. ABSTRACTIn our social entrepreneurship class we were challenged to come upwith a social action plan that prototyped our own social impact strate-gy. In response we created Social Showcase; a website that highlightedcredible organizations, charity events, social conscious products andservices, and investor relations. Below is a hybrid nonprofit venture thatwas developed by addressing industry problems/solutions, consumertrends, market research, website design, and financial plans. 1
  3. 3. PROCESSIssues we want to address: Poverty Hunger Housing Environment Social Issues Health Water Animal Violence Deprivation RightsOur Question? How do we find a way to maximize Impact among all areas? 2
  4. 4. Our Idea:To create a single onlinespace that houses a largequantity and variety of socialventures. 3
  5. 5. Step 1: Market ResearchIn our efforts to gather reliable market research, we conducted a survey thataddressed key questions about consumer trends and attitudes towards chari-ties. We strategically asked the right questions in order to receive accurate feel-ings towards different types of charitable organizations. Here are some of the Q: Pick the order in which you are most like to donate to/buy from/ par- ticipate in From that question we wanted to get a feel for responses towards the organizations of dif- ferent sizes and types. After tallying results we discovered that only a very low percent felt comfortable with donating to a small organization because they weren’t sure how their dollars would be spent. So in response to that information we wanted to find out how we could change that preconception towards startups. Trust then became a valuable as- pect we needed to express through our website. Q: Would you find it easier to choose an organization if there were a single online portal that showcased a variety of social ventures? Here we wanted to test people’s response to a one stop shop portal to search and do- nate to an organization. 78.6% agreed that a single website showcasing many organiza- tions would be convenient. Q: Please check the level of interest you have in participating in each of these social acts. Our website offers a few social acts that give people the opportunity to donate. People can either donate money, their time, or purchase products where proceeds go towards a cause. From the categories, ‘Buying a product that a percentage of proceeds go to- wards a social venture/ received 85.7% while ‘Volunteering’ received the least amount of interest.What we Gathered:Overall, creating a public survey we were able to ask the right questions thatin return gave us helpful answers. The research method also made it easy toanalyze and manage results that then formed the foundation of our initiative.We gained valuable information about user behaviors that will help our websiteconnect people to the right charities. We were now able to hone in on the keyvalue factors, and move on to conducting a SWOT analysis. 4
  6. 6. STEP 2: SWOT Analysis 5
  7. 7. STEP 3: A Recipie for SuccessAfter conducting the user survey ans SWOT analysis we were able to build a“Recepie for Success”, including the best strengths and opportunites our usersfound to be of the highest value. Looking at pre-existing Internet tools, we builtwhat we believe is to be the best user-friendly and transparent forum. By ex-tracting models that already are successful and pairing them together, we cancreate InnovationSOCIAL SHOWCASE 6
  8. 8. STEP 4: Mission/VisionMission:Our mission as Social Showcase is to provide the highest value system wepossibly can to our users along all functions within the user experience.This includes promoting top quality and highly researched social ventures,providing promotional services to organizations, and overall connectingpeople with compatible organizations.Vision:Our primary vision is to improve the overall quality of life of all humanity.We believe that every social venture and every human being should beentitled to an equal opportunity in pursuit of happiness. This is why weconsistently search for preexisting and new social ventures that we be-lieve create a network in the advancement in positive change. In thefuture Social Showcase aims to expand their websites organization listingand receive measurable impacts for the organizations showcased. 7
  9. 9. STEP 5: Creating the DesignOur user survey proved that the majority of people not only want to donateto charities, but enjoy making purchases and participating in Socially relatedevents. They also wanted different ways to browse for key factors regardingeach orginization. Thus Social Showcase was born.The Homepage: Paid Advertisement username:SOCIAL SHOWCASE password: not a member yet? click to register! HOME CHARITY PRODUCTS SERVICES EVENTS Paid Advertisement Welcome to Social Showcase! About Us Current Our Mission/ Vision Feature! Our Services Meet the Team Our Impact Beginning Tutorial Past Features Press Beads for Life “BeadsforLife creates sustainable opportunities for women to lift their Contact Us families out of extreme poverty by connecting people to a worldwide circle of exchance that enriches everyone.” (click to see Beads for Life’s full profile) Many descriptive options Homepage feature allows Paid ad space allows for give users sense of trust us to give kudos to our us to maintain steady rev- favorite discovories and enue and feature more let the “little guys” get noticed
