Gender atbirth present


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Gender atbirth present

  1. 1. Gender At Birth AlmaEquivel, 43 Andrea Leal, 41 Beatriz Molina, 22 Bryce Struyk, 31 Fernanda Sanchez, 28 Jennifer Casiano, 7 Kevin Delacruz, 42 We are Team Tots
  2. 2. Gender vs. Sex  Gender and sex are not interchangeable  Sex: Biological and physiological  Gender: Behaviors, activities, and attributes approved by the society
  3. 3. Gender vs. Sex continued Aspects of sex hardly vary Gender aspects can vary greatly Sex Identities: Male or Female Gender Identities: Masculine or Feminine
  4. 4. Gender Identity  One’s own perception of self  Different from their biological sex  Identifies themselves as the gender they prefer
  5. 5. Society vs. Gender Identity Society and culture forms the gender roles Gender Identity Disorder (GID)  Identity confusion  Discontent with their gender  Want to be other gender
  6. 6. Anne Fausto-Sterling Gender biology and sexual identity development Born in 1944 Professor at Brown University for over 35+ years
  7. 7. Anne Fausto-Sterling continued  Gender differences in behavior in early childhood  Author of several scientific publications  Notable work  The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough
  8. 8. The Five Sexes Male  Female
  9. 9. The Five Sexes continued Intersex  Mermaphrodite  Fermaphrodite  Hermaphodite
  10. 10. Transgender Internal identity doesn’t match what was assigned at birth  Transgender vs. Transvestite 3-Step Process to become opposite sex RLE HRT SRS
  11. 11. Cultural Views on Gender India- “Nihidra,” 3rd sex Samoa- “Fa’afafine” India- “Bugis”  Local Examples  Chris Tina Bruce  Ashley and Tony
  12. 12. Current Trends Thomas Beatie  Female-to-male transgender  Underwent sex change surgery, kept female sex organs  Gave birth to 3 children "I have the right to have a biological child."
  13. 13. Current Trends continued The “X” Option  Female- F  Male- M  Indeterminate- X  Hope to remove discrimination  Norrie May-Welby  4% of Australians are  1st genderless affected by the intersex person condition  Man to woman  Became a “Neuter”
  14. 14. Resources“Anne Fausto-Sterling.”“Anne Fausto-Sterling Biography.”“Australian Passports Now Offer Gender Option “X” for Intersex People.”“Briton Is Recognised As World’s First Officially Genderless Person.” officially-genderless-person.html“Gender Identity.”“Gender Identity Disorder.”“It’s My Right To Have Kid, Pregnant Man Tells Oprah.”"Neither Male Nor Female.” Taboo. National Geographic Channel. 30 Sept. 2012. Television.“Norrie May-Welby: The World’s First Legally Genderless person.”“The Five Sexes.”“The Man Who Has Given Birth 3 Times.” birth-times-With-broad-smiles-Beaties-look-like-normal-happy-family-Nothing-truth-.html“What Do We Mean By “Sex” and “Gender.”“What Is The Difference Between Sex And Gender?”"“X” Now A Gender Option In Australian Passports.” news/t/x-now-gender-option-australian-passports/#.UKAc84enLK0
  15. 15. Source PageSign-in Last Name, First Name Participation ByNumber 7 Casiano, Jennifer Powerpoint/AnneFausto- Sterling/Mother 42 Delacruz, Kevin Handout/Gender Identity & Society vs. Gender Identity/Father 43 Equivel, Alma Skit/Current Trends/Mean Girl 41 Leal, Andrea Handout/ Transgender & Cultural Views on Gender/Mean Girl 22 Molina, Beatriz Paragraphs/Introduction/Mean Girl 28 Sanchez, Fernanda The Five Sexes/Sister 31 Struyk, Bryce Gender vs. Sex/Son