2013 Swedenborgian Church COM Education Presentation


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This Power Point presentation was designed for the education component of the 2013 Council of Ministers meeting at the annual convention of the Swedenborgian Church of North America

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2013 Swedenborgian Church COM Education Presentation

  1. 1. IntroductionMovie Clip: “Economics of Happiness”Panel of COMPresent on our theology and sustainabilityKim Morrows social actionQ & A Session with PanelBREAKCommunity Activism with Bev and John TitusUrbana University Sustainability Coordinator: Dr. Tingting CaiBreak out sessionsParish MinistersChaplainsEntrepreneurial MinistriesCome back as COM collectiveOutline for Presentation
  2. 2. www.theeconomicsofhappiness.org
  3. 3. Panel Discussion
  4. 4. Rev. Dave BrownWayfarers Chapel
  5. 5. Rev. Carla FriedrichPacific Coast Assoc.
  6. 6. Rev. Alison Lane-Olsenpretty prairienew Jerusalem churchGroup discussesspirituality tie with naturePretty Prairie pastor leadssession on Swedenborgianview at Dillon Nature Center.
  7. 7. Videos for ReferenceRev. Carla FriedrichRev. Kim Morrow
  8. 8. Rev. Kim MorrowMinister of SustainabilityFirst Plymouth UCC
  9. 9. www.myfootprint.org
  10. 10. Q & A for the Panel
  11. 11. BREAK
  12. 12. Local CommunitiesJohn and Bev TitusCommunity OrganizersUrbana, OH
  13. 13. Local CommunitiesDr. Tingting CaiAssistant ProfessorSustainability Coordinator
  14. 14. Local CommunitiesResourcesLead a SpiritualGrowth GroupInternal state transformsthe external state
  15. 15. http://greeningswedenborg.wordpress.com Dr. Devin Zuber
  16. 16. Divide up by these categories (suggestion: no more than five per group)Parish MinistersChaplainsEntrepreneurial MinistriesGuests may choose what is most appropriate for their calling/workBreak Out Sessions
  17. 17. Break Out SessionsTemptation: This subject matter can easily become politicized and create conflicts.Please do not give into this temptation during our time together.Reminder: our calls to ministry hinge on moving past such obstacles and answeringto the realm of heaven. Where is it? How can we tap into that?What exists in this world began in the spiritual world. Can we, spiritual leaders, accessanswers to what we see in this world? What would that look like? Is it possible? How canwe hold a vision for this?Our planet is begging us to participate. Can we ignore the correspondences?What if participating in something of this nature offers us healing in the process?
  18. 18. DefinitionsGlobalization:1.the deregulation of trade and finance in order to enable businesses and banks to operateglobally2.the emergence of a single world market dominated by transnational companies(often confused with international collaboration, interdependence, and global community)Localization:1.the removal of fiscal and other supports that currently favor giant transnationalcorporations and banks2.reducing dependence on export markets in favor or production forlocal needs(often confused with isolationism, protectionism, and elimination of trade)
  19. 19. 1. Globalization makes us unhappy1. Globalization breeds insecurity1. Globalization wastes natural resources1. Globalization accelerates climate change1. Globalization destroys livelihoods1. Globalization increases conflict1. Globalization is built on hand-outs to big business1. Globalization is based on false accounting8 Inconvenient Truths of Globalization