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  1. 1. Questionnaire
  2. 2. Purpose of my Questionnaire The purpose of my questionnaire is to find out what sort of music magazine interests people. I wanted to know what people as consumers would like to see in my magazine and what would put them off purchasing it. I also wanted to find out how much the consumers would be willing to pay and how often they would like a new magazine to come out.
  3. 3. Questionnaire planning Prior to creating my questionnaire, I looked at other questionnaires online. I found some conventions of questionnaires, for example, only asking what is relevant and ways of setting them out. I found that lots of questionnaires are trying to find quantitative data so ask for specific answers with maybe few open ended questions. This could be because qualitative data is easier to put in to results.
  4. 4. My Questionnaire (Page 1) My Questionnaire (Page 1) Results Q1: Male: 10 Male and Female: 12 Q2: Poster: 5 CD: 7 I Tunes gift card: 10 Q3: Interviews: 9 Facts: 7 Exclusives: 6 Q4: Yes: 15 No: 7 Q5: Tickets: 10 Subscription: 5
  5. 5. My Questionnaire (Page 2) Results Q6: Weekly: 7 Fortnightly: 11 Monthly: 4 Q7: £1-£2.50: 11 £2.50-£3.50: 8 Over £3: 3 Q8: Title: 6 Main image: 10 Text: 3 Featured pictures: 3 Q9: A: 10 B: 1 C: 3 D: 8 Q5: Long articles: 8 Short: 14
  6. 6. Results – Question 1 A larger proportion of people would prefer to see males and females on the front cover.
  7. 7. Results – Question 2 A larger amount of people would prefer to have an I tunes gift card as a free gift.
  8. 8. Results – Question 3 More people would like to see interviews in the magazine than facts or exclusives.
  9. 9. Results – Question 4 A majority of people would enter competitions in a music magazine.
  10. 10. Results – Question 5 Results – Question 5 From the people who would enter competitions, most of them would like free concert tickets as their prize.
  11. 11. Results – Question 6 Most of the people would be prepared to buy a music magazine Fortnightly.
  12. 12. Results – Question 7 A majority of the people asked, would pay between £1-£2.50.
  13. 13. Results – Question 8 The main image on the front cover stood out to most people.
  14. 14. Results – Question 9 The first contents page interested most people followed closely by the last one.
  15. 15. Results – Question 10 The majority of people prefer short articles.
  16. 16. Results From my questionnaire, I found that the consumers would like to see males and females on the front cover and also that the main image is what people notice the most, so is important to catch the attention of the readers. I also found out that people would like to see more interviews in music magazines and short articles. They are also more interested in a contents page if it has more images than writing and if it is bright and colourful. I found out that the consumers would be willing to pay up to £2.50 for a music magazine and would buy it fortnightly rather than weekly or monthly.