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Understandingpresentationjuly52013 Understandingpresentationjuly52013 Presentation Transcript

  • Understanding Your Learning Style Jenna Knight July 2013
  • Definition of Learning Styles Learning styles are different methods of learning & understanding new information. Learning Styles are the way a person takes in, understands , expresses & remembers information.
  • What Learning Style Are You?
  • Types of Learning Styles • Auditory • Visual • Kinesthetic/Tactile
  • Learning Style Preference • Active Learning • Reflective Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • What Are Some Benefits of Knowing Your Learning Style?
  • Benefits of Knowing Your Learning Style Academic Advantages • Gives you a head start and maximizes your learning potential • Enables you to succeed in school, work or college • Allows you to learn “your way” through your own best strategies • Shows you how to overcome the limitations of poor instructions • Reduces the stress & frustrations of learning experiences • Expands your existing learning & studying strategies
  • Benefits of Knowing Personal • Increases your self-confidence • Improve your self image • Teaches how to use your brain best • Enables you to enjoy any learning process • Inspires you to greater curiosity, motivation for life long learning • Shows how to take advantage of your natural skills & inclinations
  • Benefits.. Professional • Enables you to stay up to date professionally • Gives you an edge over your competitors • Allows you to manage teams more effectively • Guides you in delivering effective presentations to diverse audiences • Improves persuasive & sales skills • Helps you improve cooperation among colleagues • Translates learning power into earning power
  • Barriers to Learning • Many other responsibilities – families, careers, social commitments • Lack of time • Lack of money • Lack of child care • Scheduling Problems • Transportation problems • Insufficient confidence
  • Strategies for Auditory Learners • Participate in frequent discussions and debates • Make speeches and presentations • Use a tape recorder if possible instead of (or well as) making notes • Read text aloud • Create musical jingles and mnemonics to aid memory • Discuss your ideas verbally • Dictate to someone else while they write down your ideas down • Speak onto an audio-tape and listen to your own ideas played back
  • Strategies for Visual Learners • Use visual materials such as pictures, charts and maps • Brainstorm using illustrations, mind maps and models • Use multi-media where possible • Visualize information as a picture • Skim-read to get an overview before reading in detail • Take notes or use hand outs; look carefully at heading and patterns of topics
  • Strategies for Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners • Study or brainstorm while working or exercising • Skim through reading materials to get a rough idea of what it is about before looking for the details • Play music in the background while working or studying • To help you stay focused in a meeting/classroom, sit near the front of the room and take notes. Jot down key words or draw pictures to help you remember the information that you are hearing
  • Questions & Answers
  • Bibliography Module Three—Learning Styles: Learning Styles Inventory http://archive.austinisd.org/community/communityed/victory/docs/Module3. pdf Understanding Your Learning Styles http://www.roe11.k12.il.us/GES%20Stuff/Day%203/Understanding%20Your %20Learning%20Styles.pdf Benefits of Knowing Your Learning Style http://www.studyingstyle.com/learning-style-benefits.html Visual Learners http://www.studyingstyle.com/visual-learners.html Auditory Learners http://www.studyingstyle.com/auditory-learners.html Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners http://www.studyingstyle.com/tactile-kinesthetic-learners.html Learning styles http://www.teresadybvig.com/learnsty.htm
  • Contact Information Jenna Knight Never Defeated Coaching ADHD Coach Cell Number – 857-312-7468 Email – jenna@neverdefeatedcoaching.net Facebook – www.facebook.com/adhdcoach11 Twitter – www.twitter.com/adhdcoach1854 Linkedin – www.linkedin.com/in/jennaknight1