Carpet Weave & Fabric Product Terms- JenniferHein


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Carpet Weave & Product Term Card Assignment

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Carpet Weave & Fabric Product Terms- JenniferHein

  1. 1. AssignmentConstruct 5 Product cards • Rug • Carpet Types
  2. 2. TUFTED FABRICS / PILE WOVEN CARPET • Examples include: – carpet, candlewick bedspreads, hooked rugs • Pile Use: 95% of all carpeting is tufted or looped, cut or uncut pile • Characteristics: fast process & less expensive • Loop carpet has a heavy backing applied w latex adhesive to secure tufts.
  3. 3. Kilim, Wilton, Axminster, Brussels, Tapestry Rugs
  4. 4. Floorcovering Bigelow Floorcovering Ca. 1960 Guide Excerpted By JH pp. 8-24 Chapter II, Hints, Tricks And Secrets Of Home Decorating Possibly written by Helen Daggett, Consulting Decorator • Your greatest "furnishing power" lies in your floorcovering, because the floor is the largest unbroken expanse to be decorated. If you haven't realized how important it is in your room scheme, just remember how bare and forlorn your room looks when you take up your rug to. be cleaned.
  5. 5. Carpet Density & Performance CRI Carpet And Rug Institute Carpet performance is associated, in part, with pile yarn density, the amount of pile yarn in a given volume of carpet face. For a given carpet weight, lower pile height and higher pile yarn density will give the most performance for the money. Density is also influenced by the number of tufts per inch when counting across a width of carpet, e.g., a 1/8 gauge carpet has eight tuft rows per inch of width and a 1/10 gauge carpet has ten rows per inch of width; and the size of the yarn in the tufts. Extra heavy traffic conditions require a density of 5000 or more.
  6. 6. Wall to wall Carpet When & WHY it all started,… a carpet manufacturer claims • Wall-to-wall carpet makes furniture • arrangement easier and • absorbs the noise in the room. (Try Lg Rug )
  7. 7. Cut Pile / Tufted Carpet CRI Carpet And Rug Institute Tufted carpet is produced on machines similar to sewing machines. Several hundred needles stitch hundreds of rows of pile yarn tufts through a backing fabric called the primary backing. The yarn is caught by loopers and held in place for loop-pile carpet or cut by blades for cut-pile carpet. Next, a secondary backing, usually polypropylene, is laminated with latex to the carpet. Other alternatives are attached cushion backings that will add resilience, acoustical insulation, and comfort underfoot. "Tufted patterns are now very elaborate and durable. Patterns that were once only achieved through weaving or printing are now achieved through advanced tufting technology, " says Bob Kokoszka of Burtco Enterprises.
  8. 8. Student Examples in Residential Interior Design Project
  9. 9. Marriott Downtown
  10. 10. Pile Carpet & Rug Terms Upholstery Weight Pile • velour, • velvet, • plush, • corduroy, • velveteen, • terrycloth, • Carpet pile CUT PILE • Wilton • Velvet • Axminster • Chenille UNCUT PILE -Loop • Brussels • Tapestry
  11. 11. Tapestry
  12. 12. Velvet Pile
  13. 13. Velvet FIGURED VELVET A velvet with pattern formed by contrast in cut and uncut loops partially cut pile with plain or figured background. VELVET Smooth, short thick warp pile surface -rich in appearance -soft to touch - frequently woven double, face to face, and cut apart by shuttle knife as it comes off the loom -origin: Latin vellus -a fleece.
  14. 14. Room flooring choices • Decorators say, the charm of a room really begins with the floor, and as the floor is such a permanent factor in a room, your floorcovering must be the "key" to the character of the entire room. Decide what kind of rug or carpet you will have, and then develop your decorative scheme from that foundation. Bigelow •
  15. 15. Rug Card Assignment • Make 5 cards • With photo • And 2 definitions
  16. 16. Assignment 2- PILE / RIB – Uncut or Cut Pile Add the Humphries Sample Pages for Pile then make the cards as a Quiz Products: Bed & Bath / Carpet / Wall cover / Rug Terms & carpets 65 corduroy, velvet, 68 velveteen 87 pique , cord 173 frise, frieze, melton 175 Velour 177 fleece 209-213 rib / repp weave 261 taffeta 257 – 58 Suede/ Plush 267 terrycloth, terry/ velour 276 carpet/ manmade 283 plush 287 tufted pile, plush, velvet , frieze 291 velveteen