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Improve Your Influence with NLP
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Improve Your Influence with NLP


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Prospectus for a one-day workshop introducing the subject of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) - a leading personal development methodology - and some immediate practical applications. Contact …

Prospectus for a one-day workshop introducing the subject of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) - a leading personal development methodology - and some immediate practical applications. Contact for further infomation.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Improve Your Influence with NLP An Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming 5 th April 2010 [email_address]
  • 2. Introduction
    • Mind for Business works with companies to get the most out of their people, and with individuals to get the most out of themselves
    • This can mean
    • increasing self awareness
    • managing oneself better
    • overcoming limiting behaviours
    • managing better one’s emotional state of mind
    • developing resilience
    • managing change effectively
    • communicating better
    • learning new practical business skills
  • 3. Post Recession
    • Businesses need
    • confidence in their leaders
    • transparent corporate values
    • new approaches to business design
    • full employee engagement
    • capacity for renewed growth
    • requiring leaders who
    • demonstrate credibility, integrity, authenticity
    • communicate clearly
    • foster creativity & innovation
    • make people feel valued
    • are resilient & embrace change
  • 4. Value Proposition
    • NLP can help develop these capabilities, helping companies create the talent they need from the talent they have
    • NLP is a powerful personal development methodology incorporated into most leading-edge coaching and training today
    • NLP develops the critical interpersonal skills needed by today’s business executives
    • NLP gives people tools to make the personal changes they wish
  • 5. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • The study and application of subjective experience, particularly that resulting in excellence
    • Developed in 1970s at University of Santa Cruz by Richard Bandler & John Grinder
    • A set of psychological tools to improve personal performance
    • Working with the connections between our mental processes and the language we use
    new beliefs state management great rapport decision-making process fresh perspectives effective communications powers of observation changed meanings conflict resolution influence alignment with values new behaviours effective goal-setting
  • 6. “ Improve Your Influence with NLP”
    • Objective
    • To provide an introduction to NLP and some practical approaches for improving personal influence
    • Delegates gain
    • insight into NLP, its origins and foundation models
    • new skills for establishing & maintaining great relationships
    • greater ability to lead people where they want to
    • more understanding of what makes people “tick”
    • strategies for making communications compelling
    • Agenda
    • Introduction to NLP
    • NLP Communications Model
    • Rapport
    • Engaging Communications
    A one-day workshop
  • 7. Workshop Syllabus
    • The workshop provides a “taster” to the vast subject of NLP and some practical applications for delegates to test its value immediately.
    • Approach
    • Study well-known examples of great influencers
    • Presentation of a little theory (“chalk & talk”)
    • Illustrated with audio-visuals
    • Practical exercises for self discovery
    • Exercises to examine application in real-life
    • Supported by on-line materials to reinforce learning before/after workshop
    • Interactive, experiential and FUN!
    • 1. Introduction to NLP
    • NLP’s place in the development of psychology and the human potential movement
    • The underlying principles of NLP
    • NLP Communications Model
    • Why we each perceive and react to our environment differently
    • The cause of misunderstanding and conflict
    • The drivers behind our behaviour
    • How to discover our personal values and those of other people, how to work with values
    • Ways of appealing successfully to a large number of people
    • 3. Rapport
    • The basis of this naturally-occurring phenomenon
    • How to get onto the same “wavelength” as someone else
    • How to lead someone else to a desired state of mind and behaviour
    • 4. Engaging Language
    • Understanding when it is appropriate to change one’s language style
    • The importance of sensory-based vocalbulary
    • How to identify and use sensory-based language to great effect
  • 8. Benefits
    • Delegates benefit in the following ways:
    • Learn how the mind works, in line with understandings from modern psychology and neuroscience
    • Develop greater openness/tolerance/respect for others
    • Gain insight into challenging relationships, offering opportunities for issues to be resolved
    • Increase self awareness of personal drivers
    • Improve ability to bond more quickly with other people
    • Achieve greater skill at establishing relationships with a wide range of different people
    • Exercise increased personal impact
    • Improve ability to influence and lead others
    • Increase effectiveness in communicating and leading
  • 9. Client Feedback
    • We have run NLP courses
    • at the following clients
    • BAA (British Airports Authority)
    • Barclaycard (Barclays Bank)
    • Cranfield School of Management
    • The Learning Path – courses for the general public
    • What delegates have said
    • “ Great course”
    • “ Very impressive”
    • “ Very good & interesting because I can apply straightaway”
    • “ A vast subject – main points covered succinctly & interestingly”
    • “ Very practical & direct application to what I do when not in class”
    • “ Enlightening session”
    • “ Excellent introduction with good balance of theory & practice”
  • 10.
    • Offers learning and coaching programmes
      • Leadership and management development
      • NLP training to increase personal effectiveness
      • Soft skills training (selling, customer service, communications)
      • Executive coaching
      • Business consulting
    • Flexible e-learning platforms for self-study
    • Flexible team depending upon client requirements
    • Works under own brand and contracts with other consultancies and training companies
    • Assignments undertaken at leading companies in UK and overseas
    Mind for Business
  • 11. Jennifer Fitzgerald
    • Founder Mind for Business Ltd
    • Over 20 years experience in line management and consulting at international financial services and IT companies
      • Barclaycard
      • MasterCard
      • Atos Origin)
    • MBA from Cranfield University, UK
    • Extensive international experience
    • Fully accredited trainer of NLP with INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association)
    • Trained in CBT, accelerated learning and other approaches to coaching and therapy