Evaluation part 4


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this is part 4 of my evaluation for my media coursework

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Evaluation part 4

  1. 1. how did you use new media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stage? By Jenna Hegarty
  2. 2. Technologies + SoftwaresDuring the process of our coursework we used many different technologiessuch as prezi,photoshop,surveymonkey,youtube,final cut express and Picnik inorder to help us create out music video coursework for things such as outdigipak and magazine advert.
  3. 3. What I have achieved from using new technologies?During the process of creating the music video, magazine advert and digipakI have gained new skills such as learning how to combine different clipstogether for the music video without any jump cuts or black outs during thevideo and by speeding up certain scenes in the music video to make it lookbetter and managing to combine clips of the video and the music of the songtogether to make the lip-synching perfect.
  4. 4. PlanningDuring our planning process for our music video we used many differentwebsites to help us choose what song we wanted to make a music videoto and we chose to use the genre rock/country as we could think ofspecific ideas for the kind of story we were going to tell and the pace ofshots for the genre. We used websites such as unsigned.com,youtubewhich helped us contact the artist of the song for the lyrics of her songand hotmail.com to send an email asking for permission to use her song.
  5. 5. Final Cut ExpressWe have already used final cut express in our previous coursework lastyear which was for our thriller but last year we didn’t need to use as manyfeatures as we did this year. This year we had to use the mountain tool toedit our music video to put many scenes together to flow as one. Themountain tool helped us very well with the lip-synching because in somescenes of the video the lip synching was slightly out to the words of thesong and it helped us blend the lip-synching with the words of the songtogether perfectly. This tool was also really useful because some of thescenes were shot in a darker place than others but the mountain toolhelped us lighten it up so it would fit the atmosphere of the song.
  6. 6. Audience ResearchFor our audience research we used many different media technologies such assurvey monkey,youtube,channel 4’s top 100 music videos and facebook. Weused survey monkey to make a questionnaire about which sort of audience thiswould apply to so we used questions about age, genre and what kind of groupthe song and video would be related to, most people said teenage girls andboys. We used YouTube to find the inspiration for what we were going to add inour music video. By watching the top 100 music videos it gave our group manydifferent ideas that we could pitch together for the music video
  7. 7. Software’sSlide share is one of the new software’s we used which is very helpfulbecause it gives us a way to put our slideshows on our blog. This softwarewas very useful because every slideshow we made to do with our music videowe could put on our blog very quickly, we could put lots of information ondifferent slides to help people understand and be able to read clearly whatwe’re writing about which is a huge success as it gives them information andthey can take it in easier. Another software we could of used was prezi whichis very useful because it allows us to make fun and interesting slides aboutout music video which would attract audiences more. Prezi was a verydifficult software to use as there was so many thing you would have to do tomake it right but it seemed very fun to use as you got used to it. It has manydifferent gadgets that were perfect to use for a blog.
  8. 8. Creating Magazine AdvertTo create our magazine advert and digipak we had to use still images from themusic video or by taking still shots with the camera, for this all we had to do wasprint screen certain images from our music video and then edit them on picnikwhich is a new software we used which involved different ways to edit a picture. onthis website I learned many different skills as oppose to brighten the picture, addwriting or by playing around with different effects, this helped make the advert anddigipak look very professional as picnik has the special features to do so. Thishelped us add information about the artist and which brand liked the song andwhich rating they gave the song.