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Fabric Linens: Bed products: weave, color for Interior Design-  JenniferHein
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Fabric Linens: Bed products: weave, color for Interior Design- JenniferHein


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Fabric Linens: Bed, weave, color for Home Product Design

Fabric Linens: Bed, weave, color for Home Product Design

Published in: Design, Business, Lifestyle

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  • 1. English Chippendale Bed & Drapery Bedding 1750’s  m/begin.asp  Mahogany wood Bouquet and ribbon motif Acanthus motif Shell motifs Foliate scrolls    
  • 2. 1750’s Bed chamber at MET/ Metropolitan Museum, NYC Tapestry Wall Hangings with Red Cut Pile / Velvet
  • 3. 5 ROOM INTERIOR END USES / TEXTILE PRODUCTS that we study include: carpeting draperies / casements upholstery/ furniture covering household linens (Bed / Bath) wall coverings
  • 4. Contemporary Bed with bed curtains, historic reference
  • 5. SCHUMACHER SAMPLE GLOSSARY of COMPLEX WEAVES BASIC WEAVES- Biaxial, Triaxial & Pile Weaving / UPHOLSTERY FABRIC BROCATELLE (Contemporary designs) Embossed, twilled figures tightly woven on plain or satin ground design in smooth, high relief -similar in appearance to damask -origin: imitation of Italian tooled leather FIGURED VELVET / Cut Pile A velvet with pattern formed by contrast in cut and uncut loops partially cut pile with plain or figured background. MATELASSE/ Double cloth Two fabrics woven simultaneously and joined to produce quilted look on surfaceorigin: French meaning mattress.
  • 6. BB&B Velour Plush & historic embroidery
  • 7. Royal Red Contemporary Down Comfort Set
  • 8. Contemporary Quilted Patchwork Comfort, historic reference
  • 9. FABRIC SAMPLE SPECIFICS:     TRADE NAMES / BRAND names for Marketing, Ex. given, Merino Wool, Dynel, COLORWAY/ Color card (Examples- 3-8 colors with same fabric pattern & weave)  SWATCHBOOKS (Those in swatch room)  MEMO / LOAN SAMPLES (Limited samples of nicer piece goods with limited access & sales
  • 10. BB&B Tied Comfort, less expensive since its easier to construct than a quilt
  • 11. 1750’s American Rococo Style Tester Bed Frame   mary/226489.html Mahogany  Scrolled latticework on headboard and alcove  Finials  Rounded bracket feet
  • 12. Ca. 1700 French Louis XV Bed without traditional bed hangings Walnut Cabriole legs with scrolled foot forms resting on drums (or shoes) Cartouche style headboard and footboard Floral motifs, acanthus motif, Serpentine curves
  • 13. Blue Rust Orange Color Compliment Sateen Sheets
  • 14. Fabric Finish Longevity Permanent Finish b) Durable (40-50 launderings) c) Semi-durable Finish a) a) 5-10 wash (Ex. static Control) Semi-temporary reapplied by dry cleaners e) Temporary, d) a) Clothing that is marked X, Do not wash or dry clean
  • 15. 1880s Victorian beddings in room with fireplace at Culbertson H.S., New Albany, IN Simplified Bedding after screening S i m
  • 16. FUNCTIONAL FINISHES         Soil & Stain Resistant Finishes Soil Repellent, shields fabric Soil Release Minimum Care Finishes Wrinkle Recovery Wash N’ Wear Permanent Press
  • 17. Embroidered Contemporary
  • 18. American late colonial style bed curtains in 1836 Merchant House NY, NY Practical mosquito net
  • 19. American Empire Print Bed Hangings in 1836 Merchant House NY, NY
  • 20. 1840s fabrics Burgundy sateen & multi- floral prints for Empire style bedhangings, NY, NY Period fabric P e r i
  • 21. Close up of 1840s floral medallion & repeat motif prints 3 Historic Floral Prints 3 Historic Floral Prints
  • 22. Room design is controlled by the largest object
  • 23. BB&B Contemporary comfort with welt design pillows & matelasse comfort
  • 24. Upholstery Cushion & Pillow Types 1) Knife edge 1) 2) Welting 1) 3) plain seam with no detailing covered cord in the seam Boxing welting with a zipper
  • 25. BB&B Striped Chenille Bed cover
  • 26. Tapestry Design jacquard Coverlet/ Bed Cover
  • 27. Plush / Cut Pile polyester fauve fur
  • 28. Pile Fabrics include: velour, velvet,  plush,  corduroy,  velveteen,  terrycloth  Pile is an extra set of yarns added to the ground to create a 3D effect 
  • 29. Modern commercial hotel with double gold drapery, fabric headrest & white cotton plain weave sheeting / linens
  • 30. FABRIC TERMINOLOGY  GROS THREADS - larger thicker threads  DURABILITY & ELASTICITY Ex. jeans = plain weave / twill If they get baggy knees probably cotton, plain.   ELONGATION & RECOVERY Pull fabric diagonally and watch the fabric stretch and recovery. Best Ex.= Crepe  EPI / Ends Per Inch / Thread Count / Yarn Count Ex. = 200 e.p.i. bed sheets
  • 31. Thread count numbers are doubled from 15 years ago - 200 is now 400 epi
  • 32. Thread Count or Ends Per Inch / E.P.I.