Leveraging FOIA Request for GovCon Sales - Government Contracting


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Jennifer Schaus hosts a series of government contracting webinars. Full list: http://JenniferSchaus5.eventbrite.com Anna Urman joins us for a webinar on how to use FOIA Request to propel your government sales forward. Full audio & video avail at: http://youtu.be/un-GQrLSsSM

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Leveraging FOIA Request for GovCon Sales - Government Contracting

  1. 1. Using FOIA RequestsTo Propel Your Government Sales Strategy
  2. 2. FOIA as Government Sales Tool• Agenda – Introductions – Presentation –Q&A
  3. 3. FOIA as Government Sales Tool– Introductions: • Fed Bid Speed • Fierce Government • Anna Urman – Tactical Insight, LLC • Jennifer Schaus – JS & Associates
  4. 4. FOIA as Government Sales Tool• Fed Bid Speed * Software program to manage B2G Opps * Single click integration with FBO.gov * Share notes & project manage RFP’s
  5. 5. FOIA as Government Sales Tool• Fierce Government * Free Govt IT Newsletter * IT in Govt Agencies / Defense / Cloud / Cyber * White Papers / Events / Analysis * In-depth & Quality = Differentiator
  6. 6. FOIA as Government Sales ToolTactical Insight, LLC * Federal & State/Local Market Research * Opportunity Identification * Competitive Analysis
  7. 7. FOIA as Government Sales Tool• Jennifer Schaus & Associates • B2G Services and Events GSA Schedules Federal Sales / Marketing Full Webinar Series: http://JenniferSchaus5.eventbrite.com
  8. 8. FOIA as Government Sales Tool
  9. 9. FOIA as Government Sales Tool1. What is a FOIA?2. What Can I get?3. How Do I Get It?4. What do I Do with It?
  10. 10. FOIA as Government Sales Tool1. What is a FOIA“Freedom of Information Act” allows access togovernment documents, including contracts• Some restrictions apply – including sensitive / trade secret data• Note: States have FOIA / FOIL laws as well!
  11. 11. FOIA as Government Sales Tool2. What Can I Get?– RFPs– Contracts– Task OrdersWhat Can’t I Get? The List- Classified- Trade Secret – including proposals & labor rates- Bidder lists
  12. 12. FOIA as Gov’t Sales Tool 3. How Do I Get It? - ASK: the “right” office – the one that issued the contract/RFP - Last resort: Departmental FOIA office - Specify what you want – contract with all mods; “all releasable data”, electronic or hard copy - Agree to a nominal sum ($20?) as a commercial requestor
  13. 13. FOIA as Government Sales Tool3.5 What to Expect- A letter in 20 days, “we’re working on it”- Your documents, in about 60 days- Rarely, a transfer / non-existent documents
  14. 14. FOIA as Government Sales Tool4. What do I Do with It?- If Proposal is incorporated, some insight into past awardee / competitor- Set expectation based on existing work- RFP Sections L&M – evaluation & award criteria – help make bid/no bid decision- Contact info
  15. 15. Thank You !!Dear Participants,Please submit your questions here……..The webinar is recorded and available at:http://JenniferSchaus5.eventbrite.com
  16. 16. FOIA as Government Sales Tool Anna Urman Tactical Insight +1–571–339–9548 anna@tacticalinsight.com Jennifer Schaus & Associates JSchaus@JenniferSchaus.com www.JenniferSchaus.com +1–202–365–0598