  10. 10. Example of a Venture’s Profile Page: Paid Advertisement username:SOCIAL SHOWCASE password: not a member yet? click to register! HOME CHARITY PRODUCTS SERVICES EVENTS Paid Advertisement Current Beads for Life Feature! What is it? BeadsforLife creates sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people to a worldwide circle of exchance that enriches everyone. Who does it help? Beaders, tailors, and shea nut gatherers are primarily impoverished women who are hardworking, intelligent, and strong in their desire to improve their lives. They make gorgeous handcrafted paper beads from recycled paper and turn them into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Because the beaders use recycled, colorful paper, the beads help prevent environmental degradation. What was trash becomes beauty, money, food, and hope. The women who gather the shea nuts search the landscape early in the morning looking for the finest nuts. They dry and husk the nuts and sell them to BeadforLife creating opportunities for themselves and their families. Where does my money go? BeadforLife sponsors Community Development projects in health, Housing vocational training for impoverished youth, affordable housing, and business development. These projects are financed with the net I would like to make a profits from the sale of the beads and shea butter products and donation of: support not only our members, but other impoverished people living USD in Uganda. Or This orginization falls uder the This orginization falls uder the You are helping women in Charity Categories of: Product Categories of: the locaton of Africa Click to Browse all Products Poverty Environment Fashion Arts/Crafts Cleary shows where funds Many descriptive options are going give users sense of trust
  11. 11. Paid Advertisement username: SOCIAL SHOWCASE password: not a member yet? click to register! HOME CHARITY PRODUCTS SERVICES EVENTS Paid Advertisement I am looking for a: If you know what service you’re looking for enter all related keywords here Or Browse by: Location Service Category Social Category Fashion Health Beauty Poverty Hunger Housing Arts/Crafts Products Home Environment Social Issues Health Children/ Water Animal Gadgets Food Violence Enter zip code here Family Deprivation Rights Click on your location on Select the type of service you Select the field you would like the map or enter your zip are searching for to contribute to, to begin nar- code to find local social rowing down options services Different tabbed pages Many browsing options, to for products, services, give user an easy way to events, and charities narrow down options Paid Advertisement Paid Advertisement username: username:SOCIAL SHOWCASE password: not a member yet? click to register! SOCIAL SHOWCASE password: not a member yet? click to register! HOME CHARITY PRODUCTS SERVICES EVENTS HOME CHARITY PRODUCTS SERVICES EVENTS Paid Advertisement Paid Advertisement I am looking for a: I am looking for a: If you know what event you’re looking for enter all related keywords here If you know what product your looking for endter all related keywords here Or Browse by: Or Browse by: Location Event Type Social Category Popular Brands Product Category Social Category Tom’s Shoes Fashion Health Beauty Poverty Hunger Housing Charity Race Poverty Hunger Housing MAC cosmetics PUR water Fundraising Banquet Klean Kanteen Arts/Crafts Products Home Environment Social Issues Health Volunteer Opportunities Environment Social Issues Health 7th Generation Local Farmer’s Markets Patagonia Children/ Water Animal Misceleaneous Water Animal Gadgets Food Violence Violence Interface Carpet Family Deprivation Rights Enter zip code here Deprivation Rights Honest Tea (click to see full list of Select the type of product you Select the field you would like Click on your location on Select the type of event you Select the field you would like are searching for to contribute to, to begin nar- the map or enter your zip are searching for to contribute to, to begin nar- brands) rowing down options code to find local social rowing down options events
  12. 12. STEP 6: Getting Down to BusinessModel 2: Hybrid Nonprofit VentureIn ‘The Power of Unreasonable People’ by John Elkington and Pame-la Hartigan, the second type of business model is called the hybridnonprofit venture. This model best supports the more experimentaland creative business models. New philanthropists commonly usethis model because of the level of technology and resources entre-preneurs’ are able to use to structure their ventures. The main reasonwhy a hybrid nonprofit is opportunistic is because the combining ofnonprofit and for-profit strategies is executed with modern resourcessuch as creativity, technology, globalization, finances, and a busi-nesslike aspect. Building a foundation from a business perspectivealso gives the venture a realistic credibility that is beneficial for po-tential investors, employees, and volunteers. But the process of creat-ing a hybrid nonprofit venture can be risky. With industries constantlychanging due to technology, results can be unpredictable, costly,and time consuming. But if properly executed, consequences ofcarefully constructing a unique hybrid model can be very impactfulboth financially and socially.The main characteristics of the hybrid nonprofit venture:- Goods and services are delivered to populations that havebeen excluded or underserved, but the chances of making (and re-investing) a profit are probable.- The founders and the team to ensure maximum exposure andsustainability in the industry create a marketing plan. This is also doneto leverage the disadvantaged (small or poorer initiatives) into theplaying field.- The organization is able to recover sunk costs through the saleof goods and services while expanding operations to new markets.- The organization sustains itself through a combination of fundsfrom public, private, grants, loans, and investments.- Model 2 ventures have the opportunity to become model 3ventures unexpectedly through growth. Access to ensure new formsof funding in the capital markets is now available. But shifts into the3rd model can alter activities, which can result in decreasing impact 11
  13. 13. Our Take on the Hybrid Model:A hybrid nonprofit venture is the best suited model for Social Showcasebecause our proposed initiatives were originally created and designed us-ing both nonprofit and for-profit strategies. Social Showcase was created inorder to act as a mini PR service to start-up, poor, or small social organiza-tions that needed to maximize their exposure in order to grow and makean impact. Our main goal is to connect a maximum amount of people toorganizations and to help them reach the best financial and impact ableoutcome as possible. In ‘The Power of Unreasonable People’, by John Elk-ington, the author stated,“The motivation for exploring so-called base of the pyramid markets maybe to address government or market failures and bring much needed ben-efits to poor people or, in the case of the more commercially minded, tomake money in unlikely circumstances.” pg. 42.Our website intends to address an organizations failure of successful pro-mote its initiative. In doing so we plan list many qualified organizations thatare both big and small. These beliefs are modeled after the main char-acteristics of a hybrid nonprofit venture where services are delivered tothe masses regardless of financial statues but rather on measurable socialimpact. Our financial plan begins with seed money coming from angelinvestors (friends and family) and personal contributions. We also plan totake out loans to invest in starting up our website systems. Social Showcasewill create primary revenue through a PR service to social organizationspromoted on our website. While organization listings on our website is free,featured ads on the side and top of the homepage will be charged. Oursecond revenue source comes from a section called investment relations,where we act as a match making service to both investors and organiza-tions. Each party must create a membership profile listing desired specificssuch as categories, impact, roles, and investment amounts. Promotion isour service to organizations listed and featured on our website. Customizingpromotion is also important in pinpointing the correct marketing tools to uti-* The Power of Unreasonable People. John Elkington pg . 13-54 12
  14. 14. STEP 7: Our Financial PlanBased off of research of related costs we have put together a break down ofour financial plan. The designanted funding in each sector is shown, as wellas the mean we will go about to gain the initial captital. We will begin to payback the loans and build shareholder equity as we raise recvenues throughPaid featured advertising, Investor Relations, and Advanced Meberhips. Thesememberships include a future addition once we reach financial sustainabilitydedicated to matchmaking investors with new Social start-ups. There will bemembership fees from both sides, the investor , and the comany looking forProjected Initial Needed Funds Sector Amount in USD IT Labor $75,000 Technologies $40,000 R&D $5,000 Legal $15,000 Accounting $5,000 Advertising $30,000 TOTAL: $170,000 Projected Fundraising Plan Source Amount in USD Ourselves $10,000 Bank Loan $25,000 Angel Investors $100,000 Friends/Family $20,000 Fundraising Event $15,000 TOTAL: $170,000 How will we begin sustaining ourselves? Featured Ads $1,000- $10,000 / Advertising package Investor Relations TBD Advanced Memberships $4.99/ month 13
  15. 15. STEP 8: The Bottom LineInnovation Our greatest strength is our existence in the social entrepreneurship field. Our website is filling a need for a one site portal that categorizes many different types of charity acts. Through charities, events, volunteering, and products there are a variety of ways users can easily find the charity that meets their contribution needs.Design Our website design values a user friendly and convenient experience. In creating Social Showcase we focused on clearly organizing a space that is both visual and educational for users to donate and learn. The business model was also designed on the foundation of a nonprofit but revenue generating business model. Our hybrid nonprofit venture is unique in that it enables us to adapt to the changing industry of social entrepreneurship.Sustainability Social Showcase is financially sustainable through the primary revenue received through paid advertising from organizations. Secondary reve- nue will come from the creation of membership profiles for investors and investor seeking organizations. Environmentally, we are also considered sustainable because we work from the use of internet tools where user to organization transactions is processed through electronic computing tools.Impact Impact is measured upon individual organization growth through dona- tions, volunteering, and product purchasing. For our own website, impact is pinpointed through the amount of website visits and the amount of ex- posure Social Showcase receives online, at charity events, and the amount of donations made. Information technology is the tool we will use to accu- rately identify the number of visitors our website receives. To ensure our site is preforming to the quality and expectations of the users questionaires will be sent after a donation or purchase is made. Additionally the question of if they would have found that venture without us will be answered. 